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All About Me!
  1.   Sagittarius
  2.   Calm, fun, and SUPREME RULER OF THE UNIVERSE. LOL no I'm kidding I guess a little confusing I mean I can be like talking for an hour about something I think is cool and then the person will look at me like what? lol
  3.   143
  4.   OMG PURPLE!...and every other color there is :) those colors with cool names like turquoise and mauve and magenta :P Exept I love wearing turquoise so yeah
  5.   Lil'bro
  6.   ? I dunno!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Def language exept when you have to do these stupid writing assignments...
  2.   Biking with my BFF, Wii fit, computer, tv, ect.
  3.   Sports aren't really my thing...I'm totally uncoordinated...but I luv just playing tag or something like that with my BFFs (although that's not really a sport if you think about it),and badminton is pretty fun but I'm not saying I'm like amazing at it, and I luv watching the diving at the Olympics!
  4.   Mall with my friends, reading, or writing stuff (stories, homework, everything else...)
  5.   Oh...I luv 'em all! But I've wanted a dog for so long!
  6.   She's crazy and fun but she can be serious when needed :)
  7.   Mmm... when are these questions gonna get easier? haha...I LOVE FOOD!!
  8.   Well...a lot! Food, art, music, poetry...lovez it!
  9.   Actually, my goal in life is to travel the world :)
My Faves…
  1.   omfg Law and Order SVU (I am SO obsessed), Drake and Josh :) , American Idol and America's/Canada's Next Top Model
  2.   IDK I don't like watching movies more than once cuz I already know what's gonna happen :) But I watched John Tucker Must Die and it was SOOO funny! LMAO! And also Sherlock Holms was an awesome movie...I guess kidish movies are fun to watch over and over...stuff like Garfield
  3.   Random artists whatever I feel like that day, usually anything I can sing along to (well :P) or anything you can dance to! :) Exept now after I typed all that, I realized that I really love Taylor Swift! <3 I also really like older artists like Savage Garden
  4.   TWILIGHT! (duh) but it's becoming such a huge fad so...The Uglies :) Scott Westerfeld is amazing
  5.   Mario Kart or Rock Band for Wii!
  6.   Ummm....Taylor Swift or Amanda Bynes!
Style Sense
  1.   IDK I dress in what makes me feel good :)
  2.   Garage I love them!!
  3.   Rasberry!!...but I bought this new one from Lip Smacker in Pink Guava it smells so good but it tastes pretty gross cuz it's organic....
  4.   Nothing is too necessary to me exept for lip balm which isn't really makeup you know?? But I'm addicted to lip balm...I need to have it on me all the time lmao :)
  5.   Hmm...nothing too attached to right now, but for sure jeans!...And my hoodies...and my t-shirts...look, if I didn't want them I wouldn't have bought them! lol
  1.   No...and no...My friends have had terrible expirences with I'll wait for the one ;)
  2.   One...
  3.   Non-conformist, likes me for who I am, thoughtful, smart, faithful, hot ;P, charming* :) omg IDK this guy def doesn't exist :(
  4.   I mean, what can I say? I'm not into celebs. But...there is this one guy I can't get over...K.C. from Degrassi!! Even though I never watch the show...I'm in love with his character!! Is that weird?...I don't think so...I love him soooo
  1.   Interior designer :D or Author, or Lawyer I guess...maybe a Detective? Doctor? IDK I'm young, I don't need to know yet...we did this thing in school where you took this quiz and I got Politician and Criminologist so idk!
  2.   I dunno cuz I don't really like big cities that have billions of people but I don't like places where you're completely isolated from civilization
  3.   Travel the world!!! WHOO!
  4.   Be happy! LOL! I'll tell you when I have it! :)
  5.   So many things to live by! But...Live, Laugh, Love...or...You don't know what you have till you've lost it....The eye only sees what the mind is prepared to comprehend.
  1.   idk I gotta say evening :)
  2.   Chocolate Ice cream, Vanilla depends...well really think about it chocolate yogurt is kinda weird but then you think frozen yogurt...
  3.   Righty
  4.   Depends
  5.   Also depends!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   Badminton I guess...I like games more so than sports. You know, a game of tag or something with my friends is so much more fun than P.E.
  3.   Think about your goals until you're in a trance..then the time just flys that creepy? It works for me :P
  4. Goal Girl
      Just to slim down a bit, get into the habit of exericising regularly
  5.   IDK...resisting temptations? :)
  6.   Getting healthier and having more energy and def feeling better about myself!!
  7. Tasty Eats
      Frozen Yogurt!! And low-fat ice cream! Cheers to healthy junk! Well, technically it's not really healthy, so I'm gonna say smoothies, fruit, and spiced sunflower seeds
  8.   Actually, I keep a stash of Swedish Berries around. Fat free! But a lot of sugar so I cut down on sugar everywhere else. And booster juice smoothies too, those are so yum!
  9.   Anything! I'll try my best to help whenever I can!
  11. My Healthy You Journal  
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