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All About Me!
  2.   I am Creative Crazy and Cool so i invented this club!- saying of the day BE YOURSELF, beauty tip- for dry skin on the face put vitium/aloe enhansed chapstick on then apply sunscreen and base. Fashion-do not wear tulu under a bold checkered skirt , you will look like a cross between a tacky ballernia and a messed up chess bord. Craft-make your own calender by downloading the girlslife monthly giveaway calender and take a picture of you and your friends of the same size as the printed calender, stable them together right sides together and open it up and tape it in your room FANTASTIC!
  3.   This club is for fashionistas (fashion updates and tips), twilight luvers, (vampire book club) book worms (see twilight luvers) creative chickas (give and get craf instructions as well as ways to express yourself) and writing faniticts. (we all help contrubite to the tri monthly story and post poems)
  4.   Here you can sumbit stories, poems, on join one of our book clubs!
  5.   Right now we are writing the story Supernatral-it's about a girl named Rachel who is a witch and her friends Riley (a vampire), Tiffiny (a witch), and Linszy ( a medium) and their trip to populairty and the prices they have to pay. Because these girls will do anything to get their way.
  6.   there will also be a daily saying and fashion/ beauty tip put out by the head of fashion and beauty and a daily craft put up by the head of crafts
In A Nutshell...
  1.   right now we have our head mod position filled, head of bffs, head writer and first writer.
  2.   here are the postions availble now; VP, welcome bord, mods- the mods are: , and mods 1-5 there are also heads of topics on guys, school, and extra. there are 1 writer position availble, who will help with stories, and post poems and the saying of the dayand help the head writer. also there will be two head of book clubs and the book clubs will be put in two parts- vampire club, and normal there will also be a head of style/fashion, crafts and beauty!. finally there will be sevral 'sparks' this person will have to have there profile public and post lots of ideas this person is just a regular ember and dose not have to fill out the second part of the app., but will have to give ideas for stories and poems. the spark will be randomly chosen and the rest of the members will not have positions
  3.   i will post the app on girlslife and on my comments.
  4.   the deadline will be the 12th or 17th, and the results will be posted soon after
  5.   if you dont want to have a postition, you can just be a member, the app will ony be posted on my comments.
  6.   okay guys, i am start in g sevral stories, so here is the start of one if you want to addto it, become a member the name of it is-Supernatral.
  7.   the 1st part of the story is in the comments
My Faves…
  1.   BOOK CLUB
  2.   Trying to find the 2# Twilight Book, but right now i love the Magic in Manhatten series
  3.   tell me what book u luv!
Style Sense
  1.   STYLE AD BEAUTYMy icon 4 fashion is my BFF, she is uber cool
  2.   comment 4 tips and tricks
  3.   WRITING
  4.   the start of our first story is in comments!
  5.   MODS and advise
My Healthy You Profile
  1. Fitness Faves
      this is not part of the club
  2.   run to get them. i am super slim so who cares right?
  3.   ANYTHING!!! I give great advise but dont give myself great advise.
  4.   yes!
  6. My Healthy You Journal  
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