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All About Me!
  1.   Hey!!!Thanks for visiting my profile I hope you find AWESOME advice if you can't find something you looking for just put *** at the tops and i'll answer ASAP
  2.   Hair:
  3.   Do you want waves but can't seem to get them???
  4.   1.) after you take a shower when your hair is damp (you can blow dry it if you want but make sure it is damp) ask someone in your family who knows how to french braid (or ask them to learn) to make one braid, straight down the center of your head
  5.   2.) When you wake up in the morning make sure your hair if completely dry without taking out the braid (if it's still damp keep the braid in and blow dry your hair)then carefully take out the braid
  6.   3.) Then put on some hairspray and viola you have beautiful waves that will stay in all day
In A Nutshell...
  1.   (now that were on hair) Shampoo\Conditioner:
  2.   *Tip
  3.   Make sure that you always put in a good amount of Shampoo and Conditioner in so you will have clean had soft hair otherwise your hair could get dry and...flakey
  4.   *Tip :
  5.   Make sure you wash all the suds out of your hair when your showering. I didn't once and I had to go to school with greasy hair !!! it was gross
  6.   Fashion:
  7.   Whats in RIGHT NOW
  8.   weaved tops and leather!!!!
  9.   Top 3 cute outfits*
My Faves…
  1.   1) a dark t-shirt and jeans with some leather boots
  2.   2) a leather jacket a weaved tank with a belt and some jeans
  3.   3)a tunic and dark leggings with some cute leather heels
  4.   (cute hairstyle...1st run volumizing prduct through your hair 2nd if you have a side part put a clip with a flower on top on the side with less hair and viola cute hair that can be elegant or casual (if you dont have a side part brush all your hair back and make a small side part)
  5.   Makeup: It's spring so that means that your dark wintery shades are out
  6.   Great Eyeshadow colors*
Style Sense
  1.   light colors (DUH) like pink blue brown purple or green (silver works too)
  2.   Lips*
  3.   Any shade works as long as its only 2 shade from your natural color (unless its a special occasion)
  4.   Mascara and eyeliner*
  5.   The only things you want to look for in mascara is...
  1.   Lengthing and Volumizing! I swear thats all!!...well duh thats all they sell!
  2.   And for eyeliner!! any color works as long as its not to crazy like green or red :P
  3.   im not saying green and red are bad it's just there not so good to wear as eyeliner but thats my opinion lolzzz
  4.   ----- By the way, wear your makeup anyway you want it (or even not at all)because it's your want you feel comfertable in!
  1.   Blush*
  2.   Any Shades work just make sure you don't put on TOO MUCH and too far fron your natural skin tone or it will look un-natural
  3.   Coverup*
  4.   Make sure you get the right shade because if u dont u will either look like edward cullen's sis or an umpa lumpa
  5.   Boys:
  1.   Well.... boys are hard to deal with you know?
  2.   Okay lets start with : How boys feel
  3.   OK in case u didnt know boys usually dont talk about how they feel alot (unless you're lucky) so don't expect them to be telling you how they feel ALL THE TIME. :P And sometimes boys are very shy you just have to exept the way they are! If you have a boyfriend make sure you plan out time for you an your bf to spend time together instead of just hangout with your besties.:)
  4.   OH!!! I have a good one...Flirting*
  5.   The Key to flirting is one thing:
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Being your self, in and out and if you feel he likes you for someone your not then that realationship is not worth it( and maybe laughing a little at his sucky jokes and batting your eyes helps too)
  2.   How to tell if a guy likes you*
  3.   1) He shows an interest in you (like you sometimes catch him staring at you)
  4.   2) He hangs around you a lot (i mean ALOT)
  5. Goal Girl
      3)He likes being around you (he always seems happier around you)
  6.   4) He asks your friends about you (like your favorite blah blah blah or ur number)
  7.   5) He's nervous around you (some boys clam up around girl they like, its normal)
  8.   6) He tells you!! :P
  9. Tasty Eats
      random advice.....
  10.   things you want to make sure you do when you wake up in the morning:
  11.   1.wash your face 2. moisturize (arms legs face etc.)3. since it's summer put on some sunscreen 4.put on chapstick (you never know if your lips might get chapped)
  12.   things you want to make sure you don't do when you wake up in the morning:
  13.   1. leave your face all greasy in the morning (that happens to most girls)2. scrap your legs or your upper arm to much ( if you shave you'll get gross red bumps all over) 3. put on greasy moisturizer ( i usually put on my moms stuff but she took off the lable...) 4. lick your lips (if you start out the day like that then you will have chapped lips)
  14.   hey thanks for looking at my profile have a MATHEMATICAL day!!!
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