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It's a Girl's Thing's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Hello Ladies and welcome to It's a Girl's Thing!!! It's a Girl's Thing is a profile for girls just like you to ask questions and give advice on anything and everything!!
  2.   We here give advice on almost anything such as: puberty, boys, fashion, make-up, family, friends, and we even help girls that are going through a tough time.
  3.   There is just one rule here on It's a Girl's Thing though, there is NO talking about other girls that are ask for help. Here we believe that the best help there is, is from your own peers who have been through it too.
  4.   So don't ever be afraid to ask something, even if people have hurt you before about it. We promise as a whole that it will never happen here.
  5.   So you need advice, then just comment at the bottom of the page but please do not put MOD on the top. If you want a certain person to answer your question, then make sure to put their name at the top!!
  6.   Another thing that is different from other clubs on girlslife, is are mods can ask questions too. And if you are intersted in being a mod then please keep reading for more info!!!
In A Nutshell...
  1.   So wanna be a mod on It's a Girl's Thing?? Well here are our mods, if the space after the name is emty the you can be it!!!
  2.   PG (Puberty gal) Hey chica's my name is Jamie and I am the PG and founder of It's a Girl's Thing!!! Just a little about me, I am just like all of you, I have had my questions, and I still do. I just love the subject I guess you could say, and I wanna help you girly's out as best as I can!!! Hope to hear from ya soon!!
  3.   GB (Gossip Babe) My name is Marianne and I would Love to help you out on any troubles your having with gossip. If the rumors are about you, I can help and tell you exactly what to do. If there's gossip gone bad I can help you out too! I will help you and respond to you in at least one day
  4.   MC Lexi5000 (Male Chica) i hve great experience in the boys department.almost all my friends will ask me for advice with their crushes, bf, or if a guy likes them- and i'm almost always right-so i think i could help other gl luvers with this topic- just ask with my name on the top
  5.   FS (Fashion Spazz)
  6.   FG (Family Gal)
  7.   MW (Make-up whiz) I am Ah-mazing at doing maked up!! <3 Bri
  8.   FL (Friend Lover)
  9.   GL (Grean Girly) i L-O-V-E nature and you cant stop that LOL SO HURT NATURE AND YOU GET HURT im kinda a big fan of nature you should see my room <3 so DONT HURT NATURE so ask me anything!!! <3 peaceandlove1010
My Faves…
  1.   if there is someone you wanna be and it's not up there, then just ask about it. The application for It's a Girl's Thing is easy, all you have to do is tell me your name who you wanna be, why you wanna be that person and your experince. Then you have to write a little paragraph like mine explaining you. And unless I say otherwise you got the job, but please wait till I put your info up before you start posting things!!!
  2.   Club Members!!! Joining It's a Girl's Thing isn't hard, all you have to do is ask a question, or even if you don't have one just post a comment!! That's all it takes!!
  3.   f you wanna be in the members list, then post your name, but you don't have to!!
  4.   Members:
  5.   Jamie, peaceandlove1010, Bri, Lexi5000
Style Sense
  1.   Each week there will be a different inspiration quote up here. This weeks quote is...
  2.   Live for the moments you can't put into words!!
  3.   There will also be a different quiz. This weeks quiz is....
  4.   It's Janurary, and my favorite winter style is....A. Cozy Socks....B. Boots....C. A puffer coat.....D. Hat and gloves
  5.   Last Weeks quiz standings:
  1.   We will also have a scaverager hunt every week. It is not that hard, I will provide you with the author, date, and a key word from an article here on Then what you will do is find that article read it and then come back here say the name of the article and what it was about!!! If your the first one you win!!
  2.   This Week's scaverager hunt article is......
  3.   The author of this weeks article is.....Brittany Taylor.....the date is....2/5/2011.....and the Keywords are..... trim, down there
  4.   Last week's scaverger hunt winner is:
  1.   How to Corner!!! Here will be crafts and such for you ladies to do!!!
  2.   Make your own chalkboard out of a picture frame!! What you’ll need: 1 frame, 1 mat cut to fit inside the frame of your choice, 1 small can of chalkboard paint, 1 paintbrush, Newspaper, Chalk What you’ll do:First, you need to pick out your frame. Grab an old one off of your dresser or head to a craft or thrift store and pick one up. Now you’ll need to buy a mat that fits inside of it. If you’ve got an oddly-sized frame or a frame with an unusual shape, you can use scissors or an exact-o knife to cute it down. Painting time! Spread newspaper over your work surface, place the mat on the paper and get to work. Paint two coats of chalkboard paint on one side of the mat. When it’s completely dry, pop it into your frame. (
  3.   Make your own make-up bag!!! What you'll need: 1 plastic make-up bag, ribbon, stikers, puffy paint, and tacky glue What you'll do: Use the ribbon, stikers, and puffy paint to decorate your bag how ever you like. (Girlslife Mag)
  4.   If you have any suggestions or you think you have a great craft for It's a Girl's Thing, then just comment and I'll put it up!!!
  1.   Shhhhhh...It's Reading Time!!! These are books that are really great books, they are seperated into age group because some books are not always the best.
  2.   G Books....American Girl Doll Books, Little House on the Praire, Dear Dumb Diary
  3.   PG Books..... American Girl Books, Narnia Books, Harry Potter Books, The Other Side of Time, Found, Touching Spirit Bear, Marley, Peak, Things Not Seen
  4.   PG-13 Books..... The Catcher in the Rye, The Hungar Games, Unwind, The Outsiders, Full Tilt, The Empty Mirror
  5.   If you have read a great book, and think others should read it as well, comment the Book Title, and what age group you think it would fit under!!!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Well if you have any comments or complaints about this profile, my own personal account is proarchergal42. Feel free to express your feelings to me on there.
  2.   Otherwise I hope you girly's love the page!!! Now go ask questions, join, become a mod, take a quiz, whatever you want!!!
  3.   Resources for young girls like yourself....
  4.   U by Kotex, Tampax, Kotex,
  5. Goal Girl
      Websites!!! gurl, beinggirl, americangirl, seventeen
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