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Knock Them DownBY coolkitten24 | PUBLISHED 4/20/2014 | UPDATED 4/20/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This love story is kinda like... This Lulluby- Sarah Dessen

Roni. A 16 year old girl with a past. She likes to keep everyone at arms length after what happened that night. Dylan. A 17 year old boy with a future. He likes to show off and preform music all the time. They say opposites attract. They say it's love at first sight. But what happens when you have spent your whole life building a walls around yourself, just to have someone knock them down. (If not working it is on wattpad too. Also I am having trouble updating so you can find the rest on wattpad!)

3667 words5 chapters

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