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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girls welcom to Club Survivle!
  2.   This is club will help you survive school!
  3.   Have your first year of a new school? BTS outfit/hair/make up help needed? Well this is the place for u!
  4.   We have an ultimate school survivle guide! it will be below
  5.   Here is the new member quiz
  6.   1) What grade are you going into/in? 2)What do u need the most help with? 3)What are your hobbies? How did you find this club?
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Here are the avalible positions!
  2.   board members (5)
  3.   Here are the applications
  4.   VP:pagentprincess411
  5.   Fashion mod:XxEmoXxBabyxX
  6.   Makeup Mod: <3LaurLaur<3
  7.   Fitness Mod:Caiytlyn62
  8.   Go2Gal:Paranormal_State
  9.   Board members:how creative are you? Whats ur best idea for this club?
My Faves…
  1.   If you dont want to apply for position but you want to post quizzes and surveys you made cuz ur board then this is the place!
  2.   You can post ANYTHING here as long as its not rude or offensice to anyone in any way.
  3.   Here are some BTS tips...
  4.   Locker/backpack must haves!:extra "supplies", a clip or headband(bad hair days) change of clothes, tissues, mirror, lipgloss,extra pens and pencils, and any homework due that day
  5.   Play the confident game. Pretend your the most amazing person that walked the earth. Be fearless.If you like a guy, try asking him on a group date! Feel nervous about asking a teachher for help? Just do it!
  6.   Keep everything Organized! if you do ur life will be more organized and in sync just try to do a weekly locker clean out with a freind.
Style Sense
  1.   THIS IS THE ULTIMITE BTS SURVIVLE GUIDE! the newest colomns from our mods will be posted here!
  3.   Skinny Jeans 1)Lip Service Ice Blue Skinny Jeans:39.00$ 2)Tripp Red Pull On Ultra Skinny Jeans $39.00 3) Tripp Black and White Bolt Skinny Jeans $39.00 4)Tripp Black Wash Double Zipper Skinny Jeans $40.00
  4.   Thanks to our fashion mod for this colomn!
  2.   Hey girls, Just wanted to give you guys a few makeup tips to try for the school year!1.I love layering eye shadows over silver. Light purples like lilac are great colors to layer with silver. 2. If you are bored with regular old black or brown eyeliner, try a plum liner. It looks really great. If you are really daring, you could try a purple or light blue which also looks really good.
  3.   Thanks to our make up mod for this colomn!
  2.   ~COMING SOON~
  1.   REMEMBER! you can post ANYTHING! on club survivle! quizzes, blogs, polls, surveys anythingg!!
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