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*Club Cucumber&Company*'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girls! Welcome to club cucumber&company!
  2.   Club cucumber&company is a club that supports vegetarianism,going Green,and staying or becoming healthy.Do you have to be a vegetarian to be a member?No you don't have to be but we will gladly give you tips on becoming one!
  3.   Required You can come here and write your favorite vegetarian recipes,tips,tips on being Green(lol)and anything else that you think would be beneficial to others girls wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.
  4.   You can also write your questions and about vegetarian/green lifestyles/health here and we will GLADLY answer them as quick as possible!
  5.   You can also write about ANYTHING here!This isn't only about a healthiness,club cucumber&company is also a place that you can come to get some peace and have someone listen to YOU after a hetic day.
  6.   To become a member just say(write) the word and fill out the app!(you'll be a member even if you don't fill ou the app,but the app lets us know more about you)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   The cucumber is the prez and vice prez, the staff are the cukes.If you want to become a cuke just let me know what position you would like.The members that aren't cukes are the seeds.The seeds make it grow !
  2.   Here are some position ideas:(just because someone already has a position that you want doesn't mean you can't have it to)
  3.   Smarty Pants:You can post the facts about healthy living,going green,&vegetarianism.Like:Did You Know:the average person......!
  4.   The Dreamer:you can be the one to make up the realaxing and soothing regimens,like a new yoga move,or anything that is relaxing!
  5.   Surveyor Mayor:You will create the surveys,at least once a week! The Band-Aid Girlie: If anyone is feeling sad or lonely after a tough day, they can talk to you.
  6.   Advisor:we all are, any member can give anyone advice! The Sweetie: You get to post ideas on being kind to others, making a difference, and spreading the word about vegetarianism!
  7.   The Girl on the Page(or Screen):Just write a short review of any book(or movie) and give it 1-5 stars!
  8.   I(Chelle Belle) am the Head Cuke and Marissa(livelovelaugh)is the Vice Head Cuke,if you need anything just ask us!!!
  9.   Everyweek we will have a cuke of the week where she gets to tell us all about herself!
My Faves…
  1.   New member APP:(just fill it out,it's not a test)
  2.   1)What is your name? 2)When is your Birthday? 3)Are you a vegetarian? 4)If so:how long have you been one? If not:do you want to be one? 5)Do you go to public,private,or are you homeschooled? 6)Do you have any suggestions for Club Cucumber&Company? 7)List three things you couldn't live without(besides the necessities) 8)Are you the youngest,middle,oldest,or only child? 9)Do you play an instrument? 10)Do you play a sport?If so:which one?
  3.   Positions that are filled:
  4.   Natural Fun Girl:Josie(mnm22)__________ Motivator:Berta(peacelovecandy)
  5.   The Coach:Aubrey(glamgirlteen
  6.   The Healthy Cook Gal :Marissa(livelaughlove)____________ Beauty Girl:(uberfunchica)
Style Sense
  1.   Sister Clubs:Club Girl's Only,CLUB GLAMOUROUS,Club TreeHuggers,and CLUB MIDDLE SCHOOL,be sure to check these out!
  2.   Members:31
  3.   This weeks member of the week is:Our Beauty Girl:Teigan(uberfunchica)!!!!!Her tips on beauty are fantastic and she posts then just about daily!Not to mention what great advice she gives;)So if you every have any beauty question, you now know who the best person to ask is!Thanks Teigan,we really have enjoyed you being a part of this Club!
  4.   I will choose a member of the week every week depending on how well you participate in the club, your creativity, and other character traits!!
  5.   Vegan Day!You may have seen some of 4fact's (a member!)post about vegan day,well now she had the brilliant idea to make the 12th of each month vegan day!Vegan means you can't have any diary or meats,so on December 12th,at least try to be vegan for a day!
  1.   Some hair styles: Make a deep side part. Section off a small(ish/medium size) piece of hair, and use a cute barrete to clip it back. (not way back, but above your ear or closer.
  2.   The Sloppy Bun: After washing hair, scrunch it, curl it, or do both. Then pull hair back in to a loose bun. Place bobby pins in hair as needed.
