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All About Me!
  1.   virgo...but if you want to know all this stuff about me...go to <3kckitty3's profile...this is:
  3.   I'll answer 3 out of 3 questions you ask me (aka 100%--every question you ask I will answer to the best of my knowledge...)
  4.   It doesn't matter who you are or where you came from, just come here, and share your stories and ask your questions and give your advice and tell your views on addiction of any kind (porn, sex, drugs, alcoholism..ANYTHING!)
  5.   My family (me...twin bro, mom, dad, others including Granny and etc.) have all been affected by my dad's recent drug addiction.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   I have never been in a drugs or alcohol sitch where I took them or was pressured to or whatnot. nope, not yet, thankfully. My dad...last year around this time (actually last Tuesday..) was when my mom found a needle in the washing machine and she realized that it must have been from my dad. It was all blurry from that point on she says. My dad was at his dad's house cuz he was sick, so she went into their closet and looked in his bag that he took to work (he's an anesthesiologist) and she found all these needles and narcotics and such. So she confronted him about it one year ago--last thursday. and he ended up going to TRC in Atlanta, GA one year ago--last friday. ... and my dad has lost his job cuz his ex-partners.. they just didn't want to deal with it I guess. What really stinks is that the hospital that he worked at has always let people w/addiction problems back to work...and they are still. His partners called down to TRC and told a guy down there that they were firing him...and Dad was coming home that very next week to have meetings with them! He told them to their faces what he had done, if they were gonna fire him, at least they could have waited and told him to his face. But a guy @ TRC ended up telling my dad that he was fired. My dad ... i don't think...even really knew the guy. It was really...not professional. My parents always thought these ppl were their friends...but now they figure they aren't. And even though we don't have income right now, my mom is gonna try to get a job thz summer .. and if those ppl were like that, I guess he just wasn't supposed to be working with them. And he was going to go back to work...he was allowed by the treatment center 6 months earlier than any other anesthesiologist that has ever gone through their program. So yeah, it really stunk. So that made me want to share my story and see if any other ppl wanted to share their stories so we could just get the whole thing out there. Because it's all around us. You probably know someone that has been affected by drugs or alcohol abuse whether you realize it or not. It's crazy, but it's true.
  2.   SURVEY SAYS!!
  3.   Hey girls! This is kind of a more serious here it goes: Addiction Survey
  4.   1. What does addiction mean to you?
  5.   2. Has your life been affected by any type of addiction?
  6.   3. What does "relapse" mean?
  7.   4. What does it mean when a person is in recovery and how long will they be in recovery from addiction?
  8.   5. What can you do about drugs and alcohol and other intoxicating substances at school/home/in family/with friends?
  9.   6. How do you stay away from it?
My Faves…
  1.   7. What are some long-term affects of addiction?
  2.   8. Why do people get addicted to stuff that's so bad??
  3.   9. Who cares?
  4.   10. Is it my fault that someone I know is doing stuff? (survey continues after video game addiction)
Style Sense
  1.   11. What is Alateen (definition and what's it to you)? Thanks! I really want to see people's answers...
  1.   this is the place where if you want to put something...tell'll change just whenever someone (including me) feels like changing it. There is no specific category for this part.
  2.   "I will give you an ear to listen, a hand to hold, an arm to protect, a mind to think, a lesson to learn, a foot to keep going, a body to live in, a spirit to believe in, a soul to soar, a touch to lighten, a leader to follow, a group to lead, a light to guide, a dream to chase, a plan to keep, a mouth to tell, a story to share, a band-aid to heal, an idea to make happen, push to keep going, a pull to move along, a reason to get going, a meaning for life, a life to live. I will give you your happy place."
  1.   Around here...I will share another story...if anyone wants I'll change it every month...and if you would like...I'll put up your answers to these questions:: (_______'s answers: ______ is a morning gal/night owl...etc.)
  2.   ______'s story: ....
  3.   ....
  4.   ....
  5.   ....
Inkspiration Profile
  1.   Harry Potter
  2.   J.K. Rowling, Ally Carter
  3.   The Scarlet Letter
  4.   Harry Potter
  5.   Ky Markham and Gale
  6.   One of the Vulturi
  7.   All of them haha
  8.   Ether my bed or curled up with my pillows
  9.   I don't know. I've met so many
  10.   Fiction with adventure
  11.   One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Your Happy Place Community Count: 2!!!!! (not including me)
  2.   Please ask if you can join here....not because I may or may not say no...(because I'll always say yes!) but because I'd like to know how many people (just for fun) are in the GL community and coming here.
  3.   No Drugs, No Alcohol by Let Go; Sober by Kelly Clarkson; Shadow Of The Day by Linkin Park; The Drugs Don't Work by The Verve;
  4.   make a pact among your group of friends each year, "I shall not, will not, and won't even try a drug/addictive substance/thing because I know it's not good for me. And nothing good comes out of it. It seems like the high is good...and that the effect that I would have on people would be good, but those things don't last long enough for them to truly be good. I will talk to my friends if I think they have a problem or if I have a problem. I will not get angry or defensive if my friends ask me if I have an addiction problem. I will not continue on asking if they say no. If things get out of hand I, or my friends, will get an adult to help eachother. We know that is one of the best ways." add your own stuff and maybe make something totally different but along the same lines. that was just an idea.
  5.   ATHLETE AFFECTED BY ________:
  7. My Healthy You Journal  
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