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Club*Alt's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Do you like Alternative/rock/pop-punk/emo Music?
  2.   If you said yes any of those questions then this club is for YOU!!!
  3.   In this club you can get the 411 on all your fave bands, chat with girls,& make new friends!!!
  4.   To join just ask & fill out this fun quiz and(you don't have to) :(1) What's your fave band? (2)What's your fave album (3) What's your name (4) how old are you (5)What's your fave song
  5.   There's quizes , surveys, reviews ,advice&top 10 songs/bands & all sort of other things to do here
In A Nutshell...
  2.   MS.MUSIC :TrIpLeThReAt123,converse_girl96:),[still open 1 more person needed]
  3.   MS.NEW MUSIC(2people needed Still Open)Ms.New Music tells people about new bands,albums & tours to get this job tell me why I should pick you for the job
  4.   MS.MOD(Still Open)Ms.Mod gives out advice to other girls, to get this job tell me why I should pick you for the job
  5.   VP demilovato4real
  6.   HEALTH TRAINER(3people needed PLEASE APPLY Still Open) Health Trainers awnser question about health,writes blogs about health & can be other member fitness trainer (ask for deets) :)
  7.   BLOGGER BABE: summerswimmer~still the same most amazing rockin' out girl
  8.   If you have any suggestions for this club please tell me
  9.   LIST OF MODS [Still Open!!!] Veronica Barakat,Swimgirl.598,demilovato4real,Sparky3,happyhamsters!,volleyballgirl218 ,Musicrox,chrissaybeep<3
My Faves…
  3.   BANDS: All Time Low,Metro Station,Paramore,Rise Against,Bring Me The Horizon,Panic! At The Disco,Papa Roach,Linkin Park,Boys Like Girls,Cute Is What We Aim For,The Maine,Fall Out Boy,Green Day,Blink-182,My Chemical Romance,Hellogoodbye,Tokio Hotel,Blue October,Cartel,The Killers,Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,Three Days Grace, We The Kings,Flyleaf,Nevershoutnever! DO YOU KNOW ANY MORE AWESOME BANDS??? Tell Us :)
  4.   YOUR TOP TEN SONGS OF THE WEEK---> Tell Us What You Think
  5.   YOUR TOP TEN BANDS OF THE WEEK---->Tell Us What You Think
  6.   MEMBER OF THE WEEK----->Tell Us What You Think(MOTW is a prize for the girl who participates in quzzies,survey,asking for advice,ect. the most, If you win you get the chance to write a paragraph about this club,your fave music, your bffs ANYTHING, & it will be posted on Club*Alt!!!:)
Style Sense
  1.   Member of the week winners will be selected on Sunday :) Good Luck
  2.   SURVEYS
  3.   PICK YOUR FAVE Pink OR Black T.V Shows OR Movies Hair Dye OR Highlights C.Ds OR Itunes Long Hair OR Short Hair Sun OR Moon Day OR Night BF OR Crush
  4.   BOY SURVEY :what's hotter 1.Good boy OR Bad boy? 2.Emo OR Scene Style? 3.(All Time Low)Jack Barakat OR Alex Gaskarth? 4.(P!ATD)Brendon Urie OR Ryan Ross? 5.(Metro Station)Trace Cyrus OR Mason Musso? 6.(Fall Out Boy)Pete Wentz OR Patrick Stump? 7.Lead Singer OR Guitarist ?
  5.   P!ATD SURVEY 1.Fave album? 2.Fave song from Pretty. Odd? 3.Fave song from A fever you can’t sweat out? 4. Have you ever been to a P!ATD concert? 5. Are you sad about their break-up? 6.Who’s your fave from P!ATD? 7.Who’s cuter; Ryan Ross OR Brendon Urie?
  2.   MUSIC NEWS:Metro Station's Trace Cyrus & Demi Lovato Broke-up? BLOG IT :)
  3.   MUSIC NEWS: Panic! At The Disco Broke up :( The world will never be the same :( BLOG IT
  4.   What do you think about Demi Lovato? BLOG IT
  1.   Twilight Saga Awesome Or Over-rated?BLOG IT
  2.   What Do You Think About Miley Cyrus?BLOG IT
  3.   Summer fling? Do you have a guy this Summer?! Tell us all about it! :)BLOG IT
  4.   Do You Have Any Health Tips/Workouts? BLOG IT
  5.   Please keep this a fun,safe place for everyone!!!!:)
  1.   Please keep this a fun,safe place for everyone!!!!:)
  2.   NAME THE SONG RULES: be the first to guess the name of this song from the lyrics & you will be on our WOW (wall of winners)
  4.   W.O.W-------------------------------->rjaparath,
  5.   Anwser to last weeks NTS--------------------------------------------> I Write The Sins Not Tradgies by P!ATD
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Read any good book lately? Tell Us and you review will be posted on the clubs profile.
