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chapter 1

The Text MessageBY star1ight | PUBLISHED 12/31/2013 | UPDATED 12/30/2013 | IT'S A WORK IN PROGRESS

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      "Wasn't that so good?!" Jade exclaimed.      

      "Omigosh. How can you even SAY that?! I mean come ON. They totally ruined it! The book is WAY better." Amelia contradicted.

       "I know, right? Like what was up with everyone ALMOST dying?!" Jessica piped up.

      "What do you think,  Chloe?" Jade looked at me, expectantly.

      "Umm.... I agree it was OKAY, but if you read the book it was WAY better. And Jessica's right about everyone almost dying."

      "Oh guys, my mom's here. See you guys at school!" Amelia said as she ran towards her moms car.

      "Watch out!" I called, but it was too late. She had run into Josh, her crush. We watched her as she looked at him startled. And as she awkwardly bowed her head saying sorry. Amelia was usually good at talking and not at all awkward, but when it came to boys, she got all tongue-tied and embarrased. Finally she waved goodbye and looked down, flushing red as she got into her mom's car. 

      "Awhhhhhhhhh! Wasn't that like SO adorbs???" Jade gushed. Jade was the innocent one that we all spoiled and treated like our younger sister even though she was technacially older than us. She still seemed small both  physically and mentally.

      "Jade, your mom isn't coming anytime soon right? I want some ice cream." Jessica said.

      "Yeah she's gonna take awhile."






50 26
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