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chapter 1

What is Love?BY TheWriteNote | PUBLISHED 11/7/2013 | UPDATED 11/7/2013 | ALL DONE!

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What is Love?

A question that ponders the minds,

but connects to the soul.

That brings out the fierce,

but still admires the weak.

It is as delicate as a flower

as a whisper on the breeze

as fragile as a sapling

and as gentle as the snow

as it sprinkles from the heavens,

but it can be as the frost.

with intricate patterns cut through everything we know

to train a new design

that sparks a fire of jealousy within.

It is as strong as an ox

barreling and triumphant in his gaze

who fights the strong storms

and will conquer all.

Love is like the western sky

it is lit up like a painted fire

which burns and thrashes about like a wild mustang

and can turn your heart into shards of glass

with one wrong move.

Yet it repairs

it builds and constructs up from the ground

to create something completely original

a story for ones willing to accept

something that grows and thrives while

asking to give up and sacrifice.

It creates pain yet mends the wounds

love is extravagant and graceful.

It is hidden and forbidden.

It paints pictures of elegance

while causing fires

for it is wonderful.

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