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chapter 2

TiaraBY nickisongz | PUBLISHED 2/17/2014 | UPDATED 11/7/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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 i wake up startled someone knocking at the door i peep through the eye hole frenchie i open the door she swings punching me i stumble back flame at my hands me pinning her against the wall with my eyes about to incinerate her ash gets up he rubs the sleep out of his eyes he looks around a my hands with flames at the tips frenchie against the wall he rolls his eyes and runs a hand through his sandy blond hair okay im up whats happening he says she punched me let her down he staid strictly i let go reluctantly.'

she lunges after me and then she freezes then unfreezes her leaving her on the floor gasping for air he laughs as i looked at him shocked another knock on the door he freezes his eyes turn steel gray as he looks at the door he pinned her against the wall like i did only by the throat as she tries to scream she passes out he lets her body fall to the floor he grabs our bag and i grab the food and bolt out the back door .guards around us sneering back to back i use air hold my hand why just do it by the way never say that again he grins and i close my eyes useing both of our power  they blast away but one

i got him ash says evilly he holds out his hand and slowly makes a fist the guard screaming as bones break dieing slowly till he lets go he throws flame on the body turning it to ashs i touch his shoulder rock hard as he sets everyone on fire his shoulders .relax i whisper i need to talk to you he said as we jumped on midnight  he brought me over to a lake with a bolder next to it we climbed and sat on top . he takes a deep breath i think you have noticed that my eyes change from blue to a hard gray he said uncertaninly yes why i said questionly well blue means normal gray means angry and its dangerous im not really myself theres nothing you should worry about but in special cases my eyes turn black im not there understand run as fast as you can away once in a while my father enters my body sometimes he can be nice or deadly killing anyone in his path if you were killed my him i wouldn't be able to live or if you die anyway i wouldn't be able to live but you get the point. yeah i said softly resting my head on his shoulders staring at the muddy blue water we let the horse eat as we walked around gathering suppiles i felt a pain in my shoulder an arrow threw my shoulder i saw frenchie run i dizzily called ash as i fell to the ground black ness covering me like a blanket


i woke up back in the cabin lieing on a matteress arms wrapped around me sweat covering me ash i whispered he sat up quickly how do you feel? okay our kind heals quickly i got up im gonna kill her i said anger setting a hard tone in my voice who did this to you? frenchie i sighed loudly i walked into the bathroom and washed my slef i washed my hair and face and body and slipped in the olive green tank top and tan hoodie hunting jacket. I causiouslly walk out the door bow in hand i see frenchie circleing the house she sees me and smiles running towards me  i shoot i see her fall on the ground i run up and grab her body in bring it in.What did you do ash said anger in his voice i killed her he groaned now her sprit is gonna get us and make it a heck of a lot harder to sleep she tryed to kill me 3 times then he brightned he ran and grabbed a peice of paper and a pen he wrote something and we packed up

where are we going to see someone who he picks up a picture ,her he says matter of a factly. i shake chills running up my back turning my blood cold, my knees buckle under me and  i fall shes my mouther  i said tears running down my face.Ash i know few have meet her but she takes in people who are in troble he pleads no i cant face her shaking my head why? he said rudely ash she left me i scream me and my sister without a mother i yell we have to we will die without her he says i shakily take a deep breath and get on my feet to the next cabin in listen he says wrapping his arms around me it will be fine he says reasuring as he pulls me in to kiss him.

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