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Club Cucumber&Company's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girls! Welcome to club cucumber&company!
  2.   Club cucumber&company is a club that supports vegetarianism,going Green,and staying or becoming healthy.Do you have to be a vegetarian to be a member?No you don't have to be but we will gladly give you tips on becoming one!
  3.   You can come here and write your favorite vegetarian recipes,tips,tips on being Green(lol)and anything else that you think would be beneficial to others girls wanting to live a healthy lifestyle.
  4.   You can also write your questions and about vegetarian/green lifestyles/health here and we will GLADLY answer them as quick as possible!
  5.   You can also write about ANYTHING here!This isn't only about a healthiness,club cucumber&company is also a place that you can come to get some peace and have someone listen to YOU after a hetic day.
  6.   To become a member just say(write) the word and fill out the app!(you'll be a member even if you don't fill ou the app,but the app lets us know more about you)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   The cucumber is the prez and vice prez, the staff are the cukes.If you want to become a cuke just let me know what position you would like.The members that aren't cukes are the seeds.The seeds make it grow !
  2.   Here are some position ideas:(just because someone already has a position that you want doesn't mean you can't have it to)
  3.   Smarty Pants:You can post the facts about healthy living,going green,&vegetarianism.Like:Did You Know:the average person......!
  4.   The Dreamer:you can be the one to make up the realaxing and soothing regimens,like a new yoga move,or anything that is relaxing!
  5.   Surveyor Mayor:You will create the surveys,at least once a week!
  6.   Advisor:we all are, any member can give anyone advice!
  7.   If you would like one of these positions or have an idea for one,conact me at my profile: Chelle Belle.
My Faves…
  1.   Also you are welcome to post your favorite product of the week here,preferablly a natural product.
  2.   Everyweek we will have a cuke of the week where she gets to tell us all about herself!
Style Sense
  1.   New member APP:(just fill it out,it's not a test)
  2.   1)What is your name? 2)When is your Birthday? 3)Are you a vegetarian? 4)If so:how long have you been one? If not:do you want to be one? 5)Do you go to public,private,or are you homeschooled? 6)Do you have any suggestions for Club Cucumber&Company? 7)List three things you couldn't live without(besides the necessities) 8)Are you the youngest,middle,oldest,or only child? 9)Do you play an instrument? 10)Do you play a sport?If so:which one?
  1.   Positions that are filled:
  2.   Natural Fun Girl:Josie(mnm22)_______________ Tipsy Girlie:Elyse(missy914)__________ Motivator:Berta(peacelovecandy)
  3.   The Coach:Aubrey(glamgirlteen)_____________ Girl On The Page:(xmonkeybrain10)
  4.   The Healthy Cook Gal :Marissa(livelaughlove)____________ Beauty Girl:(uberfunchica)
  1.   Sister Clubs:Club Girl's Only,CLUB GLAMOUROUS,Club TreeHuggers
  2.   VHC:Marissa,(livelovelaugh)
My Healthy You Profile
  1.   This weeks Cuke of the week is:Berta!(peacelovecandy)!She has done an excellent job as our motivator and is a great member who is always participating!Thanks Berta!
  2.   Members:28
  4. My Healthy You Journal  
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