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Dogloverforever!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Libra
  2.   Outgoing Clueless Dog lover! crazy random Spazz sassy NINJA CUPCAKE!
  3.   45
  4.   Neon orange and hippos i love hippos
  5.   Are awsome! older brother.
  6.   Miley Cyars or Cyris I dont know how to spell.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   band PE Reces lunch i like food :-) mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  2.   BGC or read
  3.   Football Gymnastics voleyball basketball wrestling
  4.   training my dog, on the internet handgun with friends down town
  5.   My dog loki and panthers. spiders and snakes
  6.   She gets along with everyone. she's so nice!!!
  7.   Pizza! CHOCLATE CHOCLATE CHOCLATE CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yogurt and gold fish
  8.   Nothing, I cant even put a sticker on right. *Sigh*
  9.   Forest with NO PEOPLE! Or a small town. Bear lake is fun.
My Faves…
  1.   Dont have a T.V
  2.   Earth, how to train your dragon, the incrediblels
  3.   I have a playlist?
  4.   Hero's of the valley
  5.   Tag teen titans, sims, forums
  6.   There all wierdos. WHo would want plastic surgery.
Style Sense
  1.   Whats a fashion Icon???
  2.   Marias book shop. Doggy gormey.
  3.   THey come on flavers??
  4.   Why would you want a makeup bag??
  5.   Pocket knife, rope, scarf, backpack, survival pack
  1.   yes and no!
  2.   like 3
  3.   Dosent care that I have NO fashion taste. loves dogs
  4.   Celebrity are jerks + There all like 20.
  1.   Somthing with animal and books
  2.   SMALL SMALL SMALL town-country
  3.   New Zealin with Sienna!!!
  4.   Donate to charitys and Shelters buy books and save for college, save dogs, give some to my bffs
  5.   My boyfriend told me to choose between him and the dog, I am going to miss him-Kiera If you don't like the way I look well I just dont care a dam!-Hairspray If you are a dog and your owner sugest you were a sweater sugest he wear a tail.-unnown Boys are like purses pretty full of crap and can always be replaced. In a world of cerriors be a fruit loop. Girls can do anything boys can do and we can do it wereing highheels!!! A friend will help you move but a best friend will help you move dead bodies. People are like slinkys basically usless but so much fun to push down stairs. A friend asks you why you are crying but a best friend will look at you and 5 min later come back with there dead bodys and ask you want to have them buried or burned?". Tragedy has struck-WE ARE OUT OF PEANUT BUTTER!!!!! LOve me or hate me your approvel not needed. Your jealose cause we act like reatards in public but people still love us! A bestfriend can look at that smile on your face and ask "Whats wrong?" my friends are the kind of people who will spend hours trying to drown a golfish. Attak life its going to kill you anyway. Dont worry about the people in your past theres a reason they dint make your future. A girl needs a man like a fish needs a bike. some day dog will take over the world. My families like a box of chocolates, sweet but with a few nuts.
  1.   Night owl by FAR!!
  3.   Lefty
  4.   DVD
  5.   SLOB I admite it i am a totall slob
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Dog walking or danceing like an idiot
  2.   Dog training, football cause I love to see the lookes on guys faces when I tackle them. volleyball,, basketball
  3.   P!nk, avirl laven
  4.   Bruses make you feel confedent. "NO Pain No Gain"
  5. Goal Girl
      Lose some pounds dont care how much.
  6.   Geting my lazy @#$ out of bed
  7.   Dogs, music, choclate,books, kicking @#!
  8.   Linzy Von! Bring home the Gold girl!!!!
  9. Tasty Eats
      Penut butter and banana bread
  10.   I cant cook. I exploded the dishwasher once, not really It just caught on fire. Mabey steak
  11.   Eat them, I need to work on that.
  12.   Bullys trees dogs animals books
  13.   Flirting ,boys, texting "SLang"
  14.   No, I will lose my temper and yell at you.
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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