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All About Me!
  1.   Hey everyone and welcome to ClubTreehuggers!
  2.   If you want to be a member, then just post a comment below and we'll add you to the member list!!
  3.   CHECK US OUT!!! This club is stuffed with tips on hot topics. We also have a feauted quiz!
  4.   Do you care about the enviorment? Do you want to make a difference in this world? Do you want to help chicas like you become more eco-friendlier? Or do you just want to help girlies in need??? then ClubTreehuggers is the club 4 U!!!!!Do you care about the enviorment? Do you want to make a difference in this world? Do you want to help chicas like you become more eco-friendlier? Or do you just want to help girlies in need??? then ClubTreehuggers is the club 4 U!!!!!. if you want to have a job in this fantabulous club, look on the next line for more info!!!!
  5.   1 head mod- pick one main question that you think that most girlies can relate 2 and answer it. Then send the question and answer to my other profile, uberfunchica, and i'll post it on this profile., 2 publicity people- send a sample advertisement to my other profile uberfunchica, and i'll give you the approval so you can post it!! 1 treehugger- post a tip everyweek of how a gal can be eco-friendlier, 1 workout gal- give a tip everyweek of how a girl can be more fit and healthy . 1 Beauty Queen...enough said. 1 guy spy the job is for a girl that knows about guys and can give advice
  6.   the applications for these jobs are in the healthy you section and please post them on my profile, uberfunchica
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Check out our awesome sister clubs, ClubBeauty,Club Cucumber&Company, and thealphacouncil,Club*Akward, ClubWeLuvAnimals, ClubFantastic, Clubsnickerdoodle, clubsmileyface. They're all fun and cool!
  2.   Our job list......3 minimods..lexie.lunatic., loves4life, kata888 3 publicity people- goldenhamsta, berrybunny, starshipluvr 1 spy guy-hi!
  3.   Our member goldenhamsta(Ex-prez) berrybunny, starshipluvr, lexie.lunatic, loves4life, Style Guru, fashionista89, Chelle Belle, kata888, lipstick_chic, archerychic, Jonas Bros rock,Sistersrock24, hi!, girlslifeusername, fashionismything,desert2014
  4.   Quiz TIME!!!!!! Credit goes to This week's quiz.................Are you spoiled rotten?? NO PEEKING AT THE RESULTS ON THE BOTTOM!!! =P also, please post a comment about what you thought about this quiz!!
  5.   What kind of chores do you do around the house?
  6.   A)I clean my room when my mama tells me to. B) I don't do that many chores really......C) I do too many chores to list!!!!!!!
  8.   A) something my whole family can enjoy, B) brand new designer clothes to fill in your large walk-in closet, C) or, the cute dress you saw in ur favorite boutique at the mall!!
  9.   Vacation time!!! how does ur fam. pick where they want to go???
My Faves…
  1.   A) we pick where we can all enjoy. B) we go where I want to go. C) i just go with the flow, either stay home with my grandparents or go where my parents want to go
  2.   How do you feel about hand-me-downs???
  3.   A) I'll wear them if I like them, B) i only hand down, not wear hand-me-downs. C) my closet is FILLED with hand-me downs. but they're all so cute!!!
  4.   What computer are you taking this on?
  5.   A) My family's B)My own, got it for my b-day C)my friend's computer-we don't have one at home.
  6.   Finish the next sentence, It's my birthday...........
Style Sense
  1.   a) get ready to have some fun and cake!! B) so where are the presents?? c) i don't need anything. as long as my family and friends are here i'm happy.
  2.   NO WAY. you just got asked out by your CRUSH!!! what do you say when he asks you where do you want to go for dinner???
  3.   A) something fun and casuall...possibly a theme resturant?? B) a gorgeooous fancy 4 star resturant. DELICIOUS!!! C) i don't really care. fast food or maybe my mother could cook for us.
  4.   and now, THE RESULTS!!!!! Mostly As, You're not too spoiled which is good. you're balanced. you do like finer things in life, but you don't demand them 24/7
  5.   Mostly Bs, woah girl!!! you're spoiled!! you get EVERYTHING you want. but sometimes you're not satisfied. Try doing something else for another person, maybe for your parents or a sibling. You'll feel great giving back to those who gave to you!
