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Bell1997's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Aries! March 23rd!!!!!!! ♫
  2.   Fun, Awesome, and luvable! ☼
  3.   7! ♫
  4.   pink,blue,black, white,gold,silver and purle! ☼
  5.   A bro- 17 and a twin sis! ♫
  6.   idk! ☼
In A Nutshell...
  1.   digatal photography! ♫
  2.   i like softball! and when im in high school i want 2 be a cheerleader! ☼
  3.   high school footbal! GO LIBERTY PATROITS! ♫
  4.   reading or shopping with my BFFs! ☼
  5.   my kitty! and a cheeta! ♫
  6.   there all soooo sweet and i can tell them anything! my BFFL is da best i luv her and were REALLY REALLY good friends(thats y were BFFLS!) i can tell her anything and she can help me with probs i have! I LUV U KATIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3
  7.   pasta! ♫
  8.   ppl laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!.! ☼
  9.   Greece! ♫
My Faves…
  1.   icarly or a disney channel show oe americas next top model! ☼
  2.   percy jackson and the lighting theif! omg logan lerman is HOT!!! ♫
  3.   kelly clarkson! ☼
  4.   Percy Jackson and the lightning theif OMG i love the seires! ♫
  5.   animal-crossing on DS! ☼
  6.   Selena Gomez! ♫
Style Sense
  1.   ???????! ☼
  2.   either HOT TOPIC or claires! ♫
  3.   mint or cotton candy! ☼
  4.   LIPGLOSS!!!! ♫
  5.   clothes! ☼
  1.   yea!!!! no we just broke up!! ♫
  2.   3, they go to my school! <3! ☼
  3.   a guy with a sence of humor, brown hair, cute, and brown eyes! <3! ♫
  1.   i want to be a vet! ♫
  2.   i like 2 live were i am! Seattle, WA! or live in Germany! i lived there for 4 years! ☼
  3.   going to greece on a cruise! ♫
  4.   go on a really big shopping spree! ☼
  5.   "theres no place like home"" follow the yellow brick road" "dont go breakin my heart"" friends are like shoes cant have to many!" "never undersetamate your self!"your the only one that can understand what your saying" " dont let a guy break your heart, hes not worth it!"dont let anyone get you down" belive in yourself!" beilve!" anything is posible if u just belive!"money cant buy u happiness!"money cant buy me luv!"
  1.   night owl! ☼
  2.   both! ♫
  3.   righty! ☼
  4.   theater! ♫
  5.   neat freak! ☼
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      sit-ups! ♫
  2.   softball! ☼
  3.   rock that body! black eyed peas!! ♫
  4.   idk if i hve one! ☼
  5. Goal Girl
      to lose bout 5 pounds soon! i hope it works! ♫
  6.   idk! ☼
  7.   idk! ♫
  8.   idk! ☼
  9. Tasty Eats
      an apple or something else! ♫
  10.   idk i like alot of meals or recipes! ☼
  11.   chew gum! ♫
  12.   i guess anything.............! ☼
  13.   guys! ♫
  14.   YES!!!!!!!!! ☼
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