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All About Me!
  1.   Hey there everyone! I'm Kylie. This is a fan profile for Justin Bieber
  2.   Who is Justin Bieber?! (your kidding me right?!) Well Justin Bieber is......
  3.   -16 years old. His birthday is March 1st, 1994
  4.   -Currently single. (woohoo! i mightttt meet him bahaha)
  5.   -5 feet and 5 inches tall. (perfecto)
  6.   -best friends with Usher (he found him!), Ryan Bulter & Chaz Somers (his friends from Canada), Caitlin Beadles (his ex gf), and Christian Beadles (caitlins lil bro)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   How did Justin get found (or become famous)?
  2.   -When Justin was younger he entered a music contest. Not much of his family could come to watch Justin perform, so Justin posted a video of him singing on Youtube for his family to see. But instead of his family just watching, he got over a million views. Everyone loved his music. Usher and Justin Timberlake both witnessed this future pop star. Both Usher and Justin Timberlake wanted to sign Justin Bieber. Justin Bieber decided to side with Usher. So that is how Justin became who he is today. You could call Usher the found of Justin Bieber. :D
  3.   How many songs does Justin currently have out?
  4.   -Justin has 21 songs out on iTunes. His first album My World came out November 17th, 2009. His second album My World 2.0 came out March 23rd, 2010.
  5.   What are his songs?
  6.   -Baby (feat. Ludacris), Bigger, Common Denominator, Down to Earth, Favorite Girl, Kiss and Tell, Love Me, Never Let You Go, Never Say Never (feat Jaden Smith), One Less Lonely Girl, One Time, Runaway Love, Somebody to Love, Somebody to Love (feat. Usher), Stuck in the Moment, That Should Be Me, U Smile, Up, Overboard (feat. Jessica Jarrell), Eenie Meenie (feat. Sean Kingston), and First Dance (feat. Usher).
  7.   -Justin has many collaboratioins with different artists. Including his "mentor" Usher.
  8.   Where was Jusitn born?
  9.   -Justin Bieber is a true Canadian. He was born in Stratford, Ontartio, Canada. But now Justin is currently living in Atlanta, Georgia in the United States.
My Faves…
  1.   Ok now a little about me. (Just a little don't worry)
  2.   -If you want to talk to be personally my personal Girls Life account is bl0ndiegrl1 the o in blondie is a zero. Or you can copy and paste it into the search box.
  3.   -I am a true Bieber fan.
  4.   -My favorite song of Justins is Stuck in the Moment. And then That Should Be Me. (Note: Listen to the lyrics. I love them.)
  5.   -I check Girls Life once or twice a day.
  6.   -I love Justin Drew Bieber. :D
Style Sense
  2.   - Justin Bieber's Summer Tour has begun!! Check out for tour dates also dates for his 2nd leg My World Tour!! (:
  3.   Number of Memebers: 37
  4.   If you want to become a member just ask on here (Leave comment and your a memeber. It's that easy!!)
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