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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to ClubTrueU! This is a club all about you! Take a look at everything we have to offer!
  2.   SECTIONS: In this club, there will be 6 different sections: position holders/members/sister clubs/ club important info (in a nutshell), book club section (my favs), style tip(s) of the month (style sense), contest (guyville), quizzes/trivia/polls/jokes and riddles (daydreams), movie reviews (either...or), and position applications/ word of the week (Healthy You).
  3.   PRES: I'm Megan M. (DramaQueen52), and i'm the pres of ClubTrueU. If you have any suggestions/comments, please let me know on my PERSONAL profile, otherwise I may not get to you as soon as possible. ANYONE can join, just give us some information about you first!
  4.   VICE PRES: Yo girlies! i'm Rachel W. (staR gazer) i can also help answer sum of ur questions just comment on my profile CAUTION: i AM INDEED a friendly person, so if you hate funny people who r nice plz do not comment on my profile
  5.   JOINING:This is the info we would like to know about you when you join: 1. what's your name (put your username)? 2. What is your favorite thing to do? 3. Will you check the club's profile as much as you can? 4. Will you help us advertise? 5. Do you want a position? If so, check the Healthy You section. 6. What team are you gonna be on? Red, blue, or orange?
  6.   PLEASE advertise our club!!! I know since it's new not many people want to/ know about joining. I want to let you know that EVERYONE is allowed to join this club.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   MEMBERS: We have gotten more members! DramaQueen52 (me), staRgazer (VP), uberfunchica, lasagna, rachnat, kutiekt, luvcats676, fashionluver, kelsie.m.e., pearlnagem (thealphacouncil), lilangel08, Quince_playa,
  2.   Please join us so we can make this club fun!
  3.   POSITION HOLDERS: We have new position holding girlies!
  4.   President: DramaQueen52 ... Vice President: staR gazer ... Beauty Girls: uberfunchica (the tip of the month giver), ... Security Girls: luvcats676, ... Advice Girls: kutiekt, lilangel08 ... Book Club Leader: kelsie.m.e. ... Contest Writer: lasagna ... Chef Girlies: Quince_playa, ...
  5.   All members who have positions in the club will be listed above.
  6.   If you want to have a position, please check under the Healthy You section of the club's profile.
  7.   SISTER CLUBS: We have sister clubs!
  8.   Club Creativity, CLUB GLAMOUROUS!, christiangirlsclub, Club Tango, sfcfc, thealphacouncil,
  9.   CLUB IMPORTANT INFO: There are new positions avalible! Check the Healthy You section for the new applications. ADVERTISE!!!! We need more members for the club, and the only way to attract attention is to advertise!
My Faves…
  1.   BOOK CLUB:
  2.   This is the book club section. Every 1-2 months, we will have a spotlighted book to read (reading is optional). Then there will be a book club meeting where you talk about the book.
  3.   This month's book is Percy Jackson and the Olympains: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan.
  4.   My mom got this book, because we saw the movie preview in theaters.
  5.   At the end of January (if people have read the book) you put what you liked about the book, what you disliked, what *you* rate it, and a recomendation. *example: I reccomend _______ to kids who like _____. (or something like that)*
Style Sense
  1.   STYLE (or BEAUTY, if you wanna be technical...) TIP FOR *JANUARY*: ***Wardrobe tips:
  2.   The Weather is getting colder and you wardrobe...well is getting duller.
  3.   ---Get some bright long sleeve shirts like yellow,orange,pink ect. and it might be cold but wear some colorful jeans like purple or if you don't think you will be wearing colorful pants just go with dark or light blue and it will go great with your shirt.
  4.   ---Top this all off with a headband with major definition like feathers,bows,or flowers!
  5.   *Have fun!*
  1.   CONTEST:
  2.   (This will be where the contest shall be. We will need 1-2 contest writers to make this happen, tho.)
  3.   Write a story about a snow day. Like what you would do. Say, making snow angels for example.
  4.   It may be real or fictious (so go ahead and get crazy!)
  1.   QUIZ/POLL/JOKES AND RIDDLES: This will be the monthly quiz/poll/jokes and riddles section.
  2.   Quiz for January: 1) School is starting really soon! What subject are you most excited about? 2) What is your fave thing to do on vacations?
  3.   3) What school suject are you the best at? 4) If you had to pick between Sciense and Math, which do you dislike the most?
  4.   When you join there will be three teams to choose from. The red team, the blue team, and the orange team. Every time you post quiz awnsers, you will get 5 points for your team. TEAMS: Red: 17 Blue: 32 Orange: 16
  2.   This will be the the movie review section. A movie girl will go see a movie then review it.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      ~~~~~~POSITION APPLICATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~
  2.   *SECURITY GIRLS (need 1): 1) Do you care in the safeness of the club? 2) Will you check the club's site often? 3) Will you notify me or staR gazer if you see something suspicious? 4) Are you a dependable person?
  3.   *MOVIE GIRLS (need 2): 1) Have you seen any good movies lately? 2) Will you post a review on MY profile (DramaQueen52) so I can put it on the profile at the beginning of the month? 3) Will you be willing to see a movie a month? 4) Do you see movies on a regular basis?
  4.   *ASSISTANT TO THE PREZ AND VP (need 2: one for Prez, one for VP): 1) Will you check the club profile often? 2) Will you fulfill the duty that the prez or vp asks of you? 3) Have you been trusted with something and did it? 4) Do you come on Girl's Life a lot?
  5. Goal Girl
      ADVICE GIRLS (need as many as possible): 1) Do you give good advice often? 2) Have you ever been given advice? 3) Will you check the club's profile often for people who need advice? 4) If you want, tell about a time when you gave someone advice.
  6.   *BEAUTY TIP GIRLS (need 2) (*only awnsers beauty questions*): 1) Do you have good tips that even you use? 2) Will you post a tip on MY profile (DramaQueen52) so I can put it on the profile at the beginning of the month? 3) Are you willing to look up beauty tips when you need to? 4) Will you awnser any questions girls may have concerning any kind of beauty?
  7.   CHEF GIRLIES (need 2): 1) Do you like to cook? 2) Do you have some recipies you would like to share? 3) Will you post one recipie every month? 4) Will you awnser questions that girls have about cooking?
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