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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girlies! This Club is open to anyone and everyone who wants to join. It doesn't matter if you think yourself "savvy" or not, this Club is a place for every girl to just be herself!
  2.   If you would like to join, just leave a comment here and BOOM! you're in, just like that.
  4.   Name:
  5.   Age:
  6.   A little about me:
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Thanks to all the new members this club (hopefully!) will be getting. Anyhoo, more about this club:
  2.   It's a place where girls can just be themselves. It's open to anyone of any age so PLEASE keep everything appropriate! If you like fashion and beauty, this is the club for you! If you love gushing about boys, tis is the club for you! But hey, even if you aren't a "girly girl" you are still welcome and you can still have fun in this club.
  3.   Need advice? This is the Club to join! Anything from baffling boys to freaked-out friends, we can help. Need beauty or fashion tips? We gotcha covered! Even if you have a serious stich like an abusive father or an anorexic bestie, we are here for you. That's what this Club is about - helping each other .
  4.   Aside from advice, there are plenty of great gals in here typing up fab articles, so pleas do read them! Maybe once this club really gets rolling we'll add in stuff like polls, surveys, or contests.
  5.   Hope to see some new members in here soon, and don't hesitate to join!
  6.   Now in case you are wondering about who's typing all THIS up ...
  7.   Hi! My name is Brianne (bree-ann (like brianna without the "uh")) but you can call me Bri for short. I am 15 years old and a sophomore in highschool. You can check out my personal profile, lilangel08, if you have any other questions!
  8.   Thanks to all our new members! Hope to see even more of you in here soon!
My Faves…
  1.   OUR MEMBERS: twilight_fan_88, reeg-a-lene, iloveseattle21, catsdogshorses<3, tayswiftfan13, cooligurl13, secretlyme, leslied335, keroppi, rightfield1, xoglitzyglam12, dinkaba11, *orchestra~chica*, cutiepie8797, dancequeen12, blondie0211, bichonmo123, ChAsEmEhOmE ,tinypickle, eya aurella, gossipqueen_17, xluna.tanx, laxluv67, reggee, aesteffe, lizzie918, sat1998, hollagurl129, SierraRylee, happybunni88
  2.   ^If your name isn't here and you're a member, let me know!
  3.   My personal profile is lilangel08 if you have any questions!
  4.   Seeya :) Please comment and join!
  5.   JOBS STILL OPEN : mods, Head of Guys, Head of Family, Head of Body, and if you have any other ideas such as a poll maker or something, just mention it to me!
  6.   The apps are listed below.
Style Sense
  1.   MOD APP:
  2.   1. What is your name and your age?
  3.   2. Why do you want to be a Mod?
  4.   3. Please answer BOTH of these stitches. (stitch 1) Help! I'm going to a winter formal soon and I need help with my hair/makeup. I have pale skin and dark blueish-teal eyes. My hair is about an inch or two below my shoulders, light brown, with straight bangs across my forehead, and pretty thick. Any tips?
  5.   (stitch 2) Help! I'm in a major stitch here. My BGF (whom I also have a crush on) is BFFs with my older bro .. or WAS. My bro started dating my BGF's ex-gf without even telling my BGF about it! Now basically everyone is super mad at my bro, including my BGF and me. What should I do?!
  1.   HEAD OF GUYS APP: 1. What is your name and age?
  2.   2. Why do you want to be the Head of Guys?
  3.   3. Give me an example of a time you have helped a friend (or yourself!) with a boy stitch.
  4.   4. Please answer the following question: Help! I am soo in love with my BGF. We talk every day and he's really sweet and funny. He gives me hugs all the time too. The problem is, sometimes it's hard to tell if he's flirting or just being nice, ya know? I know he knows I like him ... I just don't know if I have a chance! Any tips?
  2.   1. What is your name and age?
  3.   2. How many siblings do have have AND are you the older/younger/middle child?
  4.   3. Give me an example of a time you have solved a family stitch.
  5.   4. Please answer the following problem: Help! My parents fight ALL the time. I know they won't get divorced or anything but I seriously can't even see why they married each other. And when I say they fight, I mean that they FIGHT. And it's literally every day. What should I do?
  2.   1. What is your name and age?
  3.   2. Why do you want to be the Head of Body?
  4.   3. please answer BOTH stitches: (stitch 1) My period is so weird. I've had it for 2 almost 3 years now, so you'd think it'd be normal, but it's not. I don't even get it once a month - I get it about every 6-8 weeks (every other month) so I never really know when to expec it. Got any advice?
  5.   (stitch 2) I don't think I'm FAT, but I would like to tone up my abs, back, and arms. Got any workouts for me?
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