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MODS CLUB!!!'s Profile

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All About Me!
  1.   ♥ ☮ ツ WELCOME TO MODS CLUB!! Founded June 20, 2010. ♥ ☮ ツ
  2.   Mods Club is an awesome place with Mods your age can answer your questions, give you advice, and more!!!
  3.   We need LOTS OF MODS so please leave a comment and ask to be a mod! It's super east all you have to do is ask and we will check out your profile and your name will be here!
  4.   To be a mod you must meet the following requirements:
  5.   Be AT LEAST 1 year of age (I'm sure everyone can meet that requiremennt!) , have a Publicly Visible profile, be on GL at least three days out of the week, and most of all have good experience in at least three of the following:
  6.   Puberty, Boys, Friends, Fashion, Music, Make-up, GL Tech Help, Healthy Bodies, Hair, Money Making, etc.
In A Nutshell...
  1.   President- iluvwaffles (me. I am also a mod!!!) Vice President- Cupcake1999 (also a mod!!) Secretary- hannahck Advertisers: BSC98 Got any more position ideas? Let me know on the profile iluvwaffles!
  2.   Mods!!!! (Sorry we had to TRIPLE!!! up spots since there are SO MANY joiners!)- iluvwaffles (me!!)
  3.   fit4life + Bell1997 + kenzigirl07 + iloveprincess
  4.   Nikisweet + mileycrazy99 + soccer babe <3
  5.   pocotoco22 + emmasuper2 + ez mods club
  6.   mileycalyx + nobody25 + cliquechica97
  7.   animallover234 + BSC98 + ricecrispies
  8.   puppyaddict13 + gleekgirl6 + lexipurple
  9.   cupcake1999 + happykoalabear11 + iluvjb2010
My Faves…
  1.   Dramaqueen92798 + devilishangel219 + IGotSoManyQuestions
  2.   TinaWiebe + musicspeaks2me14 + 14musiclover
  3.   kaylagirl898 + Brie806 + hottz
  4.   hockeygirl18 + iSing + kutiekt
  5.   love2dance24 + ilovepoms72 + kennygirl
  6.   g.sack3000 + lilangel08 + bluues
Style Sense
  1.   yellow_mariah + Cheerleader4god13 + lnl1199
  2.   caro8613 + phonelover227 + clarinetplayer
  3.   Jkaley + lover_of_life + Cgirlygirl + slobcat98
  4.   lizziefizzie + Brandytwin + Katielyn
  5.   With a grand total of 53 MODS!!!! WOO-HOOO!! :) JOIN TODAY!!! IT'S TOETALLY AWESOME!!!
  1.   BLOGGING JOBS!!! (One person per blogging job. The first person to apply to it gets it.)
  2.   Haircare Gal: ilovepoms72
  3.   Party Animal: pocotoco22
  4.   Fashionista: kenzgirl01
  1.   Boy Blogger: lover_of_life
  2.   Mrs. Music: iSing
  3.   Money Maker$:
  4.   Best Babysitter: love2dance24
  5.   Tough Stuff: TinaWiebe
  1.   Master of Make-Up: KitKit10101010
  2.   Question Girl: (asks WYR q's, coke or pepsi q's, polls, and more!!)
  3.   Healthy You Help: me, iluvwaffles, the President!
  4.   Green Tween/Teen (whatever it is when they apply for it!): g.sack3000
  5.   Club DJ: Cupcake1999
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      Club Bookworm:
  2.   TOPIC MODS!!! NEW! (This suggestion was from Nikisweet sooo thank you!)
  3.   Fashion MODS: slobcat98 School Trouble MODS: Nikisweet, soccer babe <3, Healthy You MODS: Boy MODS: (These are NOT actual boys by the way!) Tough Stuff MODS:
  4. Goal Girl
      Sister Clubs: Club Boy Crazy <3, club girly, beauty and fashion 101
  5.   Club Members (new because I just realized that HEY! clubs have members!!! lol)!:
  6.   WeEkLy AdVicE!!!
  7.   ♪♫**MUSIC!**♫♪- Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars is toppin' the iTunes charts this week! The Glee cast has also made some GREAT hits that people have been LOVIN' this week!! AHHND.. is ANYONE sick of Dynamite yet?? I know I AM! But Dynamite by Tao Cruz is still #7 on iTunes! And don't forget Like a G6 by Far East Movement!
  8. Tasty Eats
      ♕✯**FASHION!**✯♕- Fall is FINALLY here!! (Which means Fall Fashion is DEF in right now.) I'm seeing cardigans, cute lil' vests, and TONS of fedoras. The patterns I have been seeing are lots of colorful designs like checkers, swirls, and more on top like vests, cardigans and then like a solid tee or tank underneath it. I LOVE my fedora and it goes great with any outfit.
  9.   ✎✂**BEAUTY!**✂✎- This week we're focusing on making our eyes POP! If you have... Blue Eyes- Brown, Rose, and Violet family looks best for your eyeshadow. Also, try Brown eyeliner or mascara. Green Eyes- Violet and Plum eyeshadows look best with green. Also, lots of lighter shades of purples and warm, light pinks. Or, softly blend the colors together for a chic, smoky look. Brown Eyes- Brown eyes are easy! You can get away with any color without them looking tacky. I recommend earthy-looking colors for the best look. Hazel Eyes- Light pinks and purples look best for eyeshadow. To bring out gold in your eyes use gold, for green in your eyes use green, etc.
  10.   ✹✼**FUN*STUFF!**✼✹- Round up your 5 best buds and throw an AH-mazing bash this weekend! Follow these awesome tips for a great sleepover. 1. DON'T plan a schedule. It was TOE-tally stress you out and it's better for you and your besties to decide. 2. Instead of laying side-by-side, set up your sleeping bags or blankets in a pinwheel-formation with your heads in the middle to chat about the latest juicy gossip. 3. Be the CRAZIEST and RANDOMEST (is that a word??) you can be. Prank the first girlie that goes to sleep (shaving cream and feather, anyone??), do blind makeovers (don't forget your CAMERA!), and TP your enemies house!! Make it so the next day all the girls say, "Hey, remember your sleepover? It was a BLAST!!" Good Luck, chica!
  12. My Healthy You Journal  
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