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chapter 1

flashbackBY nickisongz | PUBLISHED 11/19/2014 | UPDATED 7/12/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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       That voice echoes through my thoughts shaking me awake.    Ciara calm down I say to myself.     I rolled onto my side and looked at my clock , the numbers flash 1:30 am.    I shake my head and turn my lights on, I looked in the mirror why did he have to kill her ? ; my sister why did he make me watch as he strangles her ? ; gasping for breath,   why did she have to leave me ? ,now I'm alone. 

I looked  in the mirror at the bronze skin and beach curled hair that most girls dream of.   I do my makeup erasing the bags under my eyes cause of me getting no sleep, or the red eyes from crying.

once I look good .  I took out my red sheer shirt with the gold studs on the pockets and shoulder and my black leggings with my black vans I put on my sliver snake ear cuff and slid on my sisters black diamond ring.

I sat there looking at the ice blue eyes in the mirror.



 Maybe tomorrow I will talk to Ciara, then I shook my head at the thought, well at least I will see her at the party tomorrow he said to himself

I just wish that I could wrap my hands around her body and kiss her pink lips and wipe every tear that runs down her beautiful bronze skin away and look into those amazing blue eyes forever.

I get up and grab my white v neck shirt with a pair of black jeans; I pulled on my beanie and looked in the mirror;  my tan glowed as i thought of her.

i did my hair in  that "skater boy style" as people like to call it , yes I sag my pants but only a little i have to confess.  I sling my backpack over and walk to my awaiting friends car.


 I walked into the doors of school keeping my head down and walked into my first class science.   It was her favorite subject I put my hood on so nobody would see the tears ; i  wiped my face and saw a guy with deep hazel eyes looking at me.

I grabbed my stuff grabbed the work and left in the middle of class.   I walked into the rest of my classes and pick up my work as I am called down to the principal office.   her name is Trisha I have been there so many times that I’m like a secretary we are on first name basses.

"go on in"   the secretary says waving me on , i drop my stuff on the desk and walk in.    yes I said why did you leave in science ? she said amused she talks way to much I say and smile.

I get good grades yet all these teachers complain i said reclinging in my chair .   she laughs go ahead you know the drill , I walked over to the main desk and look at the secretary she smiles and gets up and I take her place at the desk.

the boy walks in you forgot this and hands me my charm bracelet from my sister,  thank you so much ! i exclaim as i hook it back onto my wrist . I take the blue pass forms and write him one here so you wont get in trouble   i said avoiding eye contact as he stared at me. i was blushing like a tomato and doing everything in my power not to let him notice.

he leans on the desk   go out with me ?  he asked  what !  I said shocked I got a closer look at him he’s sweet ,smart he has nice body with muscles, good style and eyes that fall on me making me blush, sure why not I said calmly and give him my number 

now go to class i said looking down from his glance  he touches my hand and walks away.   I see Trisha staring at me with a knowing look ;  shut up I say and get back to work.



  I did it I asked her out she left her bracelet so I walked to the office gave it to her and asked her out , I could feel her eyes assessing me as she decided.

then she said yes  ! I touched her hand and it was like electricity and she blushed and gave me her number. Wow she must have felt it too I said to myself as I walked into social studies.



i went home and knocked on my dads door ;he laid in bed like a lifeless lump he always loved her more .  I felt tears run down as I closed the door.

I felt a hand on my shoulder,  I know sweetie  my mom said and she pulled me into a hug I sobbed after a few minutes mom I have some girl news  i told her .

she smiled yeah ?  we sat down on the crème couch and sunk in,  I got a date I said happily that’s great ! she said smiling "you think you could help me get ready  " ? i asked " of course " she said and we walked into my room .

sit  she said pointing to the bed and walked to the closet and picked out a floral criss cross dress and I got dressed .then, she picked out a 5 inch pair of light pink peep toe heels that match the flowers in my dress.

I slipped then on as my mom sat me down and washed my hair the curls down my back as she did a water fall braid in my hair and then handed a matching pink clutch with my phone and money in it the door bell rang and my mom jumped up you do your makeup quickly and ran out.

I coated my lashes with mascara and did a cat eye with some pink lip shine. I rushed downstairs not knowing what awaits.  

7 2
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