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All About Me!
  1.   What LiveLaughLoveRock is about
  2.   First of all, I want to say that this is not a club! Anyone can join this group, it is not private. This group is for people how want to have FUN with their life and make a difference! Comment below if u would like to join!
  3.   ANYONE can join!!! We give each other tips on EVERYTHING! (see below for advice jobs!)
  4.   Our Misson:
  5.   To stand out from the crowd. To have FUN. To make a difference. To have a healthy life. To do anything we set our mind to!
  6.   SISTER CLUBS: Club Fashion, GL Clubs United, Get That Boy and Club_Girlz. VISIT OUT SISTER CLUBS TODAY!
In A Nutshell...
  2.   This month's inspiration is...
  3.   TAYLOR SWIFT!!!
  4.   Taylor is a awesome person!! She is a country legend in the making!Not only does she make time for her music career, guest appearences (like on SNL!) and her own freinds, but makes time to help out in her comunitee!
  5.   Taylor just recently joined HELP FOR HAITI NOW, an album that gives it's profits to the people in Haiti.
  6.   Taylor Alison Swift (born December 13, 1989) is an American country-pop singer-songwriter, and actress.
  7.   In 2006, she released her debut single "Tim McGraw", then her self-titled debut album, which was subsequently certified Platinum several times by the Recording Industry Association of America. In November 2008, Swift released her second album, Fearless. Fearless and Taylor Swift finished 2008 at number three and number six respectively, with sales of 2.1 and 1.5 million. Fearless has topped the Billboard 200 in 11 non-consecutive weeks; no album has spent more time at No. 1 since 2000. Swift was named Artist of the Year by Billboard Magazine in 2009. Fearless earned the Grammy Award for Album of the Year in 2010.
  8.   In 2008, her albums sold a combined four million copies, making her the best-selling musician of the year in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Forbes ranked Swift 2009's 69th-most powerful celebrity with earnings of $18 million. In January 2010 Nielsen SoundScan lists Swift as the top-selling digital artist in music history with over 24.3 million digital tracks sold to date.
  9.   NEXT MONTH'S INSPIRATION OF THE MONTH: Vote Below. Here are our Canidates: Angelina Jolie, Beyonce Knowles and Leonardo DiCaprio
My Faves…
  1.   JOBS: President- LiveLaughLuvRock (our founder) Vice Prez.___________(apply below) she advertises and posts comments about our club. she also helps with general stuff like Inspiration of the month. ( For Application just put your name, age and how often you come on this site)
  2.   Craft Queen- chicacherrycola (visit her profile!)
  3.   Mrs.'ImHereForYaBabe'_____________(apply below) she helps ya out with all ur probs from school to freinds+family
  4.   Workout Trainer- Bluues (visit her profile!)
  5.   Fashionsta-____________ (apply below) this is kind of self explanitory! or personal stylist who gives ya tips on makeup, clothes and accesories
  6.   Coach BOYZ- ¬å¨®å's (visit her profile!)
Style Sense
  1.   MRS. 'IMHEREFORYABABE" APPLICATION- 1) Name 2) Age 3) Why you want to be Mrs.'ImHereForYaBabe 4) Your best tip on friends/family
  2.   FASHIONISTA APPLICATION- 1) Name 2) Age 3) Why you want to be Fashionista 4) Your makeup must have 5) Your clothing must have
  1.   COACH BOYZ PLACE! ( ¬å¨®å's )
  2.   "Do's and Dont's" on BOYZ:
  3.   Do: When texting or IMing, make sure he puts out just as much as you. Prompt him to talk.Tell him what your thinking, don't hold back.Tell him how much he means to you, make him feel good about himself. Also, when he comes up to in at school, smile and give him a slight hug, or make some small talk, offer to walk with him around campus on your way to class
  4.   Don't: Be super clingy, rushor try and choose his friends :)
  2.   Funky Felt Beads
  3.   You will need:
  4.   How to make them: Pinch off a piece of wool roving and wrap it into a ball. Mix a little dish soap into a bowl of water and soak the roving for about a minute. Then, rub dish soap on your hands and gently roll the ball in between your palms. Don't roll too hard or the ball will flatten! At this point you can also take strips of wool roving and wrap them around the ball for a neat stripey effect. Let it dry for an hour or so. Make whole batches of these beads in whatever colors you want and then string them on thread with a needle and make a cool, unique piece of jewelry!
  3.   What do u and ur BFF LOVE to do 2gether?? Create a top 10 list of ur favorite things to do!! Be original+creative! Some people <3 bowling while others <3 ice skating! BE YOURSELF!
  4.   Winner will be picked by 3/1/10. I will post the winning list on peoples profiles!
  5.   -Craft Queen
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   Heyy girlies!! It's Bluues here!! I've found that running is a great way to stay in shape. Especially now that the weather is warming up.Lately, I've been running with my besties, and my crush (once or twice!!)
  3.   Running or jogging to music always keeps me focused, and I create my own playlists to listen to while I'm running.Some of my fave song to use r Sunburn by OwlCity, Evacuate the Dancefloor by Casenda, and Solo by Iyaz.When making a playlist don't forget to include some slower, calmer songs so u can have periods where u can take a cool down session. I recommend running or jogging in a park, or hiking paths, somewhere that doesn't have alot of concrete, so u don't get too hot.
  4.   The best thing about running is all the ahdorable athletic wrkout clothes u can get. some stores i like to buy from are Kohl's, Aeropostale, Dunam's, and Dick's. And Always remember to drink plenty of water, a grls gotta stay hydrated!!
  5.   MRS. 'IMHEREFORYABABE''S ADVICE! (will be filled when jobs are picked)
  6. Tasty Eats
      FASHIONISTA'S PLACE! (will be filled when jobs are picked)
  8. My Healthy You Journal  
What is your fave class in school?


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