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All About Me!
  1.   Hey gals!! this is the new Harry Potter club!!! anyone is allowed to join as long as you love Harry like we do!!
  2.   **The officers for this club are: prez-chicken-girl, Vice prez,-animal lover, music director- superchatty101, Quiz maker- rubbaducky13 and skatelva Random person: rawrmeansi<3uindinosaur
  3.   To become a member write a short statement saying why you love Harry Potter and post it on chicken-girl's profile
  4.   **%*%*%%%*IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! most of our officerse are getting too busy to run this club so we are looking for new officers who have plently of time to keep Club Magic updated,
  5.   **** TO APPLY: leave chicken-girl a comment requesting which position you would like to take over and why you would be good at it.. thanks!!!!!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   HEY YALL! sorry bout this, i will get a new quiz on here as soon as i can... me and my quiz peeps have been super busy lately ~~ Abbie (prez)
  2.   What color of suit and hair did Dumbledor have when he went to talk to Tom Riddle at the orphanage?
  3.   Where is the Hufflepuff common room located?
  4.   What do you have to do to get into the kitchens?
  5.   Who teaches astronomy?
My Faves…
  1.   This is the news update section, it will be updated every week. If members have any comments on the news, or know some info that isnt posted, please leave a comment about it!!
  2.   ~The Wizarding Word of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando will open June 18th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3.   ~DeathlyHallows is done shooting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4.   ~Part I DEathly Hallows comes out this November!!!
  5.   * news obtained from mugglenet, hpana, and thehpalliance
Style Sense
  1.   If you are confused about anything at all that happens in the Harry Potter films, or books please leave a comment on chicken-girl's profile with a heading saying HPQ!!
  2.   Questions and answers will be posted below and I will try my best to answer them as quickly as possible!!
  1.   Random info::
  2.   Hey surfer gals, check out this site is soo cool, you can win alternate chapters and character info if you explore and make discoveries ;)
  3.   ABOUT THE OWLS-- Pigwidgeon is a Scops owl, Errol is a Great Grey, Hedwig, is of course, a Snowy owl which in nature, rarely every make noise
  4.   info collected from various harry potter sites
  1.   Song: Thanks for the memories- Harry and voldemort (i have yet to see this on youtube)
  2.   *New*Copy and Paste to See These Awesome Videos on YouTube, Then Vote On superchatty101's Profile What your Favorite Was! The Winner will be Put Under Chocolate Or Vanilla. My favorite is put under morning gal or night owl.
  3.   Ron/Hermione: You Found Me by TheAprilLeigh Shattered // Ron & Hermione [HBP/DH] by dazzleme7
  4.   Hermione - That Don't Impress Me Much by rodeogal1992
  5.   Don't trust me // Harry/Bellatrix by CharLizZie02
  1.   Quote of the Week--- "I never betrayed James and Lily. I would have died rather than betray them"~ Sirius Black
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      *SPOILER ALERT* Deathly Hallows Epilouge--Who's Who (xoxo animal lover)
  2.   Harry/Ginny: Albus Severus, James Sirius, Lily Luna
  3.   Ron/Hermione: Hugo, Rose
  4.   Draco/Asteria: Scorpious Hyperion
  5. Goal Girl
      Luna/Rolf: Lysander and Lorcan (twin boys)
  6.   George/Angelina: Roxanne, Fred
  7.   Percy/Audrey: Molly, Lucy
  8.   Bill/Fleur: Victoire, Dominique, Louis
  9. Tasty Eats
      SHIP OF THE WEEK: Remus/Lily Check out the song Alone on Valentine's Day by the Remus Lupins
  10.   Wrock song of the week: End of an Era - Oliver Boyd and the Remembralls
  12. My Healthy You Journal  
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