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All About Me!
  1.   Cancer (June 30th)
  2.   i'm gonna have to do more than here we go: smart, quirky, crazy, always smiling, funny, prettyish, nerdy, romantic and LOUD
  3.   27 because my elementary school bestest guy friend's dad played hockey and his number was 27, and 3 cause im the third child
  4.   PURPLE!~its the color of royalty and i am a princess! haha...just kidding! Yellow because it reminds me of the sun, and pink because who doesn't love pink?
  5.   2 older brothers...gross i know *barfs* but i gotta love them
  6.   i have NO idea! when i was like 10 my friends said i looked like Hannah Montana lol, but now i guess Emilie de Ravin but with dark blonde hair
In A Nutshell...
  1.   AP Human Geography. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my teacher. He's amazing lol
  2.   tumbling! <3 just got my round-off backhandspring back-tuck! :) and everyday: homework *barf* and go on GL and text my peeps
  3.   play-tumbling/gymnastics----watch-football (goooo packers and badgers) hockey (go lightning)and baseball (go rays)
  4.   messing around on the computer, texting, listening to music, dancing around in my room, shopping w/ friends, watching tv, hanging out with friends, and reading
  5.   OK here we go :) i adore my pets! i have a dog named cassie and two cats named skye and sadie. im obsessed with monkeys, cows, giraffes, dolphins and elephants
  6.   I dont have one bff, but the thing i love about all of them is that they are hilarious, they understand me and i can tell them anything
  7.   CHOCOLATE-yummmmmmmmm :D
  8.   people laugh, friends and good grades! nerds rule
  9.   Key Largo---went on a school field trip there it was incredibleeee! Washington D.C.---went on a school field trip there too and it was amazingly awesome! New York---wow its soo cool! if you havent gone there, go! Wisconsin---all the family lives there, California---great beaches, awesome theme parks and amazing weather, whats not to love? and Destin, FL---used to go every summer, its beautiful
My Faves…
  1.   Modern Family, Amazing Race, Biggest Loser, Pretty Little Liars,Glee, Make it or Break it and iCarly
  2.   Legally Blonde :) The Social Network, RV, Happy Potters 1-6, the Blind Side and Source Code. OH! and Twilight movies.
  3.   TAYLOR SWIFT!!!!!!!!!!! my faves are Sparks Fly, Enchanted, Ours, Today was a Fairytale, I'm Only Me When I'm With You, I'd Lie, Crazier, Jump then Fall and Mine
  4.   The Clique Series, the Alphas series, Harry Potter series, Oh My Gods & Goddess Boot Camp, all of Sarah Dessens books and the Shopaholic series
  5.   Does an iPod touch count? or a computer?
  6.   Tay Tay Swift <3
Style Sense
  1.   The Pretty Comittee (From the Clique series)
  2.   HOLLISTERRRR :) Aeropostale, American Eagle, Tilly's, Forever 21, and Victoria's Secret
  3.   Lemon Cupcake
  4.   Concealer and powder, i have the WORST skin :/
  5.   hollister tops, my skinny jeans, my blowfish boots, tshirts, soffe shorts and sweatpants
  1.   yeah.....3 were decent and 1 was a complete JERKFACE >:/ and No :( but i'm working on it.....
  2.   umm....three? I kinda like one of my best guy friends...and this other guy. and the other one, well he's just hot...
  3.   he is sweet, cute, tall, smart, romantic, funny and just so darn Ah-MAZING!
  4.   Taylor Lautner--yummmyy :)
  1.   Author!
  2.   well....right now i live in Florida and it rockss! but when i'm in college either Boston, MA (Harvard), Providence, RI (Brown), South Bend, IN (Notre Dame), Stanford, CA (Stanford) or Washington D.C. (Georgetown) and when im like 25, Boston, D.C., somewhere in Northern Virginia or Tampa <3
  3.   EUROPEAN TOURRR: Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, England, Portugal, France, Sweden and Austria
  4.   go shopping! :D and then i'd save some in the bank for like college and then i'd donate some to food banks and animal shelters
  5.   "I am beautiful in every single way, words wont bring me down" "Impossible is nothing" "Get mad, then get over it" "Buddy the elf, whats your favorite color?" "Heres to the future because im done with the past" "Embrace yourself with those you love, and rid yourself of those who will only bring you down" "Everyone wants to be happy, no one wants to be in pain, but you can't have a rainbow, without the rain" "this night is sparkling, don't you let it go, im wonderstruck, blushing all the way home" "i see sparks fly whenever you smile" <3
  1.   Morning gal during the week and night owl during the weekends
  2.   Chocolate everything....expect cake and ice cream so i guess both?
  3.   Righty
  4.   Bothhhh--love the atmosphere of the theater but also love watching movies in pajamas :)
  5.   Neat Freakkkkk expect in my closet, it's a mess!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      running on the treadmill and elliptical and dancing around my room like a freakkk
  2.   tumbling :) (like cheerleading but without the yelling and dancing)
  3.   anything Taylor Swift <3 but when i'm running, Eminem, Pink, Kayne West, Pitbull, Ke$ha and Enrique
  4.   Just Do it!!!! or the sooner you start, the sooner you'll be finished. and if you have problems getting started exercising sign up for a class, at the gym or a dance class or a gymnastics class, something structured so you pretty much have to exercise
  5. Goal Girl
      eat better, exercise more and be nicer :)
  6.   landing my round-off back handspring back-tuck on floor and eating healthier
  7.   competition and people telling me that i cant do something. i love to prove them wrong :P
  8.   Shawn Johnson :)
  9. Tasty Eats
      apples and peanut butter
  10.   salmon with grilled veggies
  11.   chew gum
  13.   guys
  14.   totally!
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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