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Love*Laugh*Dance's Profile

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My Clubs
All About Me!
  1.   Aquarius
  2.   FuNnY, R@Nd0M, and KU-RAZY-'specially wen im with my friends c(:
  3.   13
  4.   Blue
  5.   I got 4 of them! (all younger OF COURSE)
  6.   ME!!! (i am famous you know!!)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Math or Art
  2.   Surf the Internet, Read, Ride my bike, anything really to put off doing my now.....and now......and then eventually homework
  3.   Softball, Dance, and Volleyball
  4.   doing homework (sort of...well TRYING.....) hanging with friends, riding my bike
  5.   ALL OF THEM!! no i cant just choose one!!!
  6.   She's always there for me and I can trust her with ANYTHING
  7.   ALLL OF ITT!!! oh...fav means one? umm not gonna happen
  8.   people laugh :) and it brightens my day 2 :)
  9.   Outer Banks, NC
My Faves…
  1.   Fringe, Victorious, No Ordinary Family, Hawaii Five-O and Tower Prep :D
  2.   Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, it goes on and on...and on
  3.   umm....ALL OF THEM!!! Ive never read a bad book...all fiction books are amazing...then again if they are still on what the house looks like by the 7th page i dont read it...well duh! I LOVVEEE to read :) (case you didn't notice)
  4.   Jennie Finch/ Demi Lovato/ Selena Gomez
Style Sense
  1.   loveee 'em all....besides the whole thing where you have to pay :P thats the dumb part of shopping :P
  2.   Watermelon
  3.   foundation and mascara
  4.   umm....clothes
  1.   Yes; nope :) single and lovin it
  2.   none :)
  3.   anyone who can make me laugh
  1.   Vet
  2.   Italy
  3.   Australia
  4.   buy stuff, donate to animal shelters, help out charities, pay my parent's bills, shopping spree, save sum...ok TRY to save sum and buy more stuff :)
  5.   "every girl needs a guy who will txt her back when he's playing call of duty with friends"~~~"boys are like purses; cute, full of crap, and can always be replaced :)"~~~*Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday~~~*A smile is a curved line that sets everything straight:)*~~~*love your enemies... it gets in their heads!*~~~"girls can do everything boys can except we can do it in heels"~~~Adults call it cheating, we call it teamwork~~~If people tell you that you talk too much, tell them they don't talk enough~~~Silence is golden, but duct tape comes in many colors~~~Everything is sooo much funnier when you're not aloud to laugh~~~Life would be perfect if: some girls had mute buttons, some guys had edit buttons, bad times had fast forward buttons, and good times had pause buttons~~~I am who I am, your approval isn't needed ♥ (if you ever need a quote to cheer you up or help you out....i've got tonnss more!!!)
  1.   Both actually; up late, up early...i dont need much sleep
  2.   banana split ice cream ♥ yumm (don't judge until you've tasted it!!!)
  3.   Righty
  4.   Flick on DVD
  5.   Both actually, it depends on whether or not i feel like cleaning usually a slob...and even though a messy room drives me crazy, i'm to lazy to clean it up :P im strange like that :P
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      softball/dance practice
  2.   Softball and Dance
  3.   2012, We R Who We R, Raise Your Glass, Firework, and Sparks honestly goes on and on.....................and on.......................................and get the point :P
  4.   always workout with friends!! you are having so much fun you don't notice how hard you are working...until your abs hurt too much from laughing so hard :P believe me it happens!!!!
  5. Goal Girl
      Eat healthier and workout more often
  6.   STILL...yes still.....trying to motivate myself to start running and my toe touch!!!!
  7.   music and friends
  8.   Jennie Finch
  9. Tasty Eats
      def chocolate...but if you were thinking reaaalllllyyy healthy...then a pear
  10.   too hard, my mom is an AMAZING cook
  11.   try to find something healthier (main word is try!!!) otherwise i just give in.
  12.   anythingg!!!
  13.   sure :D
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