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All About Me!
  1.   Hey Girls!
  2.   Welcome to Club_Sweet_Stuff!
  3.   Its everything you want in a club and more!
  4.   About this club: Hi im Mal the Presidant and Founder of Club_Sweet_Stuff! This is a club that has all the great things you would want in a club X10! Like advice? There is A TON of advice being given here! Like tips? Everyday we have a tip and at the end of the each week we have a weekly newsletter full of em! Do you like contests? Every once and a while we have amazing contests for you to enter! Love polls? Every week we will have a new one! Is this club missing somthing important or just plain fun?!?!?! Post it and we will be sure to add it!
  5.   Sound like fun?!?!?!??!?!?! Join we will be very excited to have you! To join as just a memeber ( you can praticapate in contests and polls, also you can ask for as much advice as you need) just comment I LOVE CLUB SWEET STUFF and tell us a few things about yourself! No members will be turned away promiss!
  6.   Members: crazy-is-me, clojo28
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Vp: She is the chica that will help me run the club from top to bottem! You can count on her advice coming your way to! Meet Juli (DontStopDreaming) she is my amazing VP! This Babe is your Go To Gal if you can't get to me! Congrats Juli!*****If you want a job like this post a comment and ill be sure to think of somthing!********
  2.   Boy Expert: Hey girls meet EgirlH.97! She's your expert! If you have a guy toughy give her a shout! Wheater it's your bf broke up with you all of a sudden or you want that cutie in homeroom to know you ask this gal !
  3.   F&F Sweetie: Ever have those pesky friends or those insane sibs? Ever feel like pulling your hair out when your BFF steals your crush or your sib wreck your new Taylor Swift CD I know we have all been there so heres an adorable sweetie who will help you through those times and give you advice on how to deal! ! * ******************Hey girls meet Bailey or 123volleyball! She is here to help you!*******************
  4.   Beauty Babe: Ever have those days when nothing seems to look good on you? Got asked on a date and have no idea what to wear??? Ask this babe and she will be sure to give you expert advice! This girl must know her stuff on makeup, clothes, hair, and anything that involves beauty! ***************Hey Girls meet coolchick110! She knows her stuff! Ask her anything and she will answer ASAP! She is defentaly devoted!********************
  5.   Healthy Hunnie: Whether you want to stop reaching for somthing sweet everytime your hungry or you want some amazing abs for a pool part shes your go to gal! Ask her anything from nutrition to loving yourself for you! If you want this job you REALLY must know your stuff! ******************OPEN***************
  6.   Body Girl: She has all your answers! If its that your feet are to big or your not big enough somwhere else she has advice to get you through! You must be comfy talking about stuff like this! *****************Hey girls meet (proarchergal42) or Jamie! She is out first girl we added to the team so congrats! Ask her anything! If you want a job similar to this just ask and we can see if we can make one for you! ***************
  7.   There will be more jobs coming soon!
  8.   Make sure when applying for a job you think about it first! You must be on GL at least once a day usually! We can make exceptions though! You must "know your stuff" for what your applying for! Make sure we wont regret having you and your dediacted!
  9.   Oh Wait! I almost forgot! Presidant: Me! I will somtimes be posting things on here from this account OR from my personal account (*live_laugh_love14*) but that profile is not publicaly visable so if you want me or have a question for me post it here! I will somtime put my inpot on your quesiton and I will be posting tips and newsletters! Look for me!
My Faves…
  1.   Application!:
  2.   Name and Age: (nicknames are ok or if you dont want that out there just your username is fine!)
  3.   Position you want:
  4.   Why you want the position and why will you be good at it:
  5.   Extra things we should know about you:
  6.   Make your application creative so we know who were getting!!!!! Expect more questions if we are interested in you ! Good luck!!!!!:):)
Style Sense
  1.   This weeks question: were did you here about Club_Sweet_Stuff? Was it a comment on a profile or was it a friend? I would love to hear from you please comment!!!
  2.   Contest: Posted soon!
  3.   Poll: Posted soon!
  1.   Sister Clubs: Funstuff4girls We are looking for sister clubs! As long as your club supports a positive message we would love to be sister clubs!!!!!
  2.   Please join we would love to have you <3
  1.   Announcements:
  2.   I will not be posting a newsletter untill we get more girls!
  3.   Want to be an advice girl but not sure what to do! Become a Junior advice girl! Just ask me and I will pair you with a great mentor! Thanks! Being a Junior Advice Girl ( JAG) is nothing to be ashamed of! It will just help you to get better! You dont have to be in this club to be a JAG!
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