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LostSoul's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   Taurus
  2.   Insightful, Unique, Kind
  3.   3
  4.   Orange
  5.   5 annoying kids
  6.   none
In A Nutshell...
  1.   English
  2.   Read
  3.   HorseBack Riding
  4.   my chores and checking my email
  5.   my dog
  6.   her sense of humor
  7.   Spaghetti
  8.   friends
  9.   on a horse
My Faves…
  1.   Drop Dead Diva
  2.   The Twilight Saga
  3.   Kesha
  4.   The Immortals Series by Alyson Noel
  5.   none
  6.   Kesha
Style Sense
  1.   Kesha
  2.   Barnes and Nobles
  3.   none
  4.   none
  5.   my Nook Pocket Reader
  1.   no
  2.   0
  3.   a werewolf
  4.   Taylor Lautner
  1.   Vet
  2.   none
  3.   none
  4.   chill in my mansion
  5.   Ignorance is Bliss
  1.   night owl
  2.   chocolate
  3.   righty
  4.   movie in a theater
  5.   slob
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
  2.   HorseBack Riding
  3.   random
  4.   music is essential
  5. Goal Girl
      maintain healthy weight
  6.   yoga
  7.   music
  8.   none
  9. Tasty Eats
      a peach
  10.   Spaghetti
  11.   eat them
  12.   anything
  13.   yoga positions
  14.   yes
  16. My Healthy You Journal  
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