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All About Me!
  1.   I am a Saggitarius! I was born on November 26th. (Thanksgiving Day!) I am a turkey baby. :)
  2.   Only 3?? Well I am.. friendly, a chatter, and fun! I love to talk.. So if you need someone to chat with I'm here! ;)
  3.   There are so many numbers it is so hard to choose! I kind of have a weird policy with numbers. One day I will love the number 5 and then I will like 2... Pretty much 1 through 5 are my favorite numbers.. Right now it's 2!
  4.   I love pretty much every color besides the ugly colors like yellow-brown and sometimes black. I love turquoise, greens, and tulip yellow! :D
  5.   I have one sister who is 14. Her name is Ann. She happens to have a Girls Life profile.. Her username is Annbug.
  6.   I don't really look like anyone in particular... Maybe a little bit like Dakota Fanning. :)
In A Nutshell...
  1.   I love to write! I especially like to write fiction stories the best.. So I think writing is my favorite!
  2.   I always go online to check my email, go on Girlslife, watch a live bear feed, etc.!
  3.   When it is in season I love football. Not any other team besides the Pittsburgh Steelers. Yes, I am a die-hard Steeler fan! :)
  4.   I usually go online or play with my iPod touch. I also go shopping of course and chill with friends!
  5.   I have a 4 year old black labrador/golden retriever mix named Pepsi.. You can find her picture on my sister's icon thing. :) I have a kitten named Bella also.. She is a little white and fluffy kitten. I have an older cute tabby who is brown, named Tiger. Tiger and Bella are also on my icon thing! :)
  6.   My BFF, Hannah is SO fun! She is so sweet. For example.. on the last day of school she got me cupcakes, goldfish, and hand sanitizer.. Me and her are big germaphobes! lol
  7.   I love Italian food! I also love steak and potatoes and my mom's pot roast and lollipops and red velvet cupcakes and vanilla cupcakes and oranges and fruits. I love all fruits!! :)
  8.   people happy! Especially little kids! Whenever anyone's upset I always make them smile, forget about it, or laugh. :)
  9.   I only have been to two places in my life. Pittsburgh, PA where my family lives and New York City for fun. I like them both. They are both pretty different for being right next to each other!
My Faves…
  1.   I have started to watch Glee and now I am an official gleek. Yay! I also like Millionaire and of course the news!
  2.   My favorite movie is Up. I love that movie sooooo much. It is so cute! If you didn't see Up and might be interested then go see it! You will love it!
  3.   I listen to a lot of Taylor Swift. I also like Taio Cruz's Dynamite and Owl City's Fireflies. :)
  4.   I'm not a bookworm but I do like The Secret Language of Girls.. That's a nice book. :)
  5.   Hmm... on my iPod I like DoodleJump, Cube Runner, More Pizza!, More Cupcakes!, Sundaes!, More Salads!, and Fruit Ninja! :)
  6.   I love Taylor Swift so much. She is such a good example. I love the rap song on Youtube the best of hers. It features T-Pain.
Style Sense
  1.   I think Selena Gomez has good style! Her and Taylor Swift have so cute clothes!! I'm jealous. :D
  2.   I love Aeropostale. Aeropostale is like my #1 go-to store. I also like Claire's for cute little accessories! I love their stuff and some of it is so cheap!
  3.   I like Tropical Punch flavored. I have so many Lip Smackers. My favorite is my Kool-Aid Tropical Punch!
  4.   Love Spell is awesome. It has the prettiest smell. (How can a smell be pretty? lol)
  5.   Bermuda shorts are so cute. I have multiple pairs of them too. I probably couldn't live without denim!!!
  1.   Nope! I am too young! When I was little like in Kindergarten I said I had a boyfriend. His name was Carl. I said he was like caramel. lol
  2.   1.. Justin!
  3.   I like guys with brown or blond hair. Blue or brown eyes. Muscular. Smart. Funny. Short like me! Sweet! Good at sports!
  4.   Matthew Morrison! <3
  1.   I always wanted to be a News Anchor. I would love to report the news. That or a Psychiatrist! :)
  2.   I always loved Pittsburgh but than again I do love where I am!
  3.   Iceland! Such a random place, I know but in pictures it looks SUPER pretty and so natural!
  4.   Donate 45000 to charity, Give 20,000 to my mom, 20,000 to my dad, 15,000 to my sis. have a shopping spree with 50,000 dollars. use 800,000 to buy a nice house, giv my bff's 1,000,go to PA with 4,000 dollars! That gives me 1,000,000!
  5.   When life gives you lemons squirt them in your enemies eyes! :cD Also I like.. Don't Cry because it's Over, Laugh because It happened!
  1.   Morning Gal! I always wake up at like 7 in the morning for no reason too! So morning gal for sure!!!
  2.   Vanilla! I love everything Vanilla. I love the smell too! I love Vanilla so much especially over chocolate!
  3.   Righty. I can write with my right but I can throw with my left as well as my right!!! I'm special! ;)
  4.   DVD for sure. The movie theater is always so cold and I can cuddle up at home!
  5.   Just a bit of both. Aren't we all a bit of both?? I mean no one is a Neat Freak in my opinion!
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