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chapter 1

"Do You Want To Be The One Less Lonley Girl?"BY torypy3 | PUBLISHED 10/14/2013 | UPDATED 10/14/2013 | ALL DONE!

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“Do you want to be the one less lonely girl?” As I was asked this question, I felt like just attempting to fly because I was so happy. November 4th. 2012. Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This was the day and place where my entire life turned around. It was one of the Believe tour concerts for Justin Bieber. Being there was just one of the best experiences I have lived. I was all decked out in my white jeans and purple shirt and hoodie with my “I love Justin” hat. I’ve been a fan of Justin Bieber since I was thirteen years old, and now that I’m seventeen, I’m proud to say that I have been right by his side since the very beginning. From his very first cover video to his most recent music video, I’ve been there. After discovering that at every concert, when the song One Less Lonely Girl is performed, a girl is asked if she wants to be the one less lonely girl and Justin serenades that girl on stage. This made me have high hopes. Every night I dreamed of being that one special girl. I would constantly beg my parents to take me to a Justin Bieber concert. Finally, after about three years of begging, they finally bought tickets. I went to the concert with my mom and my friend Emmy. It was definitely the greatest night of my whole life. After dancing and rocking out to most of his songs, a young woman came up to me, and asked me the question that made me dream for all those nights. She tapped my shoulder and when I turned around she asked “Do you want to be the one less lonely girl?” I was almost speechless. I managed to say yes, and we walked across the floor to go backstage. Once we were backstage, my legs felt like jelly, and my heart was wildly racing. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to ME, just another normal girl with a huge dream. One of the dancers came up to me and took my hand and said “It’s time”. At this moment I was pretty sure I was going to die. Everything was happening so quickly, and before I knew it, that same dancer led me onto the stage and sat me in the huge chair that every girl dreamed of sitting in. Looking out at all the fans was amazing. It made me happy seeing almost one thousand girls in there showing their love for Justin. I was snapped out of my thoughts when another dancer tapped my shoulder and pointed to the left. I looked to where he was pointing and Justin was right there. Only a few feet away from me, and coming closer with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a crown. After years of dreaming, It’s actually happening. This is where all of my hard work of supporting him pays off. He’s now right in front of me, and he gives me the flowers and lightly places the crown on my head. I was in a whirlwind of emotions at the moment. He’s right there, acting flirty and serenading me. He lightly put my hair behind my ear and held my face so I was looking at him while he sang. His smile is just so heavenly. As the song finished, I got up and gave him one of the biggest hugs I have ever given somebody. Before I pulled away I whispered “I love you so much, thank you for everything”. He smiled and said “No, thank YOU!” I just smiled and a dancer led me off stage. Once I got off stage, tears began flowing down my face. As I got back to my seat, I hugged my mom tightly, crying and saying “That was me!!!” I then hugged Emmy, and I’m sure that she was crying more than I was. After the concert, I was still wonderstruck because of what happened. I’ve waited five years for that very moment, and now when I hear people say that they won’t succeed in anything, I just tell them “I’ve waited five years for my dream to come true, yours will come true soon, you just need to believe” Let me just say, after that November night, I always remind myself that believing IS achieving, and that’s how I reached one of the biggest dreams of my life.

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