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chapter 1

Dear Amy, I'm Really Really SorryBY ineedadelorean | PUBLISHED 11/7/2013 | UPDATED 11/7/2013 | ALL DONE!

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Dear Amy,

I saw you twice at prom last week.

The first time I saw you, you wore a burgundy Grecian-esque dress that skimmed the ground and flowed when you moved. Your hair was slicked back and secured by a sparkly, bird-shaped barrette. You were arm in arm with my ex-boyfriend Connor, who wore a black suit with a tie that matched your dress, and you looked absolutely radiant.

The second time I saw you, you were curled up on the steps at the front of the school. You still wore the bird-shaped barrette, but your hair was no longer straight and sleek - it had become frizzy, and it stuck out in numerous directions. Your face was stained with tears and streaky mascara, and you were clutching your cell phone tightly.  I assume you called someone to pick you up, because you left a few minutes later. I considered asking if you were okay, but I kept my distance instead. Now, I kinda wish I had talked to you.

A few days later, I heard at school that you and Connor broke up at prom. I don't know what he did to you, but whatever it was, I'm so sorry. I can't believe he would manipulate someone like you. He may look great, but he's not that nice, as you probably know now. He constantly flirted with other girls and wore stuff that his exes gave him, like that navy button-up shirt, and he acted so sarcastic and callous when he was around his friends. Whenever I threatened to break up with him, we went into romantic mode and sent me letters and flowers in my locker. I fell for it too many times.

I found the letter in one of Connor's sweatshirts that he let me wear a week before we broke up, and he told me it was from "some overexcited freshman." Telling from that letter, you sound funny and caring with a lot of personality. My friends don't have a ton of personality - they're either occupying their time with makeup and fashion trends, or they think that being annoyed by society makes them look cool. Don't let Connor steal your joy and enthusiasm. Don't put your worth in whether or not he likes you. There are more boys in the world than Connor. Some day, you'll find a guy who doesn't mind your short hair, or your tendency to get excited about something you love, or your ankle bracelets (which are awesome, by the way). When you fall in love with him - like, really fall in love with him - and decide to spend the rest of your life with him, Connor will be a distant memory.

So, I'd really like to make up for not talking to you at prom. You wanna meet up and have coffee sometime? There's a neat cafe ten minutes from the school, and trust me, it tastes better than Starbucks. We can talk about school and prom, and Connor if you want to. I hope you recover from this breakup and go back to your happy, not-so-normal (but completely okay) self soon.


Katelyn, Connor's girlfriend

P.S: Do you seriously think I look like Shay Mitchell?

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