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♥elphie♥'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   aries... but i don't believe in horoscopes
  2.   weird, smart, crazy, (:
  3.   2, 7, 13....but i hate numbers
  4.   black. green. blue. red. orange. purple. (:
  5.   one older sister (we're 6 years apart, it sucks)
  6.   i look like myself, and no one else. (:
In A Nutshell...
  1.   drama, seminary, foods
  2.   hang out by the lockers... then walk home...
  3.   softball. it's the best. but don't get me wrong, i'm not very good at it or any other sport
  4.   playing!
  5.   our bichon frise
  6.   we're twin souls, think really similair thoughts... haha it's awesome <3
  7.   ooh, spinach, cheese, pastries, fruit....
  8.   anything! i wanna be a chef!
  9.   my family reunion campout <3
My Faves…
  1.   Gilmore Girls, ER, Good Eats, Mythbusters
  2.   Meet the Robinsons, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Princess Bride
  3.   Regina Spektor, Silverstein, The Beatles, Relient K
  4.   i really like Trigger. it's strange, depressing, and funny. <3 it
  5.   um. i'm not
  6.   idk?
Style Sense
  1.   Taylor Momsen though i could never pull of some of the things she wears haha
  2.   Hot Topic, Zumiez, PacSun, ya knowww (:
  3.   pink lemonade!
  4.   eyeliner, mascara. that's all
  5.   any of my skinnies (purple.. black.. denim) or my shoes (white/rainbow converse, vans)
  1.   um. only in elementary school. and i've been told that i've had boyfriends before.... but no. i don't. and i feel kind of sad about that, because everyone around me has someone to sqeeze... and i don't. oh well, i'm happy single (:
  2.   um. right RIGHT now? 3.
  3.   Someone who loves me for me, will take me to the temple, and wants kids as much as I do!
  4.   hmm... Sean Farris, Taylor Lautner
  1.   Chef! I'm hoping to go to culinary school and open my own cafe.
  2.   Tokyo, London, Brooklyn, NY, Seattle, WA
  3.   I aboslutely LOVE to camp.
  4.   Put 1/4 in savings, spend 1/4 on whatever I want, and 1/2 to charity
  5.   "It is better to dwell in the wilderness, than with a contentious and an angry woman." -Proverbs 21:19
  1.   definitely a night owl
  2.   va va vanilla! or darrrrk chocolate
  3.   righty, though i want to be a lefty, weird i know
  4.   neither, i love to just sit, relax, and talk. and have my friend asia draw on me. haha <3
  5.   it depends. my life is organized, but my room and belongings are NOT.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      uh, this one i saw in seventeen mag (lol sry GL, i only got it because we were going on a plane)
  2.   SOFTBALL.
  3.   Face Down, The Curse of Curves, Take My Hand, Ready Set Go!, Mr. Brightside, The Best Thing. (yea, i like boy bands :P)
  4.   Keep going!
  5. Goal Girl
      Get abs (i've got a little gut hehe) and be able to love my butt
  6.   reading? hahaha
  7.   Quick workouts that work
  8.   College softball players
  9. Tasty Eats
      Whatever i like.
  10.   macaroni and cheese, or baked potatoes.
  11.   eat them. hahah
  12.   anything, i guess
  13.   sticking to routines
  14.   sure
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