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Beauty the BeastBY JoyceannStark | PUBLISHED 4/25/2014 | UPDATED 4/25/2014 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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This sci fi & fantasy story is kinda like... Beauty and the Beast, (with some Soul Eater. Those of you who know what that is will pick it out)

Every year in the kingdom of Draga, a beast, The Beast, would receive two, young, beautiful teenagers. But this year would be different. Tsubasa is part of this year's unfortunate event, come to be known as, The Sacrifice. Tsubasa, is one of the unlucky teens this year. Along with Tarra, another young teen, these two would be sent to Beast Dragon Island, where The Beast lies. The Beast, who's name is Aurora Belle, is a half dragon, half human. Her is kind is so desperate for survival, they'll send their most powerful warrior to ransack the humans of magic they don't even know they poses. At least some of them don't. But when boy meets dragon, there is something that neither species has seen in centuries: hope. But the Dragon Overlords refuse to have peace. But why? Aurora, Tsubasa, Tarra, the friends these three will meet on their journey, begins, NOW!

5473 words3 chapters

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