  2.   BOOK REVIEWS---------------------->
  3.   Do you have an awesome workout playlist? Tell Us
  4.   WORK-OUT PLAYLIST--------------------->
  5. Goal Girl
      Do you have awesome poetry you wanna share? Tell Us
  6.   POETS CORNER------------------>Life would be nothing about the simple pleasures we all induldge in every once in awhile. For my mom, its m&m's, but for me it is stillness in the summer and the moments I will remember forever. That moment where you could stay forever and savor every whispering breeze, every cricket's call, and every smell of freshly cut grass from the yard. Knowing that i can now count my months of summer left in weeks, I enjoy evey moment like this even more. This way that, when I sit trapped in a first-period class I would rather be sleeping through, I can conjure up these memories. Like the time when I laid on the driveway with my friend eating ice cream, giggling about random things. Or swinging in the park watching the sun set for the night. Or waking to the sound of a alarm, reminding me to get up and go swim. Or flirtinfg with my boyfriend and loving just being next to him. Or, my favorite, walking barefoot across the street to get my mail at night. Gazing up at the stars and just getting lost in the vastness of the universe. These are the things I will remember when I gaze longingly at the sun beating down on the everything outside when I am stuck in school. These are the simple pleasures that I could never live without. Please share your favorite simple pleasure with me, and even your favorite moment this summer...i would love to hear them. I would love to be considered for this job, thanks! summerswimmer summerswimmer~still the same most amazing rockin' out girl on 7/27/2009 6:29:23 PM
  7.   Do you write songs? Tell Us
  8.   SINGER'S STAGE--------------->
  9. Tasty Eats
      Sister Clubs: **CLUB FUN IN THE SUN** Club PEACE GIRL
  10.   WHO SAID IT??? person 1."Why are you taking you're shoes off?" Person 2. "It's just a shoes off kind of day."Person 1. "Oh okay."
  11.   IF YOU HAVE AN Q's GO TO MY PRO "Veronica Barakat" OR OUR BOARD PAGE (type in board page)
  12.   MUSIC REVIEW---------------->HeyHeyHey! this is Krista Sue and I am doing a review on the new album: Here We Go Again Demi Lovato Copyright hollywood records, inc Genre: power-pop/soft rock with a little bit of R&B OK let me start off by saying that Demi Lovato should not be categorized as a "mouse minion" any more. This new album is a testemant and I am SO excited to right a review on a quality album performed by a quality artist. Here we go again-8/10 Demi's first single off of this album and it is a very fun and energetic wa to start it off. Overall the song is great, from the alluring opening guitars to the dynamic verses throughout the entire song. This is actually the only song on the album that demi did not write and coincidently i find the lyrics not up to par with the rest of the songs on the album. Solo-9/10 This is one of the catchiest songs on the album. I can't get enough of the chorus; i played it on repeat over and over again when i first heard it. Add that to the clever lyrics and the excellent vocals and you've got yourself a hit! U Got Nothin' On Me-10/10 Despite the weird beginning which I won't let effect the songs score, this song is extremely fitting for demi's voice. This song is catchy, meaningful, and very fun. One of the best songs on the album and we are just getting started! Falling Over Me-10/10 This song is extremely relatable to me personally.Demi wrote this song with Jon McLaughlin and I beleive he sings backup vocals as well. This is song is very beautiful. Quiet-8/10 Quiet is a strong rock ballad that fits perfectly between the two softest songs on the album. It is a great song with interesting lyrics, but it doesn't really stand out to me as much as the other songs on the album. I do love the way Demi says "It's much to quiet in HERE!" though. Catch Me-10/10 The DON'T FORGET of this album and it also happens to be my FAVORITE song on the album. Demi wrote this song awhile ago in her bedroom back in Texas. I'm so glad Hollywood Records let her record some of her old stuff onto this album. The lyrics and melody are great, but the best part is how touching it is. There is an intangible quality about it that truly makes it like no other. Everytime You Lie-10/10 This song fits Demi's vocal style perfectly and I beleive it represents the type of songs she should continue to sing. This song features a sort of bluesy "Behind Enemy Lines" feel and Demi's vocals really shine here. Also, the song itself sounds superb. Got Dynamite-10/10 This is easily one of the best songs on the album. This song was really well written and has a very unique sound.Dem's vocals are also showcased very well here. This is one of those songs that you have to give a second or third listen to,but it didnt take long for me to recognize the masterpiece that is "Got Dynamite?" Stop the World-8/10 Demi wrote this one with Nick Jonas. It is a pretty energetic song with a catchy chorus, but it isn't one of my favorite songs on this album. It is one of the more "Disney" songs in my