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HockeyGurl72's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Capricorn, but they added a new one, so now I think I'm Sagitarus (I KNOW I spelled that wrong! :P)
  2.   I'm very optimistic, funny, and friendly! I get along with EVERYONE.
  3.   72 :D
  4.   Hot Pink is my favorite color (;
  5.   I have an older brother -_-
  6.   lol I have no idea! :P
In A Nutshell...
  1.   Art, writing, and social studies! (:
  2.   Homework. But if I don't, I go online real quick and check my messages and stuff....
  3.   Hockey! I also like boxing, soccer, baseball, and basketball (:
  4.   Just being with friends and family, chillaxin.. :P
  5.   Pandas! (:
  6.   She's really funny and nice, and you can tell her your secrets.
  7.   Pad thai, and lots of other Asian foods! (:
  8.   brownies? :D
  9.   Florida (:
My Faves…
  1.   'What Not To Wear'! I ♥ THAT SHOW! :)
  2.   lol I'm not really sure :P
  3.   My iPod is full of really random artists, so there's not really a top one :P
  4.   I don't really know.. :P
  5.   I'm not too big on video games, but I always play Guitar Hero, Left 4 Dead, and Call of Duty with my brother and cousins :P
  6.   I have no idea! :P
Style Sense
  1.   I'm not sure if I have a fashion icon! lol I just like reading fashion magazines and getting ideas from things like that, there isn't really one person.
  2.   Hollister, American Eagle, PINK, and DeLiA*s!!! (:
  3.   Vanilla frosting, or maybe a Pina Colada :P
  4.   Foundation...I NEED that stuff :P
  5.   Shoes! :D
  1.   Um, I kinda had one. But things didn't really work out between us, and he moved to Delaware, so a long-distance thing would be a little hard...
  2.   3. Xavier, Andrew, and Brandon! ♥o♥
  3.   Funny, sweet, cares about me, charming (ahaha :P) and fun!
  4.   The guy who played Anakin in Star Wars...he was HOT! :P
  1.   I would like to be a teacher, a makeup artist, or a fashion designer! (=
  2.   New York City or someplace like that.
  3.   Hawaii! Or maybe going skiing somewhere!
  4.   Spend, save, and donate (:
  5.   Haha, funny story...Um, I kinda forgot what my favorite quotes were? :P
  1.   I'm a total night owl :P
  2.   I'm a lefty (:
  3.   DVD :)
  4.   I guess I'm kind of a neat freak. I HATE messiness! But I'm not totally OBSESSED with cleaning...
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Yoga, running, pilates, bike riding, hiking, dancing, basketball... :)
  2.   Basketball and floor hockey. The only 2 sports I'm good at :P
  3.   I'm not sure...lol usually just anything on my iPod works. More often the upbeat fast-tempo stuff though.
  4.   Not sure... lol
  5. Goal Girl
      To keep eating healthy and to exercise a little everyday :)
  6.   Maybe cut back a bit on the junkfood! :P
  7.   I'm not sure... :P
  8.   Idk :P
  9. Tasty Eats
      Fruit or fat-free, organic Greek yogurt :D
  10.   Hmmm, maybe my dad's French Toast (:
  11.   have a little bit
  12.   Friendship, boys, and all that social stuff :P
  13.   Actually, nothing right now! (:
  14.   Um, sure? :D
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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