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Club Schnazziness <3's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL CLUB SCHNAZZINESS!!!! The prez of this site is ME! (monkeymolly9) aka MADI :)) my friends call me schnazzy madi
  2.   In this club, ppl will have fun while also getting great advice on things like crushes and friends and skool and fashions and parents and EVERYTHING!! Every week we have a weekly activity for everyone to try :) (THis is found under "Either....or" and "Slob or Neat Freak?"
  3.   NEW STUFF: EEEEEEP!!!!! I feel sooo badd!! i totally changed up the whole profile last weekend and it didnt load!!! ARGGHH!!!! im going to try to update it evry weekend
  4.   MEMBERS (if i didnt get ur name, tell me!): rightfield1; lovexyouxx3; Flautist7; magicalgirl12; AverageGirl99; CutieWithglasses; kittyluv314; pinkydood; BrownEyedBuddy; cutiepie8797; turtle~girl; taylerlautner4eva; strgrlguitarist; gleegirly; JULES11; gigglesgirl2; sunshine123; awtechnofish; bunnylove:0); lilgirlkt; ally919;
  5.   SISTER CLUBS: clubyou (AverageGirl99's profile); Club Fashion Obsessed; Club Fantastic; Club of T-Swift; CLUB BOY CRAZY<3; Club Fashion and Beauty; ClubBooks;
  6.   Check out these clubs cuz theyre SCHNAZZY!!!! ^^^^
In A Nutshell...
  1.   JOBS YOU CAN GET HERE AT CLUB SCHNAZZINESS <3: (if there are 3stars *** before the job name, this spot is full. not all jobs are for one person only!!) FOR ALL OF THESE JOBS I WILL TELL U WUT U NEED2DO IF U GET IT)
  2.   ***ADVICER- cutiepie8797 and AverageGirl99 and turtle~girl
  3.   TEACHER'S PET- Magicalgirl12
  4.   FASHIONISTA- CutieWithGlasses
  5.   CRUSH-UP-lovexyouxxx
  6.   TELL-EM- BrownEyedBuddy
  7.   TRAINOR- rightfield1
  8.   VP-BrownEyedBuddy and Magicalgirl12
  9.   REVIEWER- writes an article about a popular movie or book weekly.
My Faves…
  2.   What's your name? (optional)
  3.   How many clubs are you in and which ones?
  4.   Why do you want to join Club Schnazziness <3?
  5.   Will you participate in the activity of the week and post for the polls/discussions?
Style Sense
  1.   FASHION OUTFIT OF THE WEEK by CutieWithGlasses:
  2.   Femine pieces (coordinates with Fashion Tip of the Week). Ruffles, floral, lace, ect. All these pieces aren't to overwelming and at a good price. Everytihng is from!!!! CARDIGAN: Lace Back Cardigan, $19.50 TOP: Floral Tank, $9.50 (In Black) JEANS: Legging Denim, $19.50 (In LT Wash) SHOES: Lace Back Mocassin, $29.50 (In Brown) ACCESSORIES: Pink Lace Bow Bangle Set, $7.00 I really love this outfit! I hope you do! The total comes to...$85. Sorry that this one was a little more expensive! :’( IS 5 pieces...!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo
  3.   FASHION TIP OF THE WEEK by CutieWithGlasses:
  4.   Something very cute for anyone to wear are more femine pieces like lace, ruffles and florals Here are the top tips for wearing these girly-ish pieces...(and the Outfit of the Week coordinates with this) DON'T: Wear it to the extreme. Have a cute floral skirt and cute light pink top. Especially floral, where you can only have one piece of it or it looks crazy! And, all over pink doesn't mean femine or cute actually, it just looks crazy. These pieces don't have to make you look like a princess ballerina or anything. Remember that! DO: Wear them in the right places. My personal favorite place to wear floral is skirts and cardigans. For lace, tops. And for ruffles, anywhere! But remember for pants (not skirts), to keep it more simple. Crazy designed pants just don't look good :/ Isabella♥
  1.   ENTERTAINMENT STUFFIDY STUFF!!!!!! If you hear or saw any good movies/read any good books, tell me and maybe I'll post it here!!!
  2.   FEATURED MOVIE: Letters to Juliet
  3.   FEATURED BOOK: Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson
  4.   JOB STILL AVAILABLE!!!!! (this article by Monkeymolly9)
  3.   POLL: Would you rather have a BF who was WAAAY too cheesey and lovey or WAAAy too boring and careless?
  4.   What's something really cool about ur fam or something that happened to some1in ur fam thats cool?
  5.   What's the nerdiest thing u do?
  1.   WEEKLY FUN FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2.   If u say "cucumber" before u sneeze, u wont sneeze!!!! :D
  4.   OF THE WEEK IS....
  5.   NATURAL SLIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take ur hose and spray ur front/back lawn with lots o water, change into clothes u dont really care about and get some friends together. The grass is all muddy and slippery now. Back up, and run towards the wetness, when ur there, sliiiiiiddeeee!!! :) Find different ways to slide in the mud. GET SLIDIN'!!!!!!
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