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CiCi840's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Libra
  2.   outgoing, smart, sassy, and nice unless yu push me to a point , tall , gifted, and canadian - Vp For CLub FUn In The Sun- Head OF School For Glub GL - Club 22 ADvice Giver- Club Hot New and Hot Finder :) Club Hearts 'N Stars Prez
  3.   7/75
  4.   purple, blue, pink, red ,black and white
  5.   none but i have friends who are like fam, but ive always wanted to tell my sibling if i had one that their parents were clown gypses
  6.   um none im unique
In A Nutshell...
  1.   math and science and english, and gym and drama and latin :) im such a nerd and lookng forward to fashion class as well
  2.   tennis, boxing, gym, homework, msn,rugby training , yoga on fridays watch tv if my show is on
  3.   soccer, boxing, tennis, yoga, rugby. field hockey, basketball
  4.   writing, hmw, hanging with my friends or going, reading doing nothing, wishing
  5.   wild cats, cheetahs are my fave though
  6.   He's soo funny, He makes my day and we've got so much in common, it's like that with all my bffs but they each know me best on one area and i like having that
  7.   chocolate, fish and chips anything mediterrianian too it depends on my mood but im always in the mood for chocolate ;)
  8.   food, stories, designs
  9.   Anywhere Exotic Specially with a beach
My Faves…
  1.   idk i watch alot of family channel ,One tree hill ,gossip girl, degrassi tng, make it or break it, the secret life of an american teenager
  2.   mr. bean and the grinch and the incredibles and phantom of the opera and a whole lot of classic movies
  3.   beyonce, marianas trench, paramore,lil wayne, drake, kanye,britney spears, jerimih, flo rida, ne-yo, mcr & more
  4.   along for the ride, lock and key, mortal instruments series *sigh jace, a great and terrible beauty series, generation dead series, north of beautiful, night world seres, house of night series, mates dates seres, pretty little liars series, wicked lovely seres, prom dates from series, pride and prejudice ,hush hush, luxe series, wow i read alot and def alot more
  5.   anything mario themed or pirates of the carribean, i like games that make things go BOOM! ;P
  6.   Audrey Hepburn/Sarah Vaughn/ Beyonce, I like girls with class
Style Sense
  1.   Moi ;)- i like to think i have a unique style i mix up wat's hot with older pieces or pieces ppl don't norm think would work, i even make skirts out of old shirts, i take risks sometimes and try not to worry what other people think of what I'm wearing cuz they aren't wearing it, i'm going to wear what i feel good in so i can take on the day
  2.   forever 21 & winnners the everthing store, C=
  3.   Pina Colada
  4.   LIPGLOSS dont wear alot of makeup any way
  5.   um i dont know thats hard ...everything ;)
  1.   yes ya
  2.   1- J.J
  3.   my opposite yet my equal sweet nice and strong and gentlemen like with eyes i could fall into and is in love with me *sigh if only he existed*
  4.   taylor lautner, aubrey graham, shia leboeuf -tho hed be a lot hotter if he stopped smoking
  1.   writer, designer, astro physicist
  2.   Rome or milan only if smoking is prohibidado
  3.   hawaii or I'd love to go on a cruise again
  4.   buy a million dollars jks, no save it up for somethign big or by a penny :) no just kidding im not stupid probably save it for university a car and a house
  5.   STAND OUT! Beauty Is In The Eye Of the Beholder- Dare To Do Many Things In Life Dare To Dream Dare To Love Dare To Care Dare To be everything but always be yourself. - Heaven is not a place you go when you die its the time in your life when you feel most alive♥ Smooch Smooch Babe♥Vita est dulce mortuus (life is sweet at death)♥
  1.   a mixture of both probably
  2.   chocolate
  3.   righty like my left side better
  4.   theatre
  5.   slobish i like a clean space only clean it up if i have to
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Ab excersises they hurt so much but are so worth it
  2.   tennis, rugby, boxing soccer gym basketball, and yoga most relaxing thing of life
  3.   um watever on my ipod
  4.   stay dedicated
  5. Goal Girl
      to build my arm strength me doing push ups is hilarious well if yu rnt me
  6.   um um um um um um?
  7.   the end result and staying toned
  8.   leila ali
  9. Tasty Eats
      fruits mhmm natural sugar
  10.   salmon garlic mashed taters and veggies mmm delish
  11.   make chocolate cake which isn't very sweet and i use cocoa
  12.   anything
  13.   guys-theres this guy i like but he's in the 12th grade and i'm a freshman we see eachother around a lot and i know him cuz we used to be locker neighbours at the start of the year
  14.   sure endure pain together!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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