  1.   Mostly Cs, Hey girl. Treat yourself once in a while. It's awesome that you give SO much to everybody, but its fine giving to yourself too!!!
  2.   Note- these are not my words, they're the websites. i am sorry if this offended anybody but i was simply restating what the results said on the websites. Thanks for ur understanding!!!
  3.   OK so I will have a treehugger of the week. To become treehugger of the week it really counts on how you do your job and how much you do your job and the just participating in the club.
  4.   Oh and the treehugger of the week is not the job. the job is where you post green tips.Congratulations to Style Guru who got the treehuggers job! If you want the job accept it on my profile and please post a green tip every week but if you can't post every week just let me know and we can find better times.
  1.   HEAD MOD TIME!!!! Here's your weekly question sent in by our head mod.
  2.   dolcecupcakes writes, How can you tell if a boy likes you or not? The answer??? Hey girl, great question!!!!! Here's a few ways you can tell if a boy likes you or not. 1. HE stares at you and when you look back, he looks away. 2. He is sometimes nervous when he speaks to you. 3. He flirts with you. 4. He compliments you. 5. He defends you against your friends and his friends.
  3.   Do you want YOUR question to be posted on the ClubTreehuggers profile? Simply post your question in the comment section below, making sure that you post on the top HEAD MOD SUBMISSION. The head mod will pick the best, and we'll answer and post it on this profile!!!!!!
  4.   oh, and if you want a question answered by our MINIMODS, simply post a question in the comment section with the heading MINIMOD MINIMOD MINIMOD. The minimod will either reply to you on your profile or in the comment section.
  5.   Look out for these minimods!! loves4life and lexie.lunatic.
  1.   Treehugger's tip of the week!!
  2.   If you want to be eco-friendlier, SAVE WATER!!! When the faucet is dripping, close it tightly to stop and save water. If you wash the dishes, plug the sink instead of letting the water run. and lastly, when you're brushing your teeth, don't let the water run the whole time. If many of us followed these steps, we would save GALLONS AND GALLONS for FRESH water. Become eco-friendlier!!! Let's save the earth.
  3.   Workout Gal's tip of the week!!!
  4.   Make a new year's resolution to eat healthier this year instead of starving yourself to lose weight. You can also try doing 15 minutes of daily exercise, and then building up to maybe 30 minutes the next month. Basically, make one body, fitness, or nutrition resolution for the new year!!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Tech Time!! Check out these websites that are dedicated to helping the earth and making a change in the world!!
  2. Anytime you answer one of their questions, you will donate 10 grains of rice to Africa. PLEASE GO ONTO THE WEBSITE AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
  3. They PAY you for trash that you send in. Then, they make that trash into notebooks, pet supplies, present bows, etc. Check it out for more info!!!!!!
  4.   Do you have an awesome website that helps out the world??? Send it to goldenhamsta with a little summary of what the website is all about. We'll make sure to post it if we approve!!
  5. Goal Girl
      Here are the apps for all the jobs. 1)Why do you want this job?2)will you be able to do the job every week?3) Have you ever had an experience like the job?
  6.   Please post all filled out apps on my profile(uberfunchica)
  7.   We need to advertise! If you want to help advertise please post an example advertisement on my profile(uberfunchica) and I will check it and approve it!
  8.   .if you want to be a minimod, please answer this scenario!!!!!!! My sister blames EVERYTHING on me, and to make it worse, my parents follow through with it!!! THEY ALWAYS TAKE HER SIDE, and i feel so annoyed!!! How do i let them now how i feel? all right, so that's your scenario. I(uberfuchica) will pick the best which will make you a MINIMOD!!!, so please answer fast!!!! THANKS!!!!!
  9. Tasty Eats
      This is new and a great idea by goldenhamsta, we are having a blush much part in the club! If you feel comfortable, send in one of your most embarrassing moments or the most recent embarrassing moment and send it to my profile, uberfunchica, and i will post them!
  10.   Come and join! Thanks! -uberfunchica
  12. My Healthy You Journal  
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