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chapter 1

Endless BY 3PURPLE09 | PUBLISHED 1/29/2014 | UPDATED 1/29/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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“ Maybe we should head home that cloud doesn’t look good.”

“ Come on it’s cool, just a little wind.”

“ I’m not so sure...” 

15 minuets later

The wind was picking up and the waves were getting bigger.

“John! I’m going home!” Ally yelled 

“Wait for m-” A wave swallowed him before he could say anything else. 

Ally could see the cloud advancing, it wasn’t just a little wind it was something else, something very different. 

could it? no it couldn’t... ally fought a war in her mind and a side rarely won. 

“John!” you could hear how scared she was from a mile away. He walked up to her ripping seaweed from his shirt. When he made it to her he still wore a crown of seaweed. He ripped it off and tossed it into the raging ocean. If it wasn’t coming she would have laughed and called him a funny name but the air felt like it did before a storm. So intend of laughing she ran screaming after her brother. 

She raced after John who was 15 and knew every corner in this area, not that there was much to know about. Ally careful and smart was his younger sister 13 about to turn 14. They ran never taking a break a full sprint at least a mile and a half long. Anyone would have been winded. As they ran through the door, ally dropped to her knees to catch her breath. John did all the talking. It. Coming. Fast. That was all he had to say they got the message. They were ready for it but this one seemed different this one gave you that sick feeling in your stomach, and drinking a gallon of sea water had nothing to do with it. 

“ Something doesn’t feel right.” 

“ I know, this isn’t right.”

“ John I’m scared...”

“ I know I just don’t get it.” 

“ Why is this one so terrible?” 

“ I don’t know but it was so big!”

“ You’re right.”

“Um... what we saw on the beach... will like that?”

“It’s nothing. Nothing compared to what will happen.”

Silence. No one would say a word. The Storm was coming... The Storms that is what they called them the Storms so strong and big and terrible. The Storms, this phrase would make any one in the year 2417 run and hide. They plagued the land killing what once was the East Coast. Ally, John and their parents were always prepared for one about hit every year. The Storms, The Storms their howling had begun.



4 3
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