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All About Me!
  2.   Club Song is the place to be if you like to sing, write songs, or do both!
  3.   If you want to join Club Song, all you have to do is ask. I'll go to your account and give you your code so you can be an official Club Song member! (Your profile MUST be visible to do this.)
  4.   Club Song has other things to see too, like the Song of the Week, weekly Music & Club News, Singin' Style, Idea of the Week, Singing Celebs, and Polls. Plus, we post surveys every once in a while! You could also have a position in Club Song! You'll learn about each one on their article page!
  5.   (Also, our sister clubs are Club PERFORM!, CLUB FUN IN THE SUN, Club Hot, and CLUB GLU. They all rock!)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   *POSITIONS*
  2.   These are our positions for Club Song. If you have an idea for a new position, tell us and we may have new positions for girls!
  3.   President: Sammi (memory975) Pres' Secretary: roxx.cheerleader578 VP: taytay118
  4.   Heads of Actvities: bluegreeneyegurl<333. sportyshortyxo3. Board Members: EVERYONE IN CLUB SONG!
  5.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  6.   *MUSIC & CLUB NEWS*
My Faves…
  1.   *SINGIN' STYLE*
  2.   For Teens: Fall is coming, and you need to keep warm... But still look cute! Check out these insanely cute juicy scarves at Nordstrom! There are lots that could show off a cute rocker edgy style, and there are some plain ol' scarves. There are lots of designs and colors, so you'll be sure to find one you like!
  3.   Go to Nordstrom website and type "scarves" in the search box. Pick which one fits you best!
  4.   For Younger: All of your friends have scarves that are REALLY cool, but you want a scarf that will totally ROCK! Where does your search begin? Old Navy baby! There are country styles, plain ol' styles, and styles that will really catch everyone's eyes!
  5.   Go to Old Navy website and type "scarves" in the search box. Pick which one you like the most!
Style Sense
  2.   A great song idea is friends. They can betray you, they can love you, friends can be anything!
  3.   Idea by staR gazer
  4.   (Send in and idea YOU might have for a song. That is, if ya don't want it. Your idea could open LOTS of girls' feelings which might inspire them to write a song!)
  2.   The Hold Steady
  3.   Resisting the musical trends in New York City, vocalist/guitarist Craig Finn (ex-Lifter Puller) formed the Hold Steady after moving from Minneapolis in 2000. Wanting to capture the sound of bands such as the Replacements and the Grifters, he recruited guitarist Tad Kubler (also ex-Lifter Puller), drummer Judd Counsell, and bassist Galen Polivka. Recording mostly live, the band released its debut, Almost Killed Me, on Frenchkiss Records in March 2004. Dave Gardener (Rocket from the Crypt, Drive Like Jehu) and Dean Botulonis signed on to produce Separation Sunday, which arrived in 2005. The World/Inferno Friendship Society's Franz Nicolay (keyboards) and Bobby Drake (drums), formerly of End Transmission and Arm, were also added to the Hold Steady lineup. The band's third effort, 2006's Boys and Girls in America, marked its first release for Vagrant. After writing the majority of their fourth record on the road, the Hold Steady returned to John Agnello's Water Music studio to record Stay Positive, their most heavily produced effort. In July of 2008, the album was released by both Vagrant and Rough Trade.
  1.   *POLL*
  2.   Your famous, and you see your BIGGEST idol walking on the streets shopping in LA, you...
  3.   A~ Run up to her screaming with a notebook and pen asking for her autograph. You can still be a fan even if your famous!
  4.   B~ Walk up to her (QUICKLY) and ask her for an autographed picture. But try to stay calm.
  5.   C~ Casually walk up to her and start chatting. Maybe you could hang on Friday. You're totally calm and friendly.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   V1: It’s like I’m wearing disguise*And no one’s ever wise*Enough to see through it all*There’s never been a soul*To be there to catch me when I fall*And my worlds falling apart*Nobody’s ever there to save my tearing heart*Even though every door is closing*Somehow I keep it open long enough so I can slip through
  3.   C: And my world is coming to an end*And my sun is never gonna shine again*And my heart is getting too used to being broken*And my dreams are too easily being taken*But somehow I’m saved before it all comes crashing down
  4.   V2: Maybe one day I’ll know what’s it like*For everyone to see the real me*And being like everyone else*Would be so easy
  5. Goal Girl
  6.   B: When my life tears me apart*Leaves me broken-hearted*Feeling all alone*No one to cry on*Your always there but I never seemed to see*Even though every door is closing*U keep it open long enough so I can slip through
  7.   C: And my world is coming to an end*And my sun is never gonna shine again*And my heart is getting too used to being broken*And my dreams are too easily being taken*But somehow u save my world from crashing down
  8.   Written by popstar8899 (All of the other girls' songs are AWESOME, too!)
  9. Tasty Eats
      (Have a cool song YOU wrote that you want to share? Send it in! Write a comment under our profile with the heading "Song of the Week", write your song, and it may be the next song of the week!)
  10.   Quote of the Week: Music is what feelings sound like. ~Unknown Author
  12. My Healthy You Journal  
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