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chapter 1

TiaraBY nickisongz | PUBLISHED 2/17/2014 | UPDATED 11/7/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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 I look in the mirror staring in the reflection of a tan girl she is tall with long brown beach like curls but a mind of a woman and curves that other girls want but wont get, i make a waterfall braid ,my helpers run over and bring over my white high low dress. they step up and bring over my glittering tiara with black diamonds i run my hands over it trying to remember my mother wearing it i place it on my head carefully and pull on my silver hells. i turn around when the alarms come on the helpers are already gone. i run through the hallway pounding of boots follow me i open a door to the dining room where my brothers are. scared as people burst through the doors. i turn around fighting with all my might when a hilt of a sword comes down on my head i fall to my knees as they grab me my father the king bursts through the other door shock crossing his face what is the meaning of this he yelled a calm voice turned my blood cold ,prince Ash hello, let her go my sister yelled, my brother caught her arm as a sliver dagger crosses my throat, i will kill them all i said to myself ,i mind message my sister leave now she looks at me and whispers something to my brother they all back away even my father .i close my eyes using air one of the element pushing it out like fear in my body furniture flying away windows breaking but they kept a tight hold on my consider that your warning. they didn't let go i go to fire using it like anger letting it spread over my body yelling as a turn into flame .i run to the door as   i lose my focas the flames disappear and they grab me before i can leave knocking me out.


I wake up in a gray cement room , laying on the floor i un braid my hair, and put my hair up in a messy bun i looked around trying to find a way out a mirror stood in the middle. i looked at it  angry i punched the glass shattering it into a million pieces two guards came in and put shackles on my hands and led me down a hallway to another cement room where a table and two chairs were in the middle of the middle. they sat me down and chained me to the chair.he walked in, i glared at him wondering why im here, what do you want from me money ransom i said .no my mother wants the kingdom by taking you ,your father will do anything to get you back.your sick i said he looked into my eyes, my heart beating faster as his glowing blue eyes looked at me, turning gray like iron, stiffing take her into the guest room the one with no windows and no balcony keep the door locked for some reason i felt bad about what i said, as they took me away they pushed me into a room.  i looked around and found another room i opened it to be led to a dance room a barre on the wall mirrors on the walls i walked over to someone in the room he was sitting in a chair i realized it was the prince sit as a chair manifested before me i sat he lifted his head his eyes back to blue do not underestimate me your life is in my hands prove to me that your worth keeping alive ,he stood and let out his hand. reluctantly i took it he gave me a i pod i played titanium ,understanding his challenge as it started i slipped my heels off and we started ballroom dancing with such intensity, i was amazed as i let go i danced my hardest as he leaned against the wall lyrical with a little bit of sexy dancing showing him how strong i was letting myself believe the words as the song ended.


my hair out giving me a shadow as it fell in front of my face breathing heavy,  glaring at him his eyes blue again but his expression is blank.i flipped the hair out of my face, your a jerk and you disgust me i said lieing his eyes turn steel again ,really i am at least didn't kill someone because of a challenge he sneered ,i open my mouth ,oh you thought nobody knew he was an enemy none the less but i had a reason to kill not you. he walked out leaving me with tears running down my face.a hour later i walked back out to the room and laid down on the black bed .a knock on the door get dressed for dinner and the door shut i walked to the closet and opened it i picked up a silky, sweet heart neckline, black floor length dress i put it on and looked in the mirror amazed at the tight bodice shaping my upper body then it lets go at the end .i slipped on a pair of red pumps and brushed my hair and put on the mascara i found at the dressing table highlighting my green eyes with eyeliner with red lipstick as the guards  walked in i grabbed my black diamond ring and slid it on my finger .they led me down a dark hallway to a long table where the queen sat at the head the prince at the other end eyes still steel he looked at me and his eyes turned to a clear blue for a second my heart thumping you look beautiful he said his eyes a blue gray thank you. i sat a plate of  pasta lay in front of me i expertly ate careful not to smuge my makeup .when i was done the queen asked me where are your weapons. i looked her in the eye i refuse to tell i said bravely really last chance she said in a strict voice nope im good i said as, guards yanked me up by my hair making me cry out in pain the prince stood up his eyes blue again. i can handle her he took my arm and led me down the hallway  as i screamed threats at her my heart thumping hard. he pinning me against a wall, what were you thinking he hissed his blue eyes burning with anger his strong arms pressing my shoulders against the wall ,i was not gonna tell her the one thing protects my family he glared at me and put his head down and ran his hand through his sandy blond hair ,you don't know how hard it is to protect you he said why do you then i said curiously he looked me his blue eyes locked with mine and he pulled me close to him and kissed me, i wrapped my arms around him pressing me against the wall .does that answer you question yeah i guess i said blushing ,he took my hand and led me back to the room i will see you tomorrow he gave me one more kiss you have no idea how long i wanted to do that he whispered and disappeared out into the hallway. i smiled as i thought of him and dressed in a short red silky night gown

