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chapter 1

For everyone... Just Listen, For OnceBY faithmasquerade | PUBLISHED 11/9/2013 | UPDATED 11/9/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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You know what? I'm sick, and I’m tired of how people build themselves prison cells out of illusions. They say they aren't pretty. You know what? I know for a fact that every girl who has said that is gorgeous. On the outside, on the inside and everywhere in between. I believe that this person is a part of everyone. But there's a little voice that tells us that we have to be perfect. It's the little voice that whispers to you when you get laughed at, and all the other times besides. Fight that voice, go look in a mirror. I'm serious. Go look in a mirror, and for once, stop thinking about how "Oh, my stomach is too big, my hair is too straight, or too curly, or to in-between." Just look at yourself and think about what you really see. There is no such thing as too fat or too skinny. There is no too dull, too pimply, too ugly, and too pretty. We make these things up to pass the time.

Don't you dare starve your beautiful body, and give yourself an eating disorder. Don't work out till it hurts, and you bite back tears and screams. Don't judge what you can't control. Go ahead, grab a chocolate bar. I know this sounds crazy, but I want you to take one bite. Enjoy that deliciousness, and now take another bite. Don't throw it up, keep it down. You know what I see every time I look at a girl with an eating disorder? I'm horrified at what our world is coming to. I cry, I think about how terribly sad this person must feel to starve themselves until they die. I give these people my food, and I make sure they eat it. They are beautiful people, too fixed on this illusion of beauty. Beauty isn't bone and skin. I want to grab this person, this stranger I have never seen before and yet is so familiar. Yes, I worry about my looks. You know what I do about my looks? Nothing. I wear clothes; I live with my huge hair, my big forehead, my weird nose, and every mole and scar. I don't wear makeup, or even brush my hair every day. And you know what? I feel so much better for it. I accept that I’m a weirdo, a geek, a nerd, and sometimes an idiot. There is no fun whatsoever in trying to be someone I’m not. I read like a maniac and am ridiculously proud of it.

Don't you even think about cutting, because no girl's beautiful body should be marked with self-inflicted wounds. Hurting yourself physically won't get you anywhere. A knife, a razor or whatever you already did or may use will not solve your problems. Being bullied? Walk up to that person, slap them and tell them off. Even better, walk up to them when they're alone, and ask them if you can help them with whatever is bugging them. Them doing this to you shows they're the one with the problem, not you. Offer to help them work through it. If they physically hurt you, tell someone you trust to help you to help you with them, and try to stay away from them. If it's online then either get rid of your account and never look at it again, or block them. If you're the bully, it doesn't really matter if you realize what you're doing. Maybe you think it's a game, that there aren’t consequences to this cruelty. These people who die, it wasn't completely suicide. YOU were a part of that if you told her she wasn't good enough, pretty enough. You need to stop and realize that this is the real world. If you can stop and get others to stop these things wouldn't happen.

We are teenage girls; we get insecure, and paranoid. I'm one of the most ridiculously paranoid people you will ever meet. When my parents didn't come home like I thought they would, I was totally convinced they were dead in their beds. They were at the doctor’s office. Look, no one really cares if you wear your sweats during the week, or your nails are just so. It's you that they really care about. Your personality, your thoughts, your dreams, and the wishes you whisper late at night. This IS reality, and there are people who love you. You may not always see them, but I know they see you. Don't leave them cold and alone because you decide to leave this world. You have your whole life ahead of you, no matter what some people may say. You’re a talented person, I know you are. So let it shine, show the world how beautiful your talents and thoughts are. I would love to be able to sing like my amazing friends, but I’m a writer. Do I let that stop me? Never. Through stubbornness alone, I will not give up on my voice. Every day I improve, and I’m learning to ignore those people who way I’ll never make it. My family says my voice isn't good enough, and my brother tells me my voice sucks. These words may each be daggers into my once impenetrable confidence and they may hurt more than any physical pain. But I’m not going to give up, not now, not ever. I'm going to keep trying, and eventually I’ll look back at them and say; "Hey, you know what? You told me I never could do this, and here I am. I'm proving every hurtful word you say to be wrong. Look at me now, and don't you ever doubt the world again. Don’t doubt yourself."

Never give up on what you believe in, it has been said many times before, and will be said again, and is because it is truth. Keep on going, no matter how hard it gets, and I promise you. It will happen if you can make it happen. Don't believe the people who say you'll never make it, because they're wrong. In that matter they will always be wrong to say we can’t make our own dreams come true. You can be whatever you want to be.

In modern days, society in general expects us to be pretty, smart, nice, athletic, competitive, and above all IMPOSSIBLY PERFECT. And then says that athletic isn’t pretty, and pretty isn’t athletic. Being nice means you aren’t competitive, and being competitive means you aren’t nice. Being smart means that you realize that being IMPOSSIBLY PERFECT is impossible, and if you are impossibly perfect then you don’t realize it’s impossible and therefore not smart.

Counselors, teachers, adults and peers, they all expect girls to be perfect. Being perfect is impossible. The teachers expect perfect attitude, perfect attendance and grades. They expect us to be outgoing, helpful, and cheerful. They expect us to try our best, and expect our best to fit their idea of perfect. Parents expect their children to be complacent, non-confrontational, and pleasant. Our peers expect our appearance to be flawless, our attitude to fit everyone’s idea of perfect at the same time.

They expect toughness, they expect perfection of everyone including themselves, and get confused when no one meets those expectations. Adults expect manners, success, comportment, elegance and kindness. THIS is the reason why everyone is shocked when others don’t meet theirs and everyone else’s idea of perfection. There is no possible way to meet everyone’s idea of perfection, let alone all of them at once. We were born with this mindset that we have to meet perfection. Perfection doesn’t exist, and so that makes everything impossible. These ideas are spread by our culture, our famous people, and us.

We shouldn’t have to be perfect, and it’s unfair to expect us to be. Bu t we can change these unrealistic views that everyone has, and nobody realizes. I don’t mean that we should do things like take drugs, break the rules, be rude, and cruel. I just think that we should try to stop judging people based on our views of perfection. We should realize that no one is perfect and it’s incredibly unfair to expect them to be. These little thoughts could be the one thing that could lead to a revolution of our ways, and to a better world. We can find a way to forget these expectations, or at least stop acting on them before it is too late. That’s just my opinion. Take this advice any way you wish. It’s your choice whether or not to rebel against this insanity of perfection. It’s your life, and so your decision.

If you want any help or advice, please , just write it in the comments section. I'm here for you, and I promise I will always be. And because of that I know you will always be here for me. That's how it works in the real world, that's how it works here.



33 13
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