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All About Me!
  1.   Welcome to the Fashion For All Club!!!! Here, everyone is welcome to participate in the weekly fun and fashion advice that I give out. I will be more than happy to answer any fashion questions that you might have too!! :)
  2.   Here, at Fashion For All!!!! , there will be several daily outfits put together, along with hair and makeup tricks and tips. I'll be here to assist you in keeping up with all the latest fashion trends that keep coming and going! There will be a daily coversation topic for all the girls here at GL to chat with one another about and also, three daily What Would You Rather? questions. (Fashion way!!, Random, and Which Product?) and there will also be a daily survey!!
  3.   I will try my best to answer all your questions ASAP. Just comment on the Fashion For All!!! page, and I will respond back on your profile!! If your profile is not publicly visible, I will reply to your question(s) right here on the Fashion For All Club!!!! page.
  4.   If any of you have any ideas dealing with fashion or an outfit that you'd like seen here, please let me know and I will gladly post it here!!
  5.   Here's a list of our current club members: ~runningsmylife, cougargirl, cherrynerd24, Hanna_Banana(:, Love*Laugh*Dance, skittlesjo, imaginer, awesomeful, Bballer51, lildancer9876, Cupcake1999, heather99, isyrocks, OMG123, caitlingirl1997,fashionqueen722, and oreolover123. That's seventeen club members: hopefully we can get more soon!! Please help me get the word out about the club!! I will be doing my best too to inform others about the club!!! :) Thank you so much!!!!
  6.   Applications for those of you that would like to be the VP Fashionista, the Assistant Fashionista, the Hair Stylist, or the Makeup Magician. 1.) What is your first name and age? 2.) How often do you go on GL? 3.)What stores do you shop at for clothes/accessories/shoes/etc.? 4.) Write a short paragraph (at least five sentences) stating why you think you are the one for the job. 5.) Put together an outfit for me, including the outfit its self, accessories, makeup, and hair. Include the website address for all the products that you list. 6.) Which job do you hope to get? *Keep in mind that there are only four jobs up for grabs in this category, so make sure you put some time and effort into your application!! There is another small category that I would like to include in this club that has nothing to do with fashion at all just to make things here a little bit more lively. That would be the What's In! job. This girl will be responsible for posting the hottest movie and book every three weeks. It is a simple job and there are only three questions on the app. They are: 1.) What is your first name and age? 2.) How often are you on GL? 3.) How often do you read or go to catch a new flick at the movies? *Remember, you have to have seen the movie you are posting about and read the book you are posting about and the movie must be a well-known movie that has just come out. And, last reminder, you will have to write a detailed description about the movie and the book. AND, I will have to approve. Simple job that you only have to do every three weeks. If you'd like to have this job, please fill out the app and post it on the club page and I will let you all know in a week who got the job!! :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Hope you guys, (excuse me, girls!), enjoy the new posts and are all looking forward to spring's arrival. (March 20th ; countdown: 22 days!!!) :D Trendy Tresses: Relaxed Bun ~After brushing your hair, place it into a middle part, then tie hair back into a low pony. Twist all the hair and then wrap it tightly around the elastic, then secure with another hair tie. Leave a few wisps out to frame your face. Sideswept Curls: Part your hair to the side and take all your hair and let it drape over your shoulder. Curl all the hair with a 1/4 inch curling iron, then spritz on some hair spray and shake your hair out and to tousle up the curls, run your fingers through it once, if desired. (Also works excellently with a middle part).
  2.   Flawless Face: Lately it's been all about the smoky eyes,heavily lined eyes, and so on. Now, dare to go bare, except for a streak of mascaraon lashes and put the focus on your complexion. Use a light-weight foundation and rub it through your hands and then smear all over face until well- blended. Check out the new line of products from Cover Girl, called Nature Luxe. Their foundation is made with cucumber and jojoba extract and feels slightly watery, resulting in you feeling as if you're not wearing any foundation at all! :) Now doesn't your skin just look radiant?! :D (* To prevent oil from appearing throughout the day, use a sheet of Clean and Clear's Oil Absorbing Sheets ( $4.49, Target)
  3.   Rosy Lips: Along with the Flawless Face, go for a subtle gloss that will make your lips, along with your skin glow. Try Sephora's Rosy Glow Lip Gloss ($10.00) or E.L.F.'s line of Hypershine Lipgloss (dollar each).
  4.   What's In:
  5.   Cropped Tops: Whether you prefer these airy tops decorated with funky patterns or cute graphics/brand logos, you should definitely consider getting yourself a few! :) *Crop Top (Victoria's Secret's Pink, $16.50) *White Open Knit Detail Banded Bottom Belted Fashionably Sexy Top (Amiclubwear, $26.99)Love Crop Tee (Wet Seal, $16.80)
  6.   Oxfords: Acheive that "school-girl casul" look with these kicks. *Oxfrod Lace Up Shoes (Forever 21, $22.80) *Maddy Off White Woven Lace Up Shoes (, $55.00) * Lace Up Oxford Flat (Charlotte Russe, $24.50)
  7.   Leapord Print: Anything with a leopard print in it will swap a blah outfit to a bold outfit. Please remember to wear in moderation though! :) * Leopard Shirring Scarf ( Papaya, $9.99) *Animal Print Flat (Wet Seal, $12.80) * Leopard and Bow Cross Body Bag (Charlotte Russe, $14.50)
  8.   Scarves: They add a finishing touch to a simple outfit and that's serving their purpose, like any accessory should do. * Ae Ikat Scarf ( American Eagle Outfitters, $19.50) *Sunset Lace White Scarf (, $16.00) * Jersey Stripe Scarf (Forever 21, $8.80)
  9.   Floral Print Skirts: While temperatures are still pretty low, let's celbrate spring soon to announce its arrival!! :) Wear these skirts with a pair of tights and a slouchy cardigan to stay warm. *Morning Floral Skirt (Forever 21, $13.80) *Floral Print Woven Skirt ( Aeropostale, $25.00) *Full Tilt Flower TierWomen's Skirt (Tilly's, was $22.99, now on sale for $17.99) * Great variety of tights at Wet Seal and Forever 21!!!!! :)
My Faves…
  1.   What Would You Rather? I will post new What Would You Rather? questions weekly. There will be three different categories: Random, Fashion, and Which Product? At the end of the week, I will post which choice won (i.e., so and so got 50 more votes than the other.) So here's the one's for this week. Enjoy!! :)
  2.   Just as with the What Would You Rather question, I will post which choice won at the end of the week as well.
  3.   This Week's What Would You Rather?-
  4.   Random: Lady GaGa's new single, :Born This Way" or Britney Spear's new single, "Hold It Against Me" ?
  5.   Fashion: Statement necklaces or necklaces with a single charm?
Style Sense
  1.   Which Product?: iPad or iPhone 4?
  2.   Survey of the Week: Who do you suspect is "A" on PLL? Dish about it! :) (P.S. new episode Monday at 8 pm!!) :)
  3.   Fashion Risk of the Week:Instead of just getting a regular v-neck tee, get one with an asymmetrical neckline. It'll still put emphasis on your collar bone and everyone will be in awe of your boldness to take such a fashion risk!! :D
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