opinion. This is a great song to tap your foot to nonetheless. World of Chances-9/10 Demi wrote this song with John Mayer(one of her idols.)John's influence in this song is clear and it is lovely song featuring beautiful lyrics, vocals, and background instrumentals. Remember December-9/10 Demi's fave song on the album and it isn't hard to see(or hear) why. I thought the beginning was a bit over produced(live versions sound better) but this is just one of those songs you have to get up and dance to. Definetely the most "rock" song on the album and demi pulls it off well. Everything Your Not-10/10 I can't thing of a better way to end this album(not counting the bonus tracks). The song features attitude, dramatic transitions between the verses that keep you on our feet, and of course the excellent vocals and music that you have heard throughout the rest of the album. Gift of a Friend-7/10 This song is a song Demi recorded for tinkerbell. It has very fluffy lyrics, but it actually sounds pretty good and her vocals here are phenomenal. So Far So Great-7/10 This is the second bonus track hollywood records decided to stick in there.Everybody knows this songs from Demi's hit tv show "Sonny with a Chance" but it justs sounds silly compared to the other songs on the album. STILL, I can't help but bob my head to the beat of this song and it is really well produced. This album is a vast improvement from her freshman album, and i do like dont forget very much! Yes, I realize there are many 10/10, but i would not take back any of them because they are must listen to's in my opinion. Every song in this album has it's own place and i beleive this is the most credible album a Disney star has ever produced.This album is a must buy! ~Krista Sue TrIpLeThReAt123
  13.   HOLA HOLA!! It's me summerswimmer...Club*Alt's official bloggerbabe! YAYYY! Sorry for the lack of updates, i have been tanning and lounging around in Mexico (touching up on my espanol...i counted and i now know 55 words!). Well if you can all forgive me for my absence here is my first blog: I know that half of the questions adressed in our club, and maybe all over GL, pertain to going back to school. What do you wear? How can I update my look? High School? OMG!! haha, i understand your freakouts entirely. Im going through the same thing. I don't know what I'm going to wear for my picture yet, it's in two days... Enough about me though. While Im antsy to get back to school and see everyone and how they've changed, Im a lil' nervous also. How do I deal? Music. I create a feel-good playlist for any sitch Im nervous for. Big Race? Hot Date? 1st Day of School? No Prob! Just put together a list of songs that make you want to jump around and dance you face off. They give you confidence to do anything you want. So here is some of my feel-good playlist at the moment: 1. Summer Hair = Forever Young- The Academy Is... 2. "Anyone Else But You"- The Moldy Peaches (Bonus Points* to anyone who can name the movie this is from...good luck) 3. "Weightless"- All Time Low 4. "She Is Love"- Parachute 5. "Stay Together For the Kids"- blink-182 6. "Guilty Pleasure"- Cobra Starship (whose excited for their new album?!) 7. "Safe Rife"- Cutes is What We Aim For 8. "Reaction"- Ace Enders 9. "Beautiful Love"- The Afters 10. "Hey Jude"- Paul McCartney 11. "You and I"-Anarbor 12. "Do You Feel"- The Rocket Summer 13. "Bob & Bonnie"- Houston Calls 14. "Shine on"- The Kooks 15. "Let Your Spirits Soar"- The Morning Of 16. "Dare4Distance"- Nevershoutnever! 17. "Friends"- Red Car Wire 18. "Mad World (American Idol Studio Verson)"- Adam Lambert 19. "Remember 85'"- Time Tells All Kay, that is some of my playlist, now please share your own with me! I want to hear! And good luck on your first day of school, while you rock out to your Feel Good Playlist and wear your favorite outfit. Oh, and Please, PLEASE look up any bands you may not have heard will not regret it... Just post any suggestions or complaints on my page please, i won't be offened I promise. I look forward to many many more blogs to come!! *Not actual points, this is just something i say...but please comment if you know the movie, I'll be impressed! Lots of Love!! Summeswimmer summerswimmer~still the same most amazing rockin' out girl on 8/5/2009 1:06:22 PM
  14.   SUMMER SONG PLAYLIST1) Love Drunk - Boys Like Girls Why it rocks: Its a song that makes you want to jump around and sing at the top of your lungs. Great for a summer break-up Smile 2) How You Love Me Now - Hey Monday Why it rocks: This song is about breaking up and then the guy wants you back and won't get over it. It's a very catchy in-your-face song. 3) Decode - Paramore Why it rocks: Good for hanging with friends or cleaning your room 4) America's Suithearts - Fall Out Boy Why it rocks: A song ya'll can really rock out to, in the car or in your room. Smile 5) Thunder - Boys Like Girls Why it rocks: Its older, but its about summer love that may be over, but you'll always hold on to it. Smile So there's my playlist. I'll post more later. Enjoy, girls!! converse_girl96
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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