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:)Love&Rockets's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   hey(: my name is isabella & im pretty much undescribable. im 13 & in 8th grade. i love to talk and im an extremly nice person unless you tick me off, then im prepared to tear you apart. (x just leave me a comment and we can talk if you want. (: soo yeah i'll answer the other questions on this profile now i guess hahaa(:
  2.   undescribable is the only one. =P
  3.   17
  4.   pinkkkk♥♥
  5.   katiee, aydinn, && nick. (:
  6.   i dont think i look like any of them...
In A Nutshell...
  1.   bleehhhhh.
  2.   nothing. im very boring and i spend most of my time online hhaaha
  3.   soccer♥
  4.   hanging out with my family and friends(:
  5.   idk, not really into animals \:
  6.   they're so weird and fun to be with but they're my shoulders to cry on(: i love you guys!
  7.   mhmm...FOOD. its suprising im so skinny cuz i eat like a teenage boy(; i love fast food haha.
  8.   idkkkkkkk. stuufffff.
  9.   wherever my hobo is♥ hahahhaa
My Faves…
  1.   how i met your mother, glee♥, ect, lol i watch anything thats on(:
  2.   my girl, legally blonde, sixteen candles, yeah those are my favorite movies!
  3.   nevershoutnever, boys like girls, bruno mars, the ready set, ect.
  4.   the last song was sooo good!
  5.   i fail at video games x_x i guess pacman haha
  6.   lol uhm idk. i think all female celebrities are dumb sluts :P
Style Sense
  1.   not really a person, but i like the whole french girly light pink floral antique-y style.(:
  2.   charlotte russe. hot topic. i have a weird stlyle. i love like gothic & emoish stuff (i hate those words but their the only ways to describe hot topic haha) but im such a girly girl. i wear my mood haha(: oh and i also love hollister and pacsun and aeropostale!!!! =D
  3.   uhmm.......cake batter....from hollister!(:
  4.   mascara, eyelash curler, my foundation powder, and light pink lipgloss. thats all i wear(:
  5.   ooohhhh . . . hmmm . . . idk my hoodies & skinny jeans(:.
  1.   nope, no, im only 13 haha
  2.   a looottttt....(;
  3.   sweet & caring & shy. kinda like me lol but less hyper
  4.   martin johnson, christofer drew, ecttt
  1.   author...something in cosmatology...im not sure yet!
  2.   i want to travel to europe and live there for a few months, but when im like having a family...idk, a nice little victorian town near a beach(:.
  3.   italy. im an italian girl and i cannot wait to taste real italian food, not thathere!
  4.   ......o_o
  5.   "if you live to be 100, i want to be 100 minus 1 day so i'll never have to live without you." ~ winnie the pooh. ♥
  1.   neitherr. im a girl who likes sleeping but gets up early lol
  2.   chocolate
  3.   righty
  4.   ..idk..dumb question hahaha
  5.   i like it when things are clean but i hate cleaning...lol
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      playing soccer haha and babysitting(;
  2.   soccer...didnt i go over this silly billy...
  3.   idk
  4.   hbythytgh
  5. Goal Girl
      tyuhty7uh6im bored now so this thing has ended, goodbye(:
  7. My Healthy You Journal  
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