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chapter 1

the woodsBY nickisongz | PUBLISHED 5/20/2015 | UPDATED 11/13/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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"Jessica" my best friend Courtney whispers in my ear;

I shot up from my bed and look at her excited its winter vacation !  I run to my closet to see what I'm going to wear. I decided on a black with red polka dot Minnie mouse over sized sweater and a black tank top underneath.

I slipped my dark black skinny jeans on and grab my black heeled ready she said complaining she hates waiting.

almost I say as I put on my mascara and eyeliner bringing out my hazel eyes with some clear gloss.

I look in the mirror at my bronze face and wavy hair cascading down my back I grab a bow and put it in my hair and grabbed my backpack.we rushed downstairs to my mom who was making breakfast we made our coffees and ran to the coat rack grabbing our black pea coats and rushing outside.

we breathe in deeply as the cold air turns our noses pink we rush to her car and we hope in. I rub my hands together trying to warm them.

we live in a small gated community in New York and we all live close we can get to each others houses in no time.

we drive down to our best friends house; Emily's house we run inside and we call her "Em" ! We yell as she comes rushing down the stairs dressed in a dark purple high low dress .

Omg Courtney I love your outfit I look at Courtney and noticed she is dressed in an gray long sleeved crop top with a black heart in the middle with black leggings and a black fedora i smile you ready to start getting set up for the party I said excited.

then we decorate, after 5 hours of work; we got strobe lights, speakers hooked up in every room ,food made ,punch cooling in the fridge and all the latest music ready to be blasted.

Soon we run upstairs and I change into a caged tribal body con dress in black and Courtney changed into a dark purple sweetheart cut out skater dress and then Emily changed into a dark blue beaded cold shoulder dress. We laugh because all of our dresses are mid thigh because that is popular with us teen girls, never thinking how short it really is .We slipped on our heels as people filed in.

We danced hard, grinding against strangers jumping to the music , when I saw a old guy with raven black hair and dark brown eyes almost black I thought to myself he is trouble then I smiled as I thought tonight's the night to get in trouble

I sent him some sexy flirty signals but then I regret it when his black eyes locked with mine ; then i walked away and looked at my phone, 1:00 in the mourning I said goodbye to my friends and grabbed Courtney clothes' and jacket and walked out into the cold night air.

I decided to go through the short cut through the woods as I walked I heard branches snap behind me I stopped goose bumps covered my arms and for a moment it was deathly silent . someone grabbed me, he ripped my clothes from Courtney off and threw them onto the ground hungry as he invaded my body

I screamed and cried and fought hard against him but the damage was all ready done ; he pulled out a knife sorry sweetie but I cant let you go I kicked him where it counts crippling him to the ground I grabbed my stuff and took off.

I fell and rolled down a steep hill to a house I banged on the door screaming no clothes on shaking from the cold so scared looking back to make sure he is not coming as the door flies open and there stood a guy with sandy blond hair and ice blue eyes I sway and pass out darkness covering me like a blanket wiping away my thoughts as I fall.

6 5
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