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ClubBooks's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey girls! Welcome to ClubBooks. this is where we talk about books and more books. :)
  2.   To join is simple, just sign up! In the "In A Nutshell" section will give directions on how to sign up
  3.   on here we always are talking about our favorite books/series/authors.
  4.   I also have a different profile. the profile is turtle~girl.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   To join ClubBooks:
  2.   Leave a comment saying you want to join with answers to these questions.
  3.   1. Favorite color
  4.   2. Favorite book
  5.   3. Favorite author
  6.   4. Favorite number
  7.   Okay, so just answer these questions and your all signed up and in the club.
  8.   be sure to spread the word please! and thanks for taking the time to join!
  9.   I now have many things I do on ClubBooks- they are, weekly wednesday facts, polls, contests,
My Faves…
  1.   Vice Presidents Job: take after for me, answer questions and so forth.
  2.   Poll persons Job: sorry but the job is filled. by awtechnofish
  3.   You can out polls out about books or authors.
  4.   You can also put out facts about books and authors, they have to be true.
Style Sense
  1.   Advicers Job: sorry, but the job is filled. the 2 advicers are IGotSoManyQuestions and keenerdemeanor
  2.   Your job is too help girls who cant decide on a book they should read and
  3.   talk to them about there books. You also help girls reach deadlines for themselves.
  4.   Say they make a deadline for a 500 page book, you can help them reach it in time.
  1.   So for the girls who want a job: 1 VP
  2.   For girlies who want to join well i already explained. Sometimes i add
  3.   activities and trivias about books and stuff. This club is so much funn
  4.   that you will be talking about it to everyone. booyah!
  1.   Poll: how many books have you read this school year?
  2.   A. 0-5 B. 6-10 C. 11-15 D. 16+
  1.   Book reports!!!!!!!! This is when you can add reports or reviews about books you have read.
  2.   If you have read a super duper good book then you can talk all about it on here. Ever Saturday or Sunday i will pick the best review an have that book as the book of the week.
  3.   This includes movies based on books. Like if you have watched a movie that is also a book then you can compare them. You can say whether they were alike or if the book was better than the movie or the other way around.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Sister Clubs are- Club Schnazziness <3, club_yay, club everything
  2.   Hey girlies im having a humungious contest. if you have a short story or any kinda long story or whatever then post it on here. i will pick a winner on October 26th. each week i will grade any stories i get, they will most likely get a high score...........i want to see how people write stories. fact: ive been writing short stories since 3rd grade and i think they are getting better.
  3.   Hey members of ClubBooks im starting Weekly Wednesday Facts.
  4. Tasty Eats
      Population of club is- 16 (not including me)
  6. My Healthy You Journal  
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