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ClubWeLuvAnimals!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to ClubWeLuvAnimals!!! This club focuses on you guessed it, ANIMALS!!! There will be animals of the week, pets of the month or week, animal quizzes, and this profile will also be stuffed with tips about guys, beauty tips, helping out animals, and there will also be monthly contests. Not only wil there be these things, members will also be allowed to ask their own questions to our modmods!!!! (odd name, i know....:P) We have PLENTY of jobs AVAILABLE since this club is SO new. Look below for some jobs!!
  2.   Our member list: goldenhamsta, (President) berrybunny, lasagna, d00dleg4l18, ClubFantastic, mirgirl, michelle12, girlslifeusername, desert2014
  3.   Our job list: lasagna-Animal Smartypants, d00dleg4l18- modding monkey, delicioso- beauty chic chick
  4.   1poll maker- you have to make a poll every week that's somehow related to animals. It could be anything!!!! Make up a poll and post it on my other profile, goldenhamsta! Thanks!
  5.   Anybody who wants to be a person who provides tips such as guy knowing girl, (think up of anew name for that if you want that job please unless you keep it), u can also be Chic Beauty Chick which is makeup tips and all that, Earthy girlies give a tip that can promote girlies to become eco-friendlier, Exercising Chica- tips on how to stay healthy and exercise more, and....the most important one...........ANIMAL LOVER!!!!! Give a tip of how to help your local animal shelters or something like that. Just give me a REALLY GOOD tip that matches whatever position you want, and i'll see if you should get the job or not!
  6.   3 Publicity Peeps!!!!! You guys basically advertise this club!!! Simply make a sample advertisement, and post it on my other profile, goldenhamsta! If there is nothing wrong with it, i'll give you the OKAY to post it around the site!!!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   2 modding monkeys- basically job of mods in GL. you can either reply to their questions on their profile or reply to it on this page but make sure you state the question like they do in real GL. thanks!
  2.   If you want to be a member, simply make a comment on this page asking if you can be a member.
  4.   If you want YOUR pet to be featured as the pet of the month, simply give its name, age, animal, type or animal, favorite food, silly trick, and anything else you can think of! Then send it to my other profile, goldenhamsta. There will be one pet per month!
  5.   Sistah Clubs: Club Fantastic, ClubTreehuggers. ClubCreativity CHECK THEM OUT!!
  6.   *********************************
  7.   *******************************
My Faves…
  1.   Hey chicas!! Instead of a quiz this week, we're going to run a contest that will last for the next 2 weeks or so!!!!
  3.   Submit a story that is about animals.
  4.   It could be ANYTHING: fantasy, sci-fi, non-fiction, adventure....etc.etc.
  5.   Please don't make it too tooo long. kind of like a mini-story, ya know??
  6.   Send all submissions to this profile, goldenhamsta. Thanks! and contest deadline isss.............Feburary 10th, 2010. Oh, and the prize you ask? Your choice of any job you want!!!! and if you don't like that prize well. tough nubs. hahahaha.....well, submit your idea of a prize. and i'll see what i can do.
Style Sense
  1.   5) if u were FORCED to dye your hairr....what color would you dye it???
  1.   Time for...........animal smartypants' ANIMAL OF THE WEEK! Thanks to our animal smartypants, lasagna!!!This week's animal: GIRAFFES!!
  2.   This week's animal is.... giraffes! Credit once again goes to Animal Planet! You can go here for some more info: There is also a picture of them at this link.
  3.   Where they Originated from: Africa-they live in the African plains.
  4.   What they like to eat: Giraffes like to eat leaves and fruit from the tallest of trees on the plains. They also like grasses, seeds, grain, and other low vegetation.
  5.   5 Fun facts about Giraffes: 1) Their tongues can be as long as 18 inches-ever heard that giraffes can pick their noses with their tongues? (I don't know if it is true, but you can see photos on Google I think.) 2) Being so tall, giraffes struggle to bend down and drink water! 3) Baby giraffes drop six feet at birth! But don't worry, they are usually perfectly fine! 4) Despite how gigantic a giraffe's neck is, they still have 7 vertebre, just as humans do! 5) Giraffes have been seen kicking at lions before. The lions usually don't challenge giraffes because of this!
  1.   Time for Pet of the Month!! This week's pet: Silky, a bunny! Picture: Look at our profile picture, that's her! DO YOU WANT YOUR PET TO BE FEATURED ON THIS PAGE?? SIMPLY SEND ME THEIR NAME, TYPE, FAVORITE FOOD, TRICKS, AGE, AND ANYTHING ELSE YOU CAN THINK OF. THEN, YOUR PET WILL BE FEATURED ON THIS PAGE.
  2.   Owner: username, berrybunny. Age: 3 years old
  3.   Type or Rabbit: dwarf rabbit.
  4.   Fav Food: carrots.....doi...hahaha
  5.   Tricks: can climb up and down stairs.
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Guy knowing Guppy's tip! How you can get your very own Best Guy Friend.
  2.   You don't want a boyfriend, but you do want a boy whose just well...your friend. Get a BGF by simply being yourself! Or start a simple conversation with that mega hard test you had last period, or the stupid book report you have due next week. Then just start from there.
  3.   *******************************************************************************
  4.   Beauty Chic Chick time!!!! Here's how to be up to date with the latest fasions!!
  5. Goal Girl
      If you want to be up to date with the latest fashions, why not just see what other people at your school are wearing??? See if you like anything they're wearing, and try it! You'll know what's in fashion if so many other people at your school are wearing it too!
  6.   ******************************************************************************
  7.   Earthy Emperor Penguin's Tips!!!! SAVE WATER!!
  8.   Saving water and preventing it from dripping can save GALLONS AND GALLONS of water!! Don't let the sink drip where ever you are, whether its your house, school ,the bathroom, anywhere! While you're brushing your teeth, don't let the water run!!!!
  9. Tasty Eats
  10.   Healthy Hamster's WEEKLY CHALLENGE 4 YOU!!!!!
  11.   Here's your challenge girlies. READY? Try your hardest during phys. ed this week at school. Be an awesome team member, show your classmates how awesome you can be at sports!! Your teacher can tell the difference too!!!
  12.   ****************************************************************************
  13.   Last but not least, its Animal Lover's tip of the week!
  14.   Help your local neighborhood animals this week!!! volunteer to walk the dogs, take care of the household pets for your neighbor, ANYTHING!!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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