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ClubWeightless's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hey guys! so my other profile was ShiaFan, where i originally started Club Weightless. Check out my friend's site, It's about music, not advice.
  2.   I had to move profiles because I decided I wanted one personal profile, and one for the club. So sorry for the inconvenience guys!!!
  3.   If you don't kno, Club Weightless is a club to give advice on stories or songs you may write. But if you just want advice on other stuff, that's fine too.
  4.   I also would want to use this to tell everyone to go check out the band All Time Low. they hav a myspace. i chose Weightless because it is one of their songs.
  5.   btw, if you want poem advice, i can giv that too.
  6.   if you want to join, leave a comment on this profile, or the ShiaFan profile.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Please search ShiaFan on GL if you want to see my regular profile and learn more about me.
  2.   I will need a VP in charge of helping recruit members and giving advice to ppl when I am not able too. If you are interested, leave a comment.
  3.   I you are interested in being a recruiter, please leave a comment and then send out as many msgs as you can about Club Weightless.
  4.   But if you are a recruiter, plz kno that i would appreciate if you wouldn't giv a member's examples in comments. Unless of course you hav their permission.
  5.   I will also need an entertainment helper, in charge of helping create ideas for surveys or quizzes when i need them. ill giv you credit. and you would be able to post ur own quizzes in the comments if its too long or im not here.
  6.   Our Fashion Advice Gal is fashionista305.
  7.   I'm not going to giv an example because even tho 99% of you guys are awesome and sweet, there's that 1% that mite steal my material.
  8.   By the way, just so you know I would never in a trillion years steal ur guys's material. I think it's awesome that you trust me and I would never betray that.
  9.   I'm just here to give you help and/or advice.
My Faves…
  1.   So plz join!!!
  2.   Also, some of you guys leave me comments about ur own club and you want me to join.
  3.   im sorry but since I run my own club, i cant join everybody else's. i will join some, but i don't hav the time to join everbody's.
  4.   and i will get back to everyone's comments and questions. it mite not be the day you post them, but i do try to check my accounts at least once a day.
  5.   remember, i hav a normal life like you guys, so im not available to you 24/7. i try my hardest to get back to you as soon as i can.
  6.   for some comments, they mite be a little too personal, so i mite hav to ask you to ask a moderator. usually im happy to answer all of ur qs tho.
Style Sense
  1.   plz try to help make my job a bit easier by posting ur club comments on this account, and other on the ShiaFan account.
  2.   Don't use any personal info in ur comments, such as name, number, email, none of it.
  3.   I would never distribute it or anything, it's just that there are some creeps out there who go to these websites and prey on girls like you and me.
  4.   im just a girl going thru school and teenage life rite now just like you. however, i will not tell you my age or real name. the creeps mite get me : )
  5.   submit anything, i'd be happy to giv you advice on it.
  1.   if you hav advice for me on how to make this club better, please tell me. i cant guarantee following up tho.
  2.   first piece of advice: if ur friend has a prob neither of you kno how to fix, tell her to get an account.
  3.   but tell her not to use personal info in her username.
  4.   then send her to an article to mmake a comment to the MOD. Or, send her rite here!
  1.   Tell all ur friends that if they hav GL accounts, join Club Weightless!
  2.   Now, i'll giv out some music info:
  3.   i'm going to have a Song Of The Now option, which just means i'll post some lyrics of the song and see who guesses rite first. if after one week nobody guesses, ill tell you.
  4.   but if somebody guess correctly, ill giv them credit by leaving their username up here for at least two days before i start the next one.
  5.   these wouold be songs that are either currently popular, or ill add some i personally like into the mix!
  1.   Song Of The Now:
  2.   in my shoes, just to see/what it's like, to be me/ ill be you, lets trade shoes/ just to see what it'd be like to...
  3.   remember, no cheating! plz guess on ur own! or else it ruins it for everyone
  4.   ok so i hope you guys join! it would mean a lot!
  5.   remember that if you ask me to comment on ur profile i will and feel free to tell me about ur own clubs!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      im going to try to keep a survey or quiz up here for each week. maybe even more continually.
  2.   so maybe if you are interested in making a survey for CVlub Weightless or suggesting an idea, tell me.
  3.   i will giv you credit.
  4.   leave ur answers in comments.
  5. Goal Girl
  6.   The Jonas Brothers hav a new album out. Whta do you think of it?
  7.   A) I didn't even bother to buy it
  8.   B) it's not good. their songs hav never been my type.
  9. Tasty Eats
      C) its ok, but i like the old songs better
  10.   D) it was good. better songs, better voices, more talent experience
  11.   E) it was amazing!!!! i absolutely luv it (but i luv a lot of their songs)
  12.   anything!
  13.   oh a bunch of things ; )
  14.   totally : )
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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