  3.   Ever tried hair curlers? At night, wash your hair. Before hair dries, put hair in rollers (large or small, your choice.) then do not blow dry hair. Sleep with the rollers in. THen when you wake up if hair is still wet, then blow dry with defuser. Spray a little hair spray in hair, then take rollers out. Adjust as needed.
  4.   Bad hair day? Gonna be late for the bus? Put hair in a pony-tail. Cute,flirty, and relaxed! And maybe add a headband for something extra!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Hey GIrls! This is Berta's Blog! I will now be posting all my motivation tips here! Also I will be answering all the advice Q's i get from you wonderful gals! Also tell me how iI am doing on my profile! please enjoy! :D Also Check the healthy you journal for some routins you can do, as well as hir and make-up tips! (make sure you click on the show list button)
  2.   Heyyy Girlies! Now that it is cold outside (maybe even snowing!) it will be harder to get a work-out. Here are some winter workouts for ou gals! 1) Shovel the driveway! You hate it, but, it is a great workout! 2)Ice skate! Take a couple friends to the rink and skate! Lot's of fun! 3) Sled! It may not sound like a workout, but pulling the sled up that hill is a great workout! 4) Make a 20-30 min. daily workout routine. Go to G-life workouts on for some GREAT ideas!
  3.   Now it is finally time to make those New Year's Resolutions! Now is the perfect time to start your healthy new life! Change is good, especially healthy changes!
  4.   Remember that we are with you all the way! Us girls at CC&C Love to help you gals! SO just ask, and we are on it!!!
  5. Goal Girl
      Okay now Confidence! You wanna get that solo in Chorus but you're too shy! DO: Practice in the mirror at home, or for your bestie! Then when you try out don't look at the people watching. Imagine a happy thought so you doun't think about messing up!
  6.   I was recently Annie in Annie the musical, it was a lot of work to build up the confidence! But I knew that if I messed up, and people made fun of me, they had no clue how much work it was to put the show together, and how much time I dedicated, so they had no right to make fun!
  7.   Okat now we come to confidence in your looks! To feel confident with your looks you need to wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. and look great! So, got medium skin? Try a turquiose! Dark? Try Pink or Purple! Light? Try to wear a darker color to make your skin not as light!
  8.   Okay...Confidence in your grades! Make a study sesh with your buds! But remember to study and not chat! Or have your BFF over to quiz each other on vocab. or notes! By yourself? Read out of the text for 15 min. then have grapes or grapefruit snack break! Then study for 25 more min. switching between notes and the text!
  9. Tasty Eats
      Okay, Do you know what the number 1 eating mistake for girls our age is?? Eating based on what a friend is eating. Say you and a friend go grab a bite to eat. Your STARVED but she orders salad and a water, and then you don't wanna feel like a pig, so you get the same. I am not saying to go order an x-large milkshake, a 5 scoop ice cream sundae, and a lg. fry. But eat in moderation, so maybe a small milkshake and a don't eat depending on your friends. Most girls are unhappy with at least one thing about their bod, you develop and change at your own pace, which means you eat depending on how hungry you are, not how hungry your friends are. So just eat in moderation!
  10.   Not big on workingout? You burn about 100 calories an hour after reading or doing puzzles, anything that makes your brain work! But your better off jogging on the treadmill for 30 minutes!!
  11.   Hey Girls....did you know, that chatting with your buds is healthy?! As well as smiling! They both release endorphins, making you happpier! And who doesn't like a happy healthy girl?
  12.   Ill do anything to help. Don't be afraid to ask! Oh and tell me how I am doing!
  13.   Now that winter is here, it is harder to workout. Here are some winter exercise activities: Ice skating, Bowling, go to a gym, go for a walk, do push-ups or sit-ups, if you are lucky, you are down south where there is warm weather all the timee. But some of us are freezin' our butts uf in Upstate NY....i feel your pain! SURVEY: (Answer in a comment!) What are you getting your crush for Christmas? 1) Just a simple Merry Christmas card! Subtle, but sweet! 2) The video game he has been wanting for like ever! You reaalllyyyy like this one, and you don't want it to be a secret! 3) Nthing! Your waaaayyyyy to shy to even say hi to him!
  14.   Duh! It is our job! ~Berta<3~
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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