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LoverGurl12's Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   cancer
  2.   funny,athletic,out-going oh and im a shopaholic:)
  3.   6
  4.   red
  5.   I have 3
  6.   idk im unique lol
In A Nutshell...
  1.   social studies and does lunch count??? lol
  2.   surf the web texting friends sleep:) anything fun i guess
  3.   play:soft ball, volley ball watch:basket ball, base ball
  4.   texting,shopping,with friends,going to church,throwing parties lol
  5.   um puppys are really adorable i dont have a pet
  6.   funny,cool n one of them is my sis. but were always having fun no matter where we're at:)
  7.   hamburgers
  8.   cakes and decorating them!! and making random people laugh lol
  9.   Canada (sunset cove resort)
My Faves…
  1.   i dont watch tv that much
  2.   TheOC,gossip girl,chasing liberty,a cinderella story the list goes on but usually after i watch a movie a couple times il get tied of it lol
  3.   Justin Bieber,Taylor Swift,David Archuleta,Jonas brothers,Relient K,Jesse McCartney,Akon,Lady Antebellum oh and lately im really obsessed with daughtry!!!!lol
  4.   gossip girl series and twilight series
  5.   psp (but it's broke now):(( we got a new one last week!!!! yay lol
  6.   TAYLOR MOMSEN!!!!!!!!!!! selena gomez
Style Sense
  1.   taylor swift or taylor momsen
  2.   Areopostale,Hollister,Aerie
  3.   Strawberry kiwi
  4.   lipgloss
  5.   My clothes:)) lol
  1.   no and no
  2.   1!!! he's smoking hot LOL
  3.   Cute,Funny,Kind,Caring,Athletic,and likes me for who i am
  4.   CHACE CRAWFORD,Taylor Lautner,Justin Bieber,
  1.   hum having my own diner?? not sure would be fun to be a photographer but i doubt that il be one lol
  2.   um i'd live in the country
  3.   go on a cruise to bahamas or somewhere else but jus a cruise that would be soo awesome of course it would have to be with my boyfriend lol
  4.   give some to charity,build a huge house,go shopping,and go to hawaii or the bahamas
  5.   never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game!!!!!live and love like todays gonna be ur last day,life is like a bag of chocolates ul never know what u get...
  1.   Night owl all the way!!!!
  2.   Vanilla and chocolate depends what it is!!!!
  3.   lefty!!! They rule!!! lol
  4.   flick on dvd
  5.   um neat freak everywhere but a slob in my room!!!!!
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      walking or swimming
  2.   volley ball
  3.   american honey by lady antebellum and jacob's ladder by mark wills
  4.   just one more time...
  5. Goal Girl
      exercising more
  6.   doing more exercises
  7.   my older brother and sister
  8. Tasty Eats
      banana and peanut butter or an apple and peanut butter
  9.   hamburgers
  10.   chew gum occupy myself with anything else and sometimes i jus eat it lol
  11.   anything
  12.   hum il let u know if i need advice
  13.   yes
  15. My Healthy You Journal  
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