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Club_Paramore's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   This Is a club 4 all u Paramore fans!!!! But you do not have to be a Paramore Fan to be part of the club!
  2.   You do not have to like Paramore but it is mostly just Paramore stuff
  3.   To be a member just ASK and tell me if u r a Paramore fan or not! Everyone is exepted! :) ☺
  4.   VPs- Kaela:0),Sportgirl1997,and Eilsel516
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Alright new jobs!!! ok I need an updater and a tour/concert person
  2.   the updater will tell me when they find out something new about Paramore and make a quiz at least once every 2 weeks
  3.   while the tour/concert person will tell where they r when on tour so if ur intreasted then fill out an app that u will find below
  4.   1) How much r u on here?
  5.   2) Will u stay commited to ur job?
  6.   3) Tell me a little bout ur self.
  7.   4) Any suggestions or any questions about the job?
My Faves…
  1.   4 people who r not Paramore fans or want to no more Paramore is:
  2.   Hayley Nichole Williams : as said by Josh she does hates the word mature some of her fav quotes are: "Let's throw away the hate and rock tonight." - Kid Dynamite, "And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." - Anais Nin
  3.   Jeremy Clayton Davis : his fav quote is: "that's what she said"
  4.   Joshua (Josh)Neil Farro (Zacs brother) : Josh says he is USUALLY pretty serious
  5.   Zachary (Zac)Wayne Farro (Joshs brother): some of his fav movies are- Man on FIre, Dumb and Dumber
  6.   Taylor Benjamin York : some of his fav quotes r: "The most important part of vehicle maintenance is clean windows so if you are broken down, you will enjoy the beauty of the view. Also, ensure that electronic devices to play music are properly serviced. The more music you like, the happier you will be." - Dan Eldon "Keeps'n it real" - Will Barrett
Style Sense
  1.   Hey Paramore fans Whats up??? I want to now if u got any ideas for quizes/polls!
  1.   Ok we will have updates when I hear them
  2.   If u hear any let me know!! :)
  3.   Brick By Boring Brick now has a music video! It is a really good video for the song!They go well together!
  4.   Ok at they r selling 3 shirts for only $30.00 yep u heard me right only $30 its a grab bag though so u dont no what u r going to get!! But u get to chosse ur size!! :)
  1.   Contest time!! : I will randomly select someone how got the right awnser to be the winner and will be in the winners corner untill the next contest!
  2.   Name this song!!! Oh no, I just keep on falling (Back to the same old)
  3.   And Where's hope, when misery comes crawling? (On my way)
  4.   With your faith, you'll trigger a landslide (Victory)
  5.   To kill off this common sense of mine
  1.   Winners Corner!!!!!!!
  2.   So 4 our name that song of the week our winner is um no one!!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   1)Whats ur fav Paramore song?
  3.   2) Wahts ur fav song thats not the Paramore one (unless its ur fav song)
  4.   3)Whos ur fav band member?
  5. Goal Girl
      4)Why are they ur fav?
  6.   5) How long have u liked Paramore?
  7.   6)Why do u like Paramore? (can be tricky)
  8.   7)Is Paramore ur fav band?
  9. Tasty Eats
      8)did u think this quiz was good?
  10.   9) Did u take the quiz? LOL do not awnser that I will no if u took the quiz or not LOL!!!!!!!!!!! :) ☺
  11.   K awesome Paramore fans whats ur fav top 10 songs by Paramore??
  13. My Healthy You Journal  
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