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Silence DisruptedBY JoyceannStark | PUBLISHED 3/17/2014 | UPDATED 3/17/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This adventure story is kinda like... Red Dawn and the X-Men

America is a silent bird in a cage now. No war and the longest peace we've had in years. Debt is being paid, hunger is coming to an end. Until the Kyros come. Born from hate, revenge, and the decedents of some of the most evil people and organizations the world has known. Hydra, Taliban, Terrorists, Nazis, and more. Evil villains come out from hiding into the peaceful world and.....well, as Deadpool said, "ARE GOING TO GO DOWN, DOWN, DOOOOOOWN!!!!!!!" I'm the leader, Cary "Wolverine Mark II" Henson. My dad, well, is dead and pretty much all my family. My group, The X-Clan, (yeah cheesy. But it worked) have taken these guys by storm and I'll explain what happens on the way. The X-Men/ any mutant/ S.H.E.L.I.D./ anyone else are welcome to help us. So, welcome to The X-Clan.

2688 words2 chapters

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@futureauthor2014 hearted Silence Disrupted on 3/31/2014
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