a guard yanked me awake looks like the prince is growing a little soft eh he said yanking me out of bed i grabbed my heel bringing it crashing down on his head instantly knocking him out slipping on a pair of dark black skinny jeans and slipped on a black tank top and black hooded sweatshirt i grabbed my stuff throwing it into a backpack on the closet floor i grabbed my clothes and the dress and all the heels and my high low dress i snuck out the door and ran out into the hallway i looked for him blending in with the shadows a guard came by i opened the door next to me and threw my slef in the room landing on something soft to have a blade pressed to my neck i managed to spin around and look at my attacker to see the prince what are you doing here he said dressed in jeans and a blue crew cut navy shirt i looked around the room paniked they are trying to kill me i said quickly i was sleeping when a guard was trying to kill me i knocked him out and grabbed my stuff i explained im sorry he said and wrapped his strong arms around me lets get out of here he said quickly your willing to go with me?i said shocked of course he said like we were going to a picnik instead of running away he stuffed clothes in  my back pack and a sword he reached under his bed and gave me three things one a bow i know you have powers but never rely on them, two a dagger in desperate situations and three poison for someone you don't trust i put the poison in the bag and put the dagger in my pocket and slung the arrows on my shoulder. he walked out to the hallway and out a back door and to the stables where he grabbed a black horse and jumped on with one arm he slung me over and i twirled backwards why you backwards he said confused because they  are coming at us i said as the horse charged into into the woods.


After an hour of sitting on the horse he stopped and turned around have any idea where we are going i said listen we going to an old friends house he said with a little bit of humor in his voice who? frenchie  he said happily my face turned dark i groaned fine as we troated into the woods to a cabin a bear was shot and limped deeper into the woods i walked towards it ash turned around what are you doing he said questionly putting him out of his misery i said as i plunged the knife into the bear who is it?  frenchie croaked it's ash the door imeadlly opened hi prince she said flirtingly we need you he said his voice serious whos we she said rudely hi i stepped up her face darkend is that your bear no i was putting it out of its misery always to soft she muttered to herslef  i sent her flying her against the tree with my powers watch your slef i hold grudees i picked up the bear with my mind and set it in the kitchen.Ash smiled want to go for a walk he asked me we walked to stream i was washed my face and  put my hair up in a messy bun.He wrapped his arms around me  arielle look at me I Love you i always have and  he took something out of his pocket a sliver heart necklace with a picture of me and ash oh ash i love it thank you i wrapped my arms around him and kissed him it was so intense that we had to stop and breathe i love you to ash he looked at me seriously this necklace has a charm to protect you incase i can't i nodded tears threating to spill as  we walked back hand in hand. guards circled around the house we ran into the woods i tripped and fell run he said i can't he picked me up running deeper into the was so cold frost covered us .where are we probally the end of the territories i whistled loudly my black horse trotted up midnight meet ash ash meet midnight we smiled i walked over and grabbed her saddle bag food water matches are all in here i thought about running away quite a few times he jumped up and a slung myslef on her circleing my arms over his waist as we trotted deeper in the forest.

 we stopped at a cabin he jumped off and stepped in he came out clear i step in and looked around he lit a fire while i made dinner there was hambuger chesse bread and patatoes so i made chessebuger with homeade patatoe fries.i brought the plates out and gave one to him he spread out a blanket and we sat togetor eating in silence staring at the fire i took the plates out when we were done and i put my head on his shoulder his arms wrapped around me and i fell asleep .

3 4
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