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The Black Knight of IdealsBY JoyceannStark | PUBLISHED 6/12/2014 | UPDATED 6/12/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This sci fi & fantasy story is kinda like... Any Pokemon movie or book.

"Shadows lurked, Trees lurched. What a perfect night to start a war." For centuries, They've waited. Waited for everything to fall into place. Now, can one little miss hap change that? Xelda has known all her life that about the two prophecies that threatened to upend everything into a new and improved world. But when the creatures of Life and Destruction, Truth and Ideals, and all the Others, (known as the Legends of the Worlds) changes the seen and says Xelda, is the Chosen One, everything changed. But Xelda doesn't believe them, till she meets him. All of a sudden, Xelda is a magic being to, a beautiful one at that. But will Xelda except it, or hand it over to a another power that also wants to gets their hand on this power??? Find out in, The Black Knight of Ideals. (This a warning to people who don't know Pokemon, some of the names are hard to pronounce so don't feel any shame on looking them up :)

3991 words3 chapters

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