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CLUB SING IT!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girlies! Welcome to CLUB SING IT! I'm your president, Shannon.
  2.   I created this club because singing is my passion and I thought that it would be nice to have a club for girls who share that interest.
  3.   If you'd like to join the club, please leave a comment saying so on my personal profile, which is supersingershannon. I will get back to you as soon as I get your comment.
  4.   I will be sending out club newsletters once a week to girls who are interested.More info on that can be found under In a Nutshell...
  5.   Now, I'll tell you where everything is located. Newsletter information can be found under In a Nutshell... The survey of the week is under My Faves. The quiz of the week is under Style Sense. Info and discussions for girls who take or want to take voice lessons is under Guyville. The weekly discussion is under Daydreams. Info about club positions and special events can be found under Either... Or, as can the singing tip of the week.
  6.   I hope you girls like my club! If you have any questions, please leave a comment on my personal profile, supersingershannon. Also, I love to give advice about singing stuff! So if you need a question answered, just ask! Thanks!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   To sign up for the weekly club newsletter, leave a comment on my personal profile, supersingershannon, that simply says WEEKLY NEWSLETTER SIGNUP.
My Faves…
  1.   Here is this week's survey!
  2.   1.Do you sing for fun, or are you really serious about it? Or both?
  3.   2.Do you take voice lessons or are you in your school's chorus?
  4.   3.What's your favorite song to sing?
  5.   4.Do you have a high, medium, or low voice?
  6.   5.Do you enjoy singing for others, or does it make you nervous?
Style Sense
  1.   Hey girlies! Put your quiz answers in a comment and answer it on here. I will give you your results as soon as I get it! This week's quiz is: What Song from a Musical Should You Sing?
  2.   1.My favorite musical is... A.The Little Mermaid B.The Sound of Music C.West Side Story D.The Wizard of Oz
  3.   2.My vocal range: A.Is medium B.Is low C.Is high D.Is large! I can hit both high and low notes with ease!
  4.   3.I like to sing songs... A.That are slow and pretty B.That are fast and joyful C.That are both slow in parts but loud and strong in others D.That challenge me
  5.   4.My favorite musical genre of these is... A.Disney! B.Classics C.Love stories D.Fantasies
  1.   Hey girls! This section is about voice lessons! For those who want to take voice lessons but haven't yet, you can ask me if you have any questions!
  2.   Voice lessons are sooo much fun, and I suggest them for anyone who wants to improve as a singer or wants to be serious about singing. They really do improve your voice, boost your confidence as a singer, and challenge you to be better.
  3.   This week's discussion for girls who already take voice lessons is: How long have you been taking voice lessons? How often do you go?
  4.   This week's discussion for girls who want to take voice lessons but don't yet: Why do you want to take voice lessons? Also, do you have any questions about it? If so, just ask!
  1.   This week's discussion is: Who do you admire as a singer, and why?
  1.   There are several club positions that I need to be filled. They are: Vice President, Survey Maker, Quiz Maker, Advertiser, Creative Chica, who will help come up with contests and special events, and Singing Sweetie, who will help me come up with singing tips and discussions.
  2.   Leave a comment on here if you would like the application for a position, and I'll post it on your profile.
  3.   There is no contest this week. I'm going to wait until we have more members to put one up so that all the girls who want to enter have a chance to.
  4.   This week's singing tip is:
  5.   Do you have an audition or performance coming up? Then perform as often as possible! Sing for anyone who will listen! This helps you feel less nervous, and also helps you learn your